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Jurgen Klinsmann shoots down Everton rumors

Jurgen Klinsmann USMNT 78

It appears the rumors linking Jurgen Klinsmann to Everton were just that.

Hours after the Klinsmann was linked with a move to Everton, the U.S. Men’s National Team head coach took to his Twitter account to rebuff that notion on Wednesday.

Klinsmann, 51, is currently under contract with the U.S. through 2018. He took over as the Americans’ head coach back in July 2011, and signed a contract extension prior to the 2014 World Cup.

Klinsmann, who has come under pressure due to poor results and performances, is currently focusing on preparing the U.S. for this summer’s Copa America Centenario.

What do you think of Klinsmann shooting down the rumors? Always considered them to be a pipe dream? Think Klinsmann is all but guaranteed to stay through until 2018?

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  1. Please pull a Miami dolphin Nick Saban on the US!!
    Well… You know… If he did win a bunch of trophies elsewhere we might feel a bit slighted

    • I wish that the people on here would stop passive aggressively pushing this job on me. I’m obviously very honored, but until JK is gone, I won’t discuss whether I will or won’t throw my hat into the ice rink. That said, of course I would do a great job. I would do the best job. The players in the pool love me, and I’d hire the best assistants.

  2. Second to what Johnnyrazor said. Of course he’s gonna deny it even if a deal is in place, it’d be terrible form to do otherwise. As for the potential of him going to Everton, I very sincerely hope not. I’ve lost faith in him and his style as a USMNT supporter, and I really don’t want to see him at Everton as a Toffee myself. Should Martinez stay on? Debatable. Klinsmann as a replacement? No way in heck

  3. Also, doesn’t mean a thing. JK isn’t going to say anything publicly about the job until Martinez is fired and he has a deal in place. Martinez said he wasn’t leaving Swansea and then promptly left for Wigan, then said I’ll never leave Wigan and promptly left for Everton.

  4. Uggggh I had such hopes

    Why would he leave some say? Because at the end of his contract he will have failed to deliver what he said he would deliver. How will he shake that rap? Its not just the SR team but most of the program. With his ego, he needs to blame somebody else. Its certainly not his fault. It will be hard to shift the blame when he had 8 years and is no better than the last two coaches.

    Kind of like another leader that still tryes to blame his failings on Bush. Nobody would buy it for JK or for BO

  5. Why would he leave? He has the sweetest gig possible…. low expectations/pressure compared to other soccer mad countries….only has to work 10 – 15 games a year compared to the year round pressure on a club manager…. lives in SoCal and gets paid handsomely..

    Might be one of the best soccer jobs in the world

    Lets compare and contrast:

    Quality of Life in Liverpool vs. Los Angeles…… Los Angeles wins easily
    Weather: Los Angeles
    Beautiful People: Los Angeles
    Salaries: Comparable
    Pressure: Way less on him as the USMNT manager… if Everton sucks while he is at the helm he has maybe 1/2 a season ….. with the U.S. all he has to do is qualify for the WC which is very easy in CONCACAF compared to almost any other region with the talent he has available
    Job Security: USMNT
    Prestige: Maybe Everton

    • Yep, I was making most of these same arguments when this was first reported. Additionally, I’m guessing that his wife, who is from Southern California, wants to stay in Southern California rather than move to Liverpool. And numerous times we have seen player decisions on transfers determined by family conditions.

      • People get genuinely pissed when the LA Galaxy bring in all good Euro Players and football icons and figure LAG is getting favorable treatment or juggling the books. A lot of people in some countries do not believe that Ashley Cole moved here on a non-DP or non-TAM salary.

        But living in So Cal is like no where else. I was born in LA, but have lived all over the world and I miss the climate and beaches.

        Even David Beckham, in a UK paper a few month ago, says he’s glad he kept his LA Home when he left the Galaxy. He could not sell it unless he took a bath as it was during the housing market crunch, so he kept it. It’s almost his second home and is in LA a lot. He said he comes to LA more often than Manchester, Paris or Madrid. He said he doubts he’ll sell it anytime soon.

        So I doubt Klinsmann will leave willingly, which is too bad.

      • Bottlecaps–I think people underestimate how much of a draw the US is for a lot of people, even rich pro soccer players. According to the LA Times recently, their Belgian defender Van Damme took a $900,000 a year pay cut to join the Galaxy. As for LA, it;’s not only the weather and the general life style, I know that Beckham and probably some of the others like the idea of being able to mix with the glitterati.

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