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Report: Julian Green linked to AC Milan

Photo by Meg Williams/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Meg Williams/USA TODAY Sports

Julian Green has been in strong form for Bayern Munich’s reserves, and the U.S. Under-23 Men’s National Team winger’s play has reportedly drawn interest from one of Europe’s most historic clubs.

According to Italian outlet Calcio Mercato, Green has been targeted by AC Milan. The Italian club has reportedly scouted Green several times this season and is looking to secure Green’s services for a deal ranging from $1-2 million.

Bayern Munich will reportedly wait until the summer to make a decision on Green’s future. With Pep Guardiola set to depart for Manchester City, new manager Carlo Ancelotti would likely want a first-hand look at the 20-year-old winger before selling him.

Green, whose contract with Bayern runs until 2017, has struggled for first-team minutes in the past several season. After making just five appearances on loan with Hamburg last season, the young winger has yet to appear in the Bundesliga for Bayern this season.

Green has found success with the club’s reserve team this season, having scored 10 goals in the the German third-division, including four in his past six games.

What do you think of the reports linking Green to AC Milan? See it being a good move?

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  1. Why not? No brainer. Bayern will be stacked for ages. I’ve always thought we should have more players in Serie A anyways. Green? It’s time for the trajectory up, right?

  2. To the guy who always claims the goal from Green was a SHANK:
    1. I’ll be thrilled to have him and any other players for the USMNT shank goals like that.
    2. If he didn’t SHANK it, would you still hate Americans who didn’t spend their whole life in the USA?

  3. Green’s record speaks for itself. There is almost nothing there on any first team side. Maybe one day there will be something to look at.

  4. Shank goal? Not hit properly? Then you better take away about half of Clint Dempsey’s goals. Remember that goal in the Confed Cup against Brazil? Good players are able to score ugly goals, it is an important quality. Having said that, I was at the game against Mexico in AZ pre 2014 WC and I had two observations: LD is overweight and out of shape and Green was completely overmatched at that level. Neither should have been on the plane.

    • Discredit Landon Donovan’s first WC goal against Portugal in ’02. He ‘shanked’ his cross and it went in the goal instead. Such a stupid argument. A goal is a goal.

      The only time you could ever argue the contrary are penalties. And even then its a weakish argument.

    • Not to mention the most important goal of Dempsey’s career, his first for Fulham, that saved them from relegation late vs. Liverpool. Total shank. It kept Fulham up and made him a hero there, and a key player thereon. That said, he has scored many absolutely brilliant ones since, as did Donovan of course. So until Green puts a few more in the back of the net in style, people will and can say that his only goal was a little bit lucky (his excellent run wasn’t, though).

  5. I appreciate the argument that Julian Green hasn’t done enough yet for us to spend so much energy talking about him. Would a traditional soccer power make such noise? Of course not, because they are crawling with these kids, and who knows which one will eventually make it.

    He is an interesting young player – objectively that’s all he is.

    I also agree that Klinsmann taking Green to the world cup was one of the oddest decisions of his time as coach. Impossible to separate that decision from the socially awkward one of cutting Donovan. That said, we were rather good in the last world cup and somehow most of these questionable decisions worked out (that is, when you look at the games again – who scored and set up the goals, who played well, etc.) .

    So the bottom line is people have nothing to be upset about here, only bewilderment as to why we can’t produce more interesting young players (hint – it’s in their water). Not even should they be upset about a divisive poster who provokes but has nonetheless very clear judgement and a consistently strong argument.

  6. slowleftarm makes me wish there was an ignore feature on this site. Same old tired trash.

    Green has a ways to go, no one (even Green) can argue against that.

    However, he attacks defenders in space and is getting more comfortable on the ball against physicality. Beyond that, there is no doubt he sees the field well and has proven he can score at the lower levels he’s played at.

