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Joe Gyau says he’s “pain free” and eager to play


After more than a year on the sidelines due to injury, Joe Gyau may be ready to return to action.

On Monday, the 23-year-old American winger announced via his personal social media account he is free of pain. Gyau has not featured for Borussia Dortmund II or the senior side during the 2015-16 season due to a knee injury.

Gyau was a Dortmund II standout, but has been hampered by injuries in recent years. The winger played in 11 games for the second team during the 2014-15 season, scoring twice. He also made one appearance for the senior team before suffering a knee injury.

In 2014, the 23-year-old earned his first and only two caps for the U.S. Men’s National Team in friendlies vs. Czech Republic and Ecuador. In the latter game, he started but had to be substituted off early into the match. It was later revealed that he had torn his lateral meniscus. Setbacks have forced his recovery to extend well into the current season, but Gyau could be ready to take on opponents once again.

What do you think of Gyau’s progress? When do you expect to see him playing?

Share your thoughts below.


    • Not fair to compare a player whose career was slowed by injury to Adu who made terrible choices in choosing clubs just to make a pun. Landon Donovan was on his third club by age 23 as well.

  1. awesome goal being scored from the LM position (even though he played at LB) means we might have to move him up front, bring in Villafana. Fabian Johnson had an amazing game at again at RM with Borussia Mönchengladbach showing his natural position. Geoff Cameron had his best game in the EPL at DM (even highlighted by Ian Darke) against Manchester City. With what we have:






    Or leave him back there and bring in Castillo as LM (yeah he starts and goes full 90 for the number one team in Liga MX).






    Keep Dreaming..

    • I remember when a lot of posters were putting Lletget into the US starting lineup and now I see the same with Villafana, even though neither has never played one game as an adult international. Not one. Try to be a little more realistic. And I’m not singling this post out, but making a general observation and this seemed an appropriate place.

      • Both Villafana and Lleget should get call ups in the near future. If they’re not called into the Copa America Camp than they should be called in for the Sept. qualifiers against St. Vincent & Trinidad.
        If we win the first match against St. Vincent and Guatemala loses against T&T than we are through to the Hex. We need younger and more dynamic players in midfield and we are still looking for a good left back.
        Lleget is a Versatile, technical midfielder who could play as a RM, LM, or CAM. If he gains experience and shows well he’d make a great bench option for the team.
        LB is still a real concern. I was not impressed with Castillo in the 2 matches against Guatemala. He was OK, but wasn’t anything special. Still appears to be timid and weak defensively. If we can’t groom Villafana, Shea, Castillo or Ream to a high enough level we may need to push Fabian back to defense as our potential midfield options appear to be improving (Pulisic, Gyau, Zardes, & Lleget).

      • @ Gary
        “… I see the same with Matt Miazga, even though neither has never played one game as an adult internatiional”….Mmmm but some how started for Chelsea. How does that work? So if you’ve never played (and you are good enough) you shouldn’t be called in? lol

      • Bizzy,

        Hiddink threw him in during a game that didn’t matter. Then he stated that he had potential but was too naive for the technical, tactical and physical play in the EPL. He also down played the competition.

        No offense to you, but I find some people on this board way too optimistic with starting players on the full team (national or club team). Why anyone, ANYONE would put Miazga over Cameron BLOWS my mind. Even putting Cameron at DM, frankly Omar is still better than Miazga right now.

        I think all these guys have potential, but let’s see a little more consistency at certain level (club or country) before they displace someone else. Regional Bundesliga – Bundesliga II – Bundesliga I are each VERY big jumps. German soccer is littered with players who had double digit goals in II then amounted to nothing in Bundesliga (Connor Casey anyone). EPL soccer is full of guys with potential who went on good runs but amounted to nothing in the EPL (Federico Macheda anyone)

      • Edmondo: I think some of those rosters have said “in the future” or “looking ahead”. But you’re right throwing guys like Miazga into a starting position at CB is premature. Bizzy likes to throw out these crazy rosters I think just to get a rise out of people. Notice he said even though Shea was playing LB he got forward like a LM so I’ll just play him at LM. Its a minor miracle he didn’t slot Hedges along side Miazga with McCarty at DM because he usually likes to focus on MLS players ahead of anyone else.

    • Or maybe Johnson plays on the right because Wendt their LM is naturally left footed, where as Johnson can play with both feet. It wouldn’t make any sense to start the left footed player on the right and Johnson on the left.

      I think we will see Villafana with USMNT soon if he continues to play well, but we have to remember he basically had no off season this year, MLS Cup first week in December and in the starting eleven first week in January for Santos, with training in between.

  2. Career Rundown

    Bundesliga: 3 matches, all off the bench for a total of 56 minutes (2 w/ Hoffenheim, 1 w/BvB)
    2.Bundesliga: 15 matches, 5 starts for St. Pauli
    3.Liga: 11 matches 8 starts for BvB 2 goals
    Regionalia (4th division):58 matches 42 starts 10 goals

  3. He never would have even gotten injured if US Soccer didn’t use a COLLEGE FOOTBALL venue for the match DURING the college football season.

