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Tim Howard no longer tabbed as Everton starting keeper

Tim Howard Everton Chelsea (Getty Images)

While U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper Tim Howard has enjoyed a decorated career in the English Premier League with club side Everton, the veteran may very well need to find a new home soon if he wants to continue to hold a starting role.

On Friday, Everton head coach Roberto Martinez confirmed that Spanish net-minder Joel Robles has assumed the team’s number one position in goal. When asked pointed blank about Robles being the Toffees’ starter moving forward, Martinez said, “He is.”

The 36-year old Howard has been with Everton since 2006, while on loan with Manchester United. The USMNT keeper then signed on with the club the following season and has made 412 appearances across all competitions.

Martinez wouldn’t speculate whether or not Howard will remain with the Merseyside club beyond this season, despite various reports linking the American to an MLS reunion.

“Tim Howard has brought so much to the Premier League,” Martinez said. “It isn’t normal for a foreign player to get so attached to a football club, especially in the modern game. He is now in his 10th season with us and he’s made an incredible contribution. All we’re focused on is getting Tim back to his best level and making sure he is able to finish the season strongly.

“All I’m focusing on is making sure that Tim gets back to his best level and being able to finish the season strong. Whatever happens in the future, I don’t think it’s the right moment to speak about it now.”

Can the American regain his starting role? Will Howard remain with Everton beyond 2016?

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  1. Nobody lasts forever. The US team will be okay with either Howard or Guzan for a couple of years until the younger GK’s are ready.

  2. Ugh.

    When was the last time the USMNT did not have a keeper good enough to start in one of the world’s top leagues? Mid ’90s, before Brad Friedel went to Liverpool?

    • Yep. Mid-90’s Friedel was at Liverpool and Keller was at Leicester (both were in the premiership circa ’96). That being said, I think Guzan can play at mid table somewhere in the premier league,and Howard can play (now) at lower table as a starter or stay as a backup. No shame in it. Friedel stayed as a backup last couple years at Tottenham earning about $3-6million/year.

  3. Don’t count Timmy out at Everton YET people. Robles made a bit of a mistake last weekend on the goal that Everton allowed. KEEP FIGHTIN, T!

    • Writing has been on the wall for the past two seasons.

      Martinez has been incredibly respectful and patient with Howard, but to publicly state Robles is your number one is not something I see him going back on any time soon. That’s a pretty strong stance and statement to make given the situation.

  4. We are usually weak at the goalkeeping position at this point. We have an age game between Guzan (him self not looking good) and all those guys between 20-24. Although Yarbrough is looking and playing a lot in Mexico. On a side note, it looks like Timmy is working on an announcing career (with NBC SN), and I remember he loved living in England. he is 37 in a few weeks. How many more years does he want to play?

    • Guzan is in a very different situation. Aston Villa are awful,…I don’t care who the keeper is on that team,…he is going to look like Swiss cheese. At this point, Brad Guzan is probably demoralized and needs a new environment.

      Tim should keep fighting for his spot until the end of the season and then return to MLS.


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