    That will prove out or it won’t. My hope is that it does. But even though AC Milan could very well get him on the (relative) cheap, that doesn’t change the fact that one of the top 10-ish clubs of all time is looking at buying a player who is of an age that suggests he should be playing at the top level soon. Is this different than Yedlin to Tottenham? Or Miazga ro Chelsea? Or Hyndman to (potentially) Man U?

    Perhaps because all three of those guys were getting top team minutes at their respective levels (MLS, MLS, Championship), but would any of those three get first team minutes at Bayern?

    No way.

    And neither has Green. That move has proved successful for Yedlin (via loan at Sunderland). Will it have the same effect for Julian, Matt and Emerson?

    I sure as hell hope so.

    So should every USMNT fan.

    Regardless, slowleftarm is a douche.

    • I agree with everything you said escpet the last bit. I disagee with A LOT of slowleftarm’s tiresome opinions, but he is far from being a douche.

      We need people to challenge our ideas/opinions as much as we need people supporting them.

    • “But even though AC Milan could very well get him on the (relative) cheap, that doesn’t change the fact that one of the top 10-ish clubs of all time is looking at buying a player who is of an age that suggests he should be playing at the top level soon. Is this different than Yedlin to Tottenham? Or Miazga ro Chelsea? Or Hyndman to (potentially) Man U?”

      Yes it is different. Yedlin and Miazga have shown sustained quality at a level higher than Green. There is no denying that fact.

      The Hyndman comparison is intriguing, though. Hyndman is in a similar situation that Green was last year; stuck in a relegation battle that leaves little playing time for a talented young player. Hyndman’s decision after this year will be interesting and critical to his development, as was Green’s decision to stay with Bayern II this season.

      I have to disagree that age alone (“who is of an age that suggests he should be playing at a top level soon”) suggests anything about the level of quality of a player. Does that mean that all 20 soon-to-be 21 year old prospects should be playing at a top level soon?

      • To your first point, I can’t argue that Green played at as consistent a level of competition as Yedlin and Miazga in MLS. You’re correct. All I have is my belief that if Julian had been a part of the Sounders or Red Bulls organization, that he would have been getting those kind of minutes. Perhaps you think differently. That’s cool, but he certainly is a talented kid (as Bayern’s and AC Milan’s interest would suggest).

        As for age being a determining factor in playing time, you are right again. But Green is approaching an age where grabbing him for future considerations is getting less and less likely (though certainly possible).

        So, I think it’s worth paying attention to that a club with the prestige of Milan would be looking to acquire a player of Julian’s age if not for some thought that he could be a part of their near future.

        However, the price tag suggests there’s not a whole lot of risk either way for a club like Milan.

  7. It might be a good move. Green has the raw talent and the Italians will drill him endlessly in the technical side of things, which would make him better for sure. However, as we’ve seen with many USMNT players, they tend to have a more difficult time in the bigger clubs, so he might not play much at all. Hopefully though, he increases his technical game and gains a little more strength and toughness on the ball. Then he’ll be a great prospect.

  8. lets all agree to disagree and just hope he gets 1st team mins . who cares about the world cup, LD, failed loan and just hope he can take the next step. sometime a change of clubs can be just what a player needs

  9. He’s not playing in the German third divsion. He’s playing in the Regionalliga Bayern, which is the fourth tier of German soccer.

  10. For the transfer fee being discussed, MLS would be better served to offer as much considering he’s: only 20, has some name recognition, is a USMNT player and has the potential to be sold in the future at a higher cost.

    Nevermind, buying young players is a foreign concept to our clubs and commissioner. MLS is happy to play and celebrate paying Frank Lampard to occasionally show up for a match once every few months and Didier Drogba to play when it suits him.

    • Agree with most of your statement.

      However, Green is not a USMNT player. He is and always has been a USMNT prospect.

      Proclamations that Green is a USMNT player is the exact reason why Green is so highly criticized. Unfortunately, Green is being compared to a an international caliber player standard that he has never proven to be.

      Let the kid develop without the burden of being tagged and expected to play to the quality of a USMNT caliber player. Hopefully in due time he will show some sustained quality to earn USMNT caliber status.