  4. It’s good to finally hear an update on Gyau, and a positive one at that. Hopefully he returns to full health and fitness. I was impressed with his play and ability prior to his injury….Speedy, Technical, aggressive wide midfielder/forward. His return to 100% would give the USA another serious attacking option. If things progress for Gyau, Pulisic, & Miazga we could potentially see a 4-2-3-1 formation something like….


    Bench: Horvath, Yarbrough, Villafana/Shea, Besler, Williams, Hyndman, Wood, Zardes, Morris

    We still need to find another quality RCB & RB, but this would be a huge step towards getting our best players on the field together. Would be very dangerous in the attack, be able to hold possession, while also being sound defensively. The versatility of many of these players allows flexibility of formation, and coverage for injuries/cards.

    Looking forward to the possibilities of this team in the not so distant future.

    • If all of those guys are healthy it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s pretty close to our World Cup roster. I think Pulisic will likely be the #10, though. That’s the position he has normally played for the youth teams. Nagbe could be moved to the right, but I could also see FJ playing there with somebody else at left back. It could be a pretty juicy lineup.

      • He’s been playing more on the outside for Dortmund, I think probably due to his size at the moment. He’s reaching the age though were most males are able to put on muscle so he may move inside by 2018.

      • Yes, I know he’s been playing on the outside at Dortmund. I agree it’s probably a size thing. I remember how awesome Mesut Ozil was at CAM in the 2010 WC. He was 21 and Pulisic will only be 19 in Russia, but I would dare say Pulisic’s skills relative to the rest of the team will be better than Ozil’s were. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he plays a similar role for us in Russia, assuming he stays healthy.

      • Joshua Perez has 3 goals in 5 matches for Fiorentina U19s. He needs to get some first team time next year, but it wouldn’t be out of the question to be a bench player in Russia given JK brought in several young players last time around. Someone to keep an eye on for Qatar 2022 for sure.

      • While Pulisic can/has played the CAM role I don’t see him there for the US until after the 2018 WC. While the line-up I fielded looks like a 4-2-3-1 defensively it would play close to a staggered 4-3-3 when in attack/possession….(Nagbe High cheating Left, Bradley mid ceeting right, Cameron deep centrally). That’s why I have Nagbe in the center of the 3. Nagbe works well in tight spaces and can cycle the ball around from side to side…getting Pulisic & Gyau (or whomever) in behind. But he also tracks back really well similar to a Box-to-Box midfielder. His ability to put in the dirty work tracking back will take some of the defensive pressure off the 2 wide players and allow Cameron & Bradley to organize the defense and/or cover for the outside backs who are making runs.
        As much as I like Pulisic and think he’ll do really well, IMO the center of the field maybe asking too much of him this cycle. After 2018 if the rest of our highly regarded prospects come to fruition than I could see him moved more centrally.

      • Let’s slow down on Gyau, he says pain free, not my speed is back or my cutting ability is back. I want him to do well and get back into his old form, but I don’t think you can even pencil him into a future line up at this point.

  5. I hope he can get back on track. He looked really promising before his injury. Some may forget that he was starting for Dortmund months ago before the phenom Pulisic. His cameo for the USMNT looked promising as well.

    • I understood he played some for II but was barely used by the first team. You look at Green and some of the other heroes of the II teams and I am not sure that sort of perch ensures success. I don’t know if it’s even MLS level. You play well it earns you a better chance, but doesn’t prove you’re can’t miss.

      First team is something different but then go back to is he playing there.

      • I may not be remembering correctly, but I thought he had a pretty good stretch of games where he was making the 18 and coming on as a sub before the injury. I thought he had pretty much solidified a spot with the first team.

      • Shaggie: He was on the bench for five matches in the fall of 2014 which I think was most of their matches if not all.

    • He only played once with BvB before his injury, playing 16 minutes off the bench. He also had to substitute performances with Hoffenheim before his transfer.

      Not trying to play “got you”, just want people to have the correct info.

      • Maybe this was the stretch I was remembering. I could have sworn he had a decent run of games and if I remember correctly it was because they were dealing with some pretty serious injury problems that had them short sided.

      • Checked two sources, might have been in preseason you are remembering or that Gyau was set for a run after the international break when he got injured.

  6. BD is probably a good place for him to rehab because they’ll be in no hurry to play him. BD is probably a bad place for him to move back into actually playing soccer because they’ll be in no hurry to play him. He needs a loan and he needs on another team.

    • Dortmund has an incredible training facility. It is honestly one of the best in the soccer world. And for rehabbing, I imagine it is great as well. Great for him to be pain free regardless of if he plays again. Long term sounds like he at least won’t be using a cane at age 40 like many athletes who play through injury for their careers


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