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Bobby Wood breaks American goal-scoring record in Germany


Bobby Wood has set a new American goal-scoring record in Germany after netting a brace for FC Union Berlin on Friday.

The U.S. Men’s National Team forward netted a brace in the first 13 minutes of the game to help his German 2. Bundesliga club defeat SC Paderborn by a score of 4-0 at the Benteler Arena. His 15th and 16th goals of the season saw Wood break former USMNT forward Conor Casey’s record (14) of the most goals scored by an American during a season in Germany’s top two tiers.

Wood’s first goal of the game came in the seventh minute, when he received the ball in the midfield. The 23-year-old sprinted towards goal down the center of the field and darted past two defenders before slotting the ball by the Paderborn goalkeeper.

Six minutes later, he ran onto a ball sent upfield after a Paderborn corner kick. Wood then made two touches before scoring his second of the afternoon.

Here are Wood’s two goals:

What do you think of Wood’s performance? How impressed are you with his record?

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      • Last week? Hell, I’m mad this very instance at the sheer mention of Klinsmann and I don’t even know why.

        (Did I do it right?)

    • Also, don’t forget that when Klinsmann called him in for the Holland and Germany games, Wood was out of contract and didn’t seem to have any offers. After the two goals in those games, then he had the contract offer that led him to his current team. People like to claim, on the basis of what evidence they don’t say, that Klinsmann has lost the locker room. But the fact is that because Klinsmann has given chances to players who weren’t on the radar he has greatly enhanced their careers. Beckerman for the national team, Wood, Yedlin, Morris, and maybe Bedoya. and Williams. There are probably others you could add, but it is hard to say whether players like Omar or Besler would have gotten DP money even if they weren’t called into the national team, for example.

    • hmm…i’m pretty high on bobby, but these other comments seem to imply that klinsmann’s trust in him has already been validated by his play, when he’s scored a grand total of 2 international goals in competitive matches (one against st v&g).

      my opinion is that he’ll come good–he certainly doesn’t lack confidence, as you pointed out–but let’s not pretend that the jury’s not still out on bobby.

      i actually think his greatest contribution to the usmnt would be his potential to thrive with jozy in a counterattacking system (much like davies looked like he would), but it seems we’re trying to move away from that style of play, regardless of our player pool’s natural abilities.

  1. Credit to that amazing pass, but even more credit to Wood for staying up, taking the right touches, holding off defenders, and slotting it passed the keeper instead of right at him. Love watching him play

  2. nice, 2 great goals. this “american goal-scoring record in germany” thing is kind of silly, though, considering he’s not the top division there. didn’t julian green score more, albeit in the 4th division?

  3. A well taken goal on the first, but I thought the GK may have done better. The second was close to magnificent, especially the way he kept his feet after being pushed and then his first touch was perfect. Let’s hope he has a better national team career than Casey.

  4. Excellent work and finish. The first is quality BUT the second has 1. a well timed run, 2. An excellent 1st touch, 3. A great show of strength and agility to absorb the contact while maintaining momentum and possession and finally 4. A savvy finish!

    If Suarez had done the same routine people would be losing their “ish” about this play. Well done Bobby!

    • Hyperbole much? They would not losing their shit because it is against weak competition. Are you serious? He maintained a strong run and fought off defenders. Good on him, but let’s not make it better than it actually was. Btw, I am a Bobby fan.

  5. Great accomplishment for Wood, but Casey’s 14 in the top tier is a greater accomplishment IMO. It’s kind of silly to lump records from different tiers together like they’re playing against the same level of competition.

    • It’s kind of silly to lump records from different tiers together like they’re playing against the same level of competition.

      Like the USMNT comparing their accomplishments vs the USMNT?

      “Equal play. Equal pay.” (not really)

      • How about the men play the women for it. If the men win then things stay as they are and if the women win then they can get whatever deal the men have right now while the men get whatever deal the women have, TV contracts, everything; how about that?

      • Do you know that over a 4 year period (including the previous 4 year period), the USMNT team makes more money than the women. The USWNT made more money in 2015 FY, but that was a World Cup year. If you include the year before for a 2 year period (to include the Mens World Cup), the USMNT makes more money. On top, FIFA makes orders of magnitude more money with the Men’s Cup than Women’s Cup and give out more money in the form of bonuses depending on how well they do in competitions. Keep in mind that the Women are employees of USSF and get benefits and insurance including an annual base salary. The men do not. They are not salaried employees. They are only paid when chosen for a game or tournament.

        Everything should be equal when it comes to field conditions, flights and insurance. In fact, I think the base pay should be the same, but that might hard seeing that the USWNT are salaried employees. However, you cannot have equal bonuses since the men get a lot more A LOT more from FIFA.

        Also, please do not have the men play the women. I went to school with a guy on our college soccer team who in the youth development program. Good enough to play in college but not much else. They way he said, the USWNT would sometimes practice against the boys u17 teams and loose.

      • I love the smell of misogyny in the morning.

        Morning? Liberal arts majors don’t rise too early in the day, eh? Like a mouse trap, I knew the SJW’s would pounce on this one.

    • Actually it is comparing Apples to Apples as Conor Casey’s record was established while he was playing for Karlsrush SC (Bundasliga 2) during the 03-04 season. Conor scored 14 goals that season in 30 matches….Bobby has now scored 16 goals in the same league. Making Bobby’s accomplishment very relevant.

    • Jon- you seem to be confused with the American that scored 16 goals in a top flight European league. That would be Jozy Altidore his first season at AZ(20 goals in all comps); he then scored 23 league goals his second season (31 in all comps) for a total of 51 goals scored in two years for a championship winning team in a top flight European league. And yes, that’s still an American record….

  6. Are you guys watching the same goals I am? I’m not even sure if that defense could be described as shambolic, as that would be giving it too much credit.

    Great to see Wood scoring at a high clip, but yowzas. You see goals in high school like that.

  7. First video doesn’t show a goal as far as I could tell, but the second one does. Good work to stay on his feet and hold off the defense on the second goal.

    • Expand to fullscreen and then if you have to click various points in the video timeline slider at the bottom of the screen and it should work. The first goal was better than the second imo.


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