      • However, Green is not a USMNT player. He is and always has been a USMNT prospect.

        Touche, but we’re really splitting hairs. To refer to a player that has been called up and received minutes, even if only a few times, as a national is extremely common in the soccer world.

        Of course, he’s still viewed as a prospect based on potential over realized talent since he’s only 20, but he IS a USMNT player. Proclamations that he’s not a true American and the xenophobia that sentiment comes from (also towards his senior national team manager) is more accurately why Green is so highly criticized. That and the complete disappointment and misguided anger after our greatest American to ever wear a kit took his World Cup roster place for granted.

        No one is denying him the ability to develop. Fans don’t have that power despite believing they know more than managers who’ve forgotten more soccer than we’ll ever know. Please don’t misconstrue or misrepresent what I said. It was an accurate statement that had zero alternative motive.

      • “Proclamations that he’s not a true American and the xenophobia that sentiment comes from (also towards his senior national team manager) is more accurately why Green is so highly criticized.”

        Well, we will have to agree to disagree. I can care less about whether or not Green is a “true” American. I do agree that there is that “not a true American” sentiment, but I believe that the majority of the criticism directed towards Green is for his lack of quality and inability to develop past a 4th division player in the Bundesliga. The longer anyone continues to proclaim Green as a USMNT player, the greater the burden for him to live up to that caliber of play that he has yet to show that he can reach.

        If you really want to split hairs then Green should be considered a “former” USMNT player since he has not been picked for any matches other than friendlies since the 2014 World Cup. Otherwise we will have to start referring to the likes of C.J Sapong, Eric Alexander, Zach Loyd and many others as USMNT players.

      • SoccerDadinCali,

        I don’t recall seeing your name on the SBI board before today. Civil, spirited or hostile I enjoy the discussion/debates. Stick around and keep posting in the future – we could use some more sensible posters (especially ones that are immune to the xenophobia referenced).

      • Old School,

        Not new to the board. It is fun to discuss/argue issues within the soccer world. Try to view arguments objectively while avoiding generalizations (like, anyone capped should be considered a USMNT player…had to give another “dig” on that one).

        I like to view and analyze players, teams and coaches (yes, Klinsmann) as they are ;not what they could be or should be.

      • Try to view arguments objectively while avoiding generalizations.

        I don’t share your assessment that you’re “objective” when you’re oddly fixated on the semantics of Green’s national/non national distinction. A fair amount of impartiality from that fixation reveals you’re an average SBI poster: non-objective (and that’s a good thing). By definition: Green fits the term. Common reference within the soccer world: Green fits the term. Now’s the time though to start that objectivity because I think we can agree this is a discussion of complete futility. Save your energy.

        Not new to the board. It is fun to discuss/argue issues within the soccer world.

        By the way, I never said you were new. Perhaps it’s more of an assessment that none of your previous posts were memorable or noteworthy (had to give another “dig” on that one).

      • “I don’t share your assessment that you’re “objective” when you’re oddly fixated on the semantics of Green’s national/non national distinction”

        I am in no way fixated on Green’s national/non-national distinction. Green’s nationality is of no concern of mine. I have never referred to Green’s nationality in any way. You are the only one that has mentioned Green’s nationality.

        The context in which you framed your argument that the MLS should consider investing the transfer fee for Green is as follows;

        ” (Green) is only 20, has some name recognition, is a USMNT player”

        Green is currently 20, does currently have some name recognition, but is not currently a USMNT player.

        Your diluted definition of a USMNT player is my only disagreement from your initial post I understand your definition. I simply do not agree.

        Green is a former USMNT player that has never shown the sustained quality to be a current USMNT player.

      • Your diluted definition of a USMNT player is my only disagreement from your initial post I understand your definition. I simply do not agree.

        That’s not my defintion of a USMNT player. That’s the definition used by any commentator, pundit or observer. There’s no dilution simply because you don’t understand that or it may be new to you.

        Green is a former USMNT player that has never shown the sustained quality to be a current USMNT player.

