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The SBI Show: Episode 249 (MLS Predictions, Western Conference preview, and more)

Photo by Jaime Valdez/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Jaime Valdez/USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 MLS Season is almost here and the new episode of The SBI Show takes a closer look at the MLS Western Conference. Special guest Paul Tenorio joins host Ives Galarcep and takes a look at the league’s power conference, breaking down all 10 teams.


Episode 249 also offers up MLS award predictions, and picks for the 2016 MLS Cup champion.

Give the latest episode of The SBI Show a listen here:

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What did you think of the show? Enjoy Paul Tenorio as a guest co-host? Missing Garrett Cleverly? Mad at our picks?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Looks like setting the Soundcloud download link setting got missed after the off-season hiatus, can it be added back? Hate to miss them!

  2. IMO, a podcast featuring one of the most respected American soccer journalists should be about imparting news, opinions, a bit of “insider” speculation and some entertaining personal experience stories. Having Ives as the lead voice keeps the agenda more or less on point while allowing room for personal anecdotes and banter. The new pod delivers all of that.

    I respect what Garrett was trying to do, but the pod sounded more like a college radio show with poor production values. I prefer the new more professional format. With Ives as the show’s fulcrum, it’s possible to balance the conversation with partners and guests and still keep the show entertaining. I really do like the new format.

    • Totally disagree, I thought the show was a lot more fun because Ives and Garrett were willing to rib each other. Paul and Ives seem to want to respect each others opinions too much agree pat each other on the back too much. Also tbh I thought the sound quality was better before. There is some sort of distracting rattling sound in all these shows that is really annoying. I feel like Garrett understood the technical aspects a bit better, I assumed he was always the one who did the work on that end

  3. Gotta be honest, I miss the banter between Ives and Garrett. They disagreed more which made the show interesting, or they at least went back and forth a bit more to hash things out, which is more fun to listen to. There was also some distracting noise like something rubbing against one of the mics in both these shows. But overall it’s nice to have the SBI Show back

  4. Good show and good round-up of the EC. The guarded Fire optimism was a little surprising, but you explained it pretty well and they will at least be a little interesting to watch early on.

    Ives sounded a lot clearer (in terms of sound quality) than the episodes from last year. If there’s no Garrett appearance by the 3rd episode this year, I’ll be sorely disappointed.


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