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USA vs. Guatemala: SBI Live Commentary


The U.S. Men’s National Team is in do-or-die mode tonight, as the Americans take on Guatemala in a must-win World Cup qualifier at MAPFRE Stadium (7:25pm, ESPN2).

The U.S. will look to rebound from an ugly 2-0 loss in Guatemala last Friday, and will be hoping to continue an unbeaten run in Columbus. A win would significantly boost the Americans’ chances of reaching the Hexagonal round of World Cup qualifying.

Carlos Ruiz did make the trip for Guatemala, but is on the bench for Guatemala. He arrived in Columbus today after sorting out a legal issue in Guatemala.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s match so feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (and join our live commentary here):

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  1. I swear if I hear one more comment about Bradley not being one of the best players on this team I’m going to lose my mind

  2. I saw on Redit that someone payed for a “FIRE KLINSMANN” banner to fly over today’s game. Anybody spot it?

    • Or how about both Nagbe and Nguyen in front of MB, who plays his best position sitting in front of the D line and looking up the length of the field, as the 3 midfielders? At least Beckerman is now in front of the D if MB is pushed up.

      • My thoughts exactly. Play Bradley as the CDM with Nagbe & Zusi in front of him (since Beckerman was the only other CDM brought into camp).
        I would have loved to see a 3 man midfield of:
        Speed, Grit, technical ability, and able to run all day closing down space. Too bad that JK didn’t call Danny up.

    • Zusi is a proven veteran. Nagbe is only recently gotten a chance with the Nats and he has been so-so. Birnbaum played well in his chance, but really who else are you going to try? Orozco and Gonzales were terrible in the last game.

      • I actually have no problem with Zusi, I think he’s quality and will do well tonight. I just don’t understand why he’s called these players in for qualifiers then if he’s still not comfortable enough to play them – these aren’t friendlies. Also have no issues with the start for Birnbaum.

    • Yeah you can. Why not Ngyuen or Nagbe in the middle instead of a player that was just called in. Zardes is poor on the wing. Why even call in finlay if you have no intention of playing him in his natural position when all the other options are unavailable


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