        Former? Now I know you’re grabbing at straws for an arbitrary “debate” that only you began and I’m not somehow within. Unless you have breaking news that Green has retired from international soccer at the age of 20 or possess prophetic abilities to know he’ll never participate with the senior side again, your fixation on this topic has led you down a point of no return. No one with an ounce of objectivity refers to players as “current” and “former” when they’re 20 years old, 2 years removed from playing (and scoring) in the World Cup and are still subject to being called up at some point.

        As I said earlier, this is a futile “debate” over semantics and your argument has less substance than the value of this actual topic. Assuming you don’t fade into obscurity again when Green is called back up, no one will be referring to him as “current” or “present” or “existing” USMNT but you. I’m sure the minute the match is over, you’ll go back to referring to him as “former” until his next call up to.

        Keep fighting the good fight, Dad!

      • “That’s not my defintion of a USMNT player. That’s the definition used by any commentator, pundit or observer”

        Really? I’ve never heard of Will Bruin or AJ DeLaGarza referred to as USMNT players. Or Sean Franklin, Teal Bunbury, Nat Borchers, Zach Loyd, Marvell Wynne, Emerson Hyndman. All players that I know off the top of my head that have been capped by the USMNT. Have never heard any of these player referred to as USMNT players by any commentator, pundit or observer since none of them have been called in to a squad in recent memory.

        “No one with an ounce of objectivity refers to players as “current” and “former” when they’re 20 years old”

        Why does it matter how old Green is. Hasn’t been called into any squad since September 2014 with little chance of being on either the Copa America or any World Cup Qualifier roster through 2017. That will be 3 years of no USMNT roster spots. That makes him a former USMNT player.

        It surprises me that you believe that Green deserves to be referenced with the likes of Bradley, Altidore, Dempsey, Johnson. Those are USMNT players. Why would you dilute their quality by including Green as a comparable caliber of player? That is exactly what you doing with your fixation that Julian Green deserves to be labeled as a current USMNT player.

        This isn’t an argument about semantics. This is an argument about quality. You want to embellish Green’s quality by implying that he is better than what he is by labeling him as a USMNT player. I choose to see him as he is. A former USMNT player working hard to reach a caliber of play deserving of USMNT consideration.

        As soon as he works his way onto a 1st or even 2nd team USMNT squad, I will drop the “former” and simply refer to Green as a USMNT player. For that matter, the same goes for Freddy Adu, Juan Agudelo, Miguel Ibarra and many other former USMNT players.

    • Lol…too funny Old School…

      I just read an article 2 days ago on that never identified Julian Green as a USMNT player. I won’t go to the trouble of copying and pasting, but it’s there. Take a look. I guess I can scour the internet to find more, but what would that prove to you? Nothing probably. Just like the time that you put in to find your links mean nothing to me. Doesn’t change the fact that I choose not to group Green’s form with players such as Dempsey, Bradley, Johnson, Jones and so on.

      Fact is, we disagree. You believe that Green has at some point in his career shown sustained quality to be considered a USMNT player and I do not. I choose to not identify Green as a current USMNT player, and you do. I believe that Green should be appropriately grouped as a former USMNT player along with the likes of the players I mentioned before. Will Bruin, Zach Loyd, Teal Bunbury, Freddy Adu and on and on. A long list of former USMNT players who have proven that they are not USMNT caliber players and will probably not be seen in a match of any importance in a USMNT jersey for quite some time.

      That would be a good SBI poll. Should Julian Green be considered a current USMNT player or a former USMNT player? The results would be interesting.

      “You’re dismissed”….lol.

      Childish, grow up.

    • Oh, and I also noticed that this very article that we are commenting on does not identify Green as a USMNT player. It identifies Green as “U.S. Under-23 Men’s National Team winger”. Food for thought…

    • I reaaaaalllly hope you’re trolling. Otherwise, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. How can you be washed up at 20 years old? Unless you’re a crackhead, I don’t see it.

