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Tony Tchani receives Cameroon call-up following USMNT appearance

Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski/USA TODAY Sports

One of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s January camp midfielders may soon be cap-tied by Cameroon.

Tony Tchani, along with 19-year-old New York Red Bulls forward Anatole Abang and Montreal Impact defender Ambroise Oyongo, has been called up by Cameroon to compete in the nation’s 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against South Africa on March 26 at the Limbe Omnisport Stadium.

The 26-year-old defensive midfielder was called into the USMNT ‘s most recent camp, and played 19 minutes in the Americans’ 3-2 win against Iceland. The friendly match at the StubHub Center in Carson, Calif., did not cap-tie the Columbus Crew veteran, meaning Tchani is eligible to play for Cameroon.

If he were to accept the call-up and appear for the Indomitable Lions vs. South Africa, he would officially be cap-tied to the African nation.

What do you think of Tchani’s and Abang’s call-ups? Think Tchani should play for Cameroon?

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  1. While Tchani (27) played fairly well in his January appearance his opportunities with the USMNT will be few and far between. The USMNT is deep at CM….Bradley (28), Jones (34), Cameron (31), Williams (27), Nagbe (25), Diskerud (25), Morales (25), Kitchen (24) & a number of up and coming players working their way up the youth ranks. With only Jones is aging out of contention for the 2018 WC Tchani would have a better opportunity of playing for Cameroon than the US.

    • Lets not act like that’s a list of World class players he’s got to push through. He was better then Diskerud and Kitchen last season. Cameron almost always plays CB now. Morales hasn’t been in the 18 recently. Williams is so up and down for the US and can’t just count on young players as we’ve seen in the past.

      I hope some clear options better then Tchani really emerge but I don’t know that it’s as far off that he could push into the team as some are making it out to be.

      • Re: Williams; 27 is young and untrustworthy? His clubs fans and media have raved over his progress this season in particular. He might be at the age to put it all together.

        Hey Sunderland, sell cattermole and but Danny Williams! Lol. Williams and M’Vila would make a fine CM pair. Borini and Defoe above them with Adam johns– nevermind

      • Not saying that the players listed are “world class”….but lets not paint a picture that Tchani is vastly superior to them either. The fact of the matter is that all the players listed (except Kitchen) have more experience than Tchani and most of them are younger, giving them the probability of having more upside.
        Fact of the matter is that we have plenty of CM options equal or better than Tchani so if he accepts and plays for Cameroon it’s not a great loss.

      • I think he would be behind Mbia and Song in the Cameroon midfield as well, although they are older. He would also be behind Enoh, whose a DM. Those three are 29 or 30, but Tchani is 26 so he adds depth, but I don’t see him jumping right into the line up either.

  2. I agree with all the above posters regarding Tchani’s decision.

    I wonder, however, whether the fact that the Cameroonian FA is a joke influences his decision in any way. Cameroon has traditionally been an African power and has qualified for every World Cup since 1990 (except 2006). So the typical “Do you want to be guaranteed that you’ll play in a World Cup” question may not come into consideration. Given the corrupt nature of the Cameroonian FA, , you’d have to think he’d make a lot more money representing Cameroon than the US though.

    • Before the last world cup the Cameroon players refused to leave for a while due to an argument about bonuses so I’m not sure he’s going to be cashing in if he plays for Cameroon.

      • US players received about $76,000 in bonuses for the 2014 World Cup
        Cameroonian players were set to receive $87,000 (give or take because the figure I found was in pounds) prior to the strike. After their strike, that number was increased by $12,000.

        “A lot” may have been an exaggeration. Although when it comes to earning an MLS salary, a difference in $23,000 could be “a lot.”

  3. When he accepted the Camp Struedel call-up it was a big decision with him and his family. Granted that didn’t cap-tie him but he was basically trying to decide which country he wanted to represent. It will be interesting to see which he actually chooses since this will be more of a final decision if he chooses Cameroon.

    Hoping he stays, I like what he brings to the game.

  4. We all should have one life rule to live by: When any group or organization named the Indomitable Lions beckon your presence – you oblige.

    • @Old School ha!

      In all seriousness one wonders if he is wiling to make a decision about who to be cap tied with for an African cup qualifier. I bet this is a tough decision. If you say no, do they stop calling? Either way, good luck.

  5. Tchani lived in Cameroon until he was 15 and then moved here so I think representing either country is plausible. Not sure he’d get many opportunities for the USMNT anyway so maybe he’s better off playing for Cameroon.

    • LoL You’re killing’ me brothA!
      Thank goodness!!! Even though he has every right to choose either by way of free will, law and FIFA regulations…. he can now move forward with peace of mind knowing he has the golden slowleftarm arbitrary stamp of approval.

      • Not at all arbitrary. I think you should have some meaningful connection and spent time living in a country you are going to represent. Seems reasonable to me. I’m sure tchani doesn’t care what I think but it sure seems like you do. Thank you.

      • I’d say a legal citizen has a connection that is pretty meaningful- something highly coveted cherished by many. As for what is in a man’s heart, loyalty, feelings of connection- it is a dangerous, arrogant game thinking you can guess this. I’ve seen too many question these things in contradiction to what the player himself stated based on yes- arbitrary self imposed differentiation of Americaness related to fluency, cultural background, geography and other “things” that have no bearing on citizenship. This country is littered with people born, bred blue blood Americans by residence/birthplace who take/contribute nothing and have little emotional connection or appreciation for the U.S….. or realization regarding how blessed they are to be here.

        Anyhow- I’ve read enough of- think you have expressed plenty of solid views on this forum. Although we disagree on this topic- I certainly respect – don’t begrudge your right to express your viewpoint.. So… my response to this post isn’t personal- is not so about the author of the post as much as the content, Much more it is that I feel strongly enough about this issue to express my counter-point.. Cheers.

  6. Commish, I agree with your comments. What I noticed in the match against Portland was that Tchani seemed very confident on the ball and he was one of the few bright spots for the Crew in that game. Good luck to him going forward.

  7. I like Tchani. I thought he was good in his brief January appearance. Would love to see more of him, but I can understand if he choses to represent Cameroon.


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