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Aron Johannsson to miss rest of Bundesliga season

Aron Johannsson Bremen

Aron Johannsson hasn’t played a game for German Bundesliga club Werder Bremen since Sept. 22, 2015, and he will continue to be sidelined for the rest of the season due to lingering injuries.

Werder Bremen CEO Thomas Eichin has revealed that the U.S. Men’s National Team forward will miss the 2015-16 season. Johannsson has yet to fully recover from hip and groin injuries from last year. He opted to undergo surgery in October.

“We have ruled (Aron Johannsson) out for this season,” Werder Bremen CEO Thomas Eichin told Bild. “We are no longer planning with him this season.”

Eichin is hopeful Johannsson can recover and be prepared to play in July ahead of the club’s 2016-17 season. The 25-year-old scored two goals in six Bundesliga appearances this season.

What do you think of this development? What are you expecting from Johannsson in 2016 and beyond?

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  1. I guess that guarantees that Johannsson a spot on the Copa America roster under the guise of being completely healthy.

    Then the day after Copa America is over will come the announcement that Johannsson needs surgery.

  2. Wow, just wow!!! There is a real possibility that ArJo may never be the same player again. Hip injuries and surgeries are very complicated to recover from fully but heres to a speedy, successfull and full recovery because this kid has the goods. I know some people have brought this up before but it does seem that players in our program suffer some of the worst injuries and have a hard time recovering from them. Is it coincedence or just plain bad luck?!?!

    • A real bummer and a bad sign, but there is some hope. Over a year ago Jose Torres had back surgery for a herniated disc; I think they fused it. A pretty serious condition and he didn’t play for almost a year, but a week or two ago he put in 90 minutes on the pitch in the Mexican league.

    • Ronniet – “players in our program suffer some of the worst injuries and have a hard time recovering from them. Is it coincedence or just plain bad luck?!?!”
      Yes many of our players have suffered significant injuries….O’Brian, Holden, Gooch, Renkin, Boyd, Gyau, ArJo, etc….but I don’t think we’ve suffered any more significant injuries than most other National Teams. It just seems that way because we (USMNT) have historically had so few really good players within our player pool. Our lack of quality depth has always been a problem; one that is hopefully changing with the growing number of good young prospects being developed both at home and abroad.
      30 years ago the USMNT was mostly semi-pro players and college players.
      20 years ago the USMNT was mostly 2nd & 3rd tier league players.
      10 years ago the USMNT was split between 1st & 2nd tier leagues. Many were bench players.
      Today’s team is still split between 1st & 2nd tier leagues, but most are 90 min players.
      Based on where many of our best young players (23 & under) are currently playing their club ball now the teams beyond 2018 will be mostly 1st tier leagues on clubs competing for Europa & Champions spots.
      The number of good players has increased drastically as well. Even 10 years ago we knew what the starting XI was going to be and who the 3 subs were for every game. We knew this because we only had 8-15 players who were any good.
      Today we are not complaining so much about who was started, but about why certain players were not called into camp. There are a number of quality players who in the not so distant past would have been Guaranteed starters who are now not even getting a call-up.


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