  11. Wow this guy hit the lottery, after doing nothing for two years. He should take this opportunity and run away from evil Bayern.

  12. I don’t really care where Green goes, but he needs to move forward. A transfer or a loan to anywhere he’ll get time with the first team minutes would be best. Holland, France, etc….it doesn’t really matter so long as he sees the field on a consistent basis.

  13. I just want to see him get some burn, be it AC or MLS, at his age he needs consistent first team opportunities.

    Julian is in an odd place and im not sure if his usmnt experience has helped or hurt his career, he seemd at a better place at 18 then at 20. Consider his rapid “rise” as a talented prospect in one of the best club systems in the world, a prospect that was featured in the WC and showed well. You would think at that point his career was ready to take off our at least reach a level of professional constancy in the form of first team inclusions. He has since stumbled and possibly even taken a step back in his development, WHY? He has seen other Bayern youngsters (Coman) be called up and thrive while he has stayed on the reserve team.

    • Not to nitpick, because I agree with most of what you have to say, but Coman isn’t a Bayern youngster. he’s on loan, with I believe an option to buy (that Bayern will trigger, which only reinforces Green’s need to move on), from Juventus.

    • He seemed in a better place at 18 because his ceiling seemed higher. Now, two years later, he’s done absolutely nothing. Reality has intruded and that ceiling doesn’t seem quite so limitless.

    • Vast difference in terms of quality of destinations there, which would mean everything in terms of playing time and NT future. He is not playing at club. He is therefore irrelevant to NT. If he moves to another bench spot at ACM he has not changed his club or country prospects.

      It doesn’t have to be MLS, though that wouldn’t be his worst choice. But if not ACM surely there is someplace below UEFACL level but above MLS where he can be paid well and START TO ACTUALLY PLAY, moving his career along. It is a shame for someone of his talents to sputter like this, and however nice the eyewash and paycheck of ACM are, does it help his career? Adu and Gooch were once similarly above MLS and are not actually beneath it or unemployed.

    • One needs to be very careful in generalizations and comparisons. For example, Dempsey was, I think, 21 when he played his first professional game. Now look at someone like Nicklas Bendtner, who looked very promising at 20, making Arsenal’s first team only to have faded badly since.

      • That just shows 1) youth prospects often don’t pan out and 2) having our best young players playing NCAA ball is a waste of time. In any event, the likelihood that Green ever reaches Bendnter’s level isn’t looking that high.

      • slow- its impossible to gauge anyone’s future career at 20-21 years old. That’s what Gary was talking about. Hindsight is 20/20, but foresight is blind. To completely write off his whole career based on his last 2 years is dumb. How about we hold off on calling Green a failure. At the rumored 1-2 million euros, he’d be a brilliant acquisition for an AC Milan that is a shadow of its former self.

      • Fair enough – at this point he’s overhyped and hasn’t accomplished much. He could go on to become a world class player, who knows. I don’t see it based on the times I’ve watched him but maybe he’ll get better. Maybe he won’t.

      • I’d say the hype has tempered a lot. The hype surrounding him right now is where I think it should be, which is a very interesting/exciting prospect. Its been over a year since I’ve seen any knowledgeable/reasonable person call for his call up to the senior team, and he’s produced at the U-23 level, both for club and country. Can’t ask for more from a 20 year old.

        The fact is, he is still a very good prospect, that is held in regard by some well known clubs that know what they’re doing. Bayern could’ve released him, or forced a loan/transfer if they felt he has no potential, but they didn’t. And AC Milan wouldn’t be looking at him unless they see something as well, and it isn’t just for their reserve squad.

  14. Well this can’t be right. He’s already been tried by SBI readers and found wanting. What the hell is Milan thinking? Do they not read these comment sections? There’s all the scouting you need.

    • Well said. Further, somebody should clarify that his goal at the World Cup was actually not struck as cleanly as it could’ve been, and therefore the player is rubbish

      • That shank goal is cited as justification for JK’s inane decision to bring this scrub at the expense of LD, with whom he had a beef. And he’s been terrible in every other USMNT performance outside of those 15 minutes against Belgium.

        Also, let’s see this guy actually play some games for Milan before we re-annoint this guy as the savior of US soccer. It’s not just SBI readers who have found him wanting, it’s Bayern and JK as well seeing as he’s barely played for either since Brazil.

        Again, if this guy had grown up here and was not perceived as a ringer by USMNT fans, no one would be all that excited. For instance, Matthew Olosunde just moved to Man United and I don’t even think I saw an article on here about it.

      • Even though Cravin’ Frottage was a gentleman and mentioned no names, everyone knew what SBI poster was being paraphrased for the insane ramblings.

        Not surprisingly, you are the one to respond. Too funny.

      • Fr the umpteenth time, LD was not snubbed in favor of Green. You don’t know that. If anyone took LD’s spot, it was Wondo because LD stopped playing wing and admitted he could deal with the rigors anymore). I agree he was not ready, but he did not take LD’s spot.

      • What you mean is that Craven Frottage posted hoping I would respond and I obliged. It’s true that maybe Wondo or Davis could have been left off instead of LD but the fact is Green was there and LD wasn’t and that made no sense.

      • @Anthony:

        Correct. Complacency and entitlement took LD’s spot. Revisionist history is extremely common on this website by a select few who refuse to lay responsibility where it’s deserving.

      • Big part of being a sports fan is about arm-chair managing, but……….. lets be honest, when we’re all talking about a player none of us has likely seen a lick of- even more than usual, we’re completely talking out our rear end. Some pretty credible soccer minds who have spent significant real time evaluating JG have and apparently continue to see something in this kid. We all do know how fickle predicting the fate of prospects can be, but- what else we have to go by? I find the under-tone of some that are looking giddily rooting for him to fail to be curious but…… what can you say…… one of the unfortunate hangovers of an immature, bare cupboards soccer program that placed way too much emphasis on a singular, too big to fail player. Fortunately, unlike when LD was coming up- we can now spread out the burden to multiple players.

      • Slowleftarm- you have lost all credibility by continuing to dismiss Green’s world cup as meaningless appearance because it was a “shank goal.” But keep talking and expressing your ignorance of soccer.

      • Gross oversimplification of my past statements. Objectively, choosing an 18 year old 4th division player over LD is inane and the only reason JK made that move is a grudge against LD, as made clear (if it wasn’t already clear from his past treatment of LD) by his son’s tweet.

        Some have defended the decision by claiming that Green’s goal shows JK was right. I have merely pointed out that the goal was a fluke because he did not hit the ball properly and that’s the only reason it was a goal. I have admitted, including on this thread, that during those 15 minutes against Belgium Green played really well. That’s also the only time he’s played well in a USMNT shirt. Bottom line – the goal and the 15 good minutes still doesn’t justify taking Green to Brazil over LD. Nor does it justify USMNT continuing to believe this dude is going to be a big time player for the USMNT. He’s a youth prospect, and one who hasn’t accomplished much.

      • Slow…will you stop with this UTTERLY STUPID narrative that Klinsman chose Green over LD. There is no proof of that AT ALL. You can be mad that LD was dropped (I would get over it, but it is you prerogative), but you cannot make up a reason. They play different positions. They do! You have watch USMNT games and you know they do. LD was not a winger and had not been one in years. He even admitted that he or his body could not necessarily do the work with the short recovery time in a tournament. LD even admitted a year later than he became complacent. Would I have taken him? Yes. Am I upset he didn’t go? No.

        Now would I have taken Green? Probably not…even if we were weak at winger.

      • @Anthony- Donovan played his entire last season at left wing for LA. The position from where he had 10 goals 19 assists and won a MLS cup. So you if you want to argue Brad Davis took his spot,fine, but this positional argument doesn’t really hold up.

      • Look, at the end of the day, Green was on the plane to Brazil and LD wasn’t. He was overhyped more than anyone that’s ever played for the USMNT and that’s saying something. I know Wondo and Davis were chosen over LD and those were poor decisions too in my opinion. But at least those guys are above-average MLS players. Green had played about 5 minutes in his career above 4th division level at that point.

        As far as being over it – I am over it. The USMNT had a pretty good world cup and ultimately went out to a better team. But if someone brings it up, I’m still going to post about it.

    • All due respect but the same thing could be said about Gooch at ACM also or Adu at Benfica, I’d be amazed if you got more playing time at a similar high quality team. It’s not just that we don’t rate him as that he simply isn’t playing, which doesn’t bode well for his career and NT chances.

      He can do this just like Gooch and Adu and if all he wants is a paycheck I am sure it will be lucrative. But in terms of his career? Pffft. He is building the pavement upon which his career irrelevance will soon drive, a shame for someone who scored a big goal in the knockout stages of the World Cup.

      • Amazing that some people conclude that Green is not anything because he hasn’t yet made an impact yet at Bayern and hasn’t beat out players like Lewandowski, Muller, Gotze, Douglas Costa, Ribery and Robben. I guess that means that Dempsey was a waste all those years he spent at Fulham since they were battling relegation much of that time and there was no interest in him from a “big” club.

      • Slow–he wasn’t playing in those games when he was 20. When he joined Fulham I believe he was 23. My point should be obvious, but I guess it must be clearly stated. It is much too early to make any conclusions about Green’s present value or future potential Some players bloom early, but then go nowhere, some bloom late and greatly improve, and all variations in between. Green is only 20 and only time will tell where he goes since I think a lot of it is due to mental toughness or lack thereof.

    • Up to this point, there has been very little evidence that Green is anything but a good 3rd division Bundesliga caliber player. That being the case, it seems like AC Milan has left no stone unturned in researching and scouting Green’s potential and transfer value; including possibly coming to SBI and reading the comments section. Could this be the reason why Green’s transfer value is so low?

      Regardless, this has to be good news for Green who seems to be low on Bayern Munich’s depth chart. If his potential is as great as promised, can Green really afford to spend another year in the 3rd division while other Bayern Munich and USMNT prospects pass him up on each squads depth charts?

      • Transfer value is partially lower because he has one year left on his deal. If the price were too high a team can simply wait for him until next Summer since he’s only 20.

      • Transfer value is partially lower because he has one year left on his deal. If the price were too high a team can simply wait for him until next Summer since he’s only 20.

        Just to piggyback on your point: Italian clubs (even the big ones) are notorious in recent years for being frugal with the transfer market. The amount of loan-to-buy options, Bosman’s and low transfer offers is an incredibly common theme with Italian clubs.

    • OR there could be another option.

      The option being, there’s a hopelessly confrontational, weener-waving culture in place across most every league in Europe that for whatever reason is chase-the-prize, short-term-results driven, and really doesn’t have a tried-and-proven developmental plan.

      I’m a licensed USSF coach, mind. I’ve looked to and fro for the Voices of Sanity, the guys who really, and I mean, REALLY, had an idea. The guys who REALLY know their business.

      You know what? I haven’t found anybody brighter than Portland’s – and formerly Akron’s – Caleb Porter. I haven’t found anybody brighter than, say, Doug Allison at Furman, or Mike Noonan at Clemson. I’ve met all those guys. I know a couple of them very well.

      Considering how many guys I’ve met, maybe we need to stop assuming there’s some radically different Best Practices or standards out there…and just start being who we are, and looking for the best of what we’ve got.

      All that is to say, nothing wrong with Julian Green. Seems like he’s a pretty good young guy, obviously had himself a really good hit in the dying moments of the last World Cup. Definitely seems like he’s earned the right to prove himself with the U-23’s in whatever capacity we have to offer, hard to find anybody else his age who has done more in a critical setting. After that, well, we gotta figure out what we’re going to do with the other, say, 127 minutes of a game.

      All this other drama and acrimony seems…pointless.

      • The problem with the American collegiate system isn’t the coaches, its the mandated limits on training time and schedule by the NCAA.

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