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Nigel de Jong handed three-game suspension by MLS

Photo by Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA Today Sports
Photo by Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA Today Sports

Nigel de Jong will be watching the LA Galaxy from the sidelines for close to one month after the MLS Disciplinary Committee officially suspended him on Friday.

The league handed De Jong a three-game ban for his challenge on Portland Timbers midfielder Darlington Nagbe. The Dutch midfielder was also fined an undisclosed fee for the tackle on Sunday.

“While de Jong received a yellow card during the match, the Disciplinary Committee was unanimous that the action¬†was a clear and unequivocal red card,” the Disciplinary Committee said in a statement, “and the play was of an egregious and reckless nature such that the Committee must act to protect player safety.”

De Jong will miss Friday’s road game against the Houston Dynamo, a home match against Real Salt Lake on April 23 and an away contest against Sporting Kansas City on May 1.

What do you think of De Jong’s suspension? Think three games is the right length?

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  1. happy to see video evidence that captures the BS physical crap and informs the need for punishment

    to those saying it’s the ref’s decision, I agree, and the ref awarded only the yellow. so in essence, the ref caught what he caught on the field and produced the card and De Jong got away with it and stayed on the field while Nagbe did not. I disagree that the 3 game ban contradicts the ref’s opinion tho; it is simply an enhanced perspective based on the video evidence; the ref sees what he sees in the game, and getting away with physical things is part of the game, I agree, but that doesn’t mean the reality of video can’t be used to enhance the perspective and, in this case, send the message to stop that crap

    regarding using ex post facto video to overturn an offsides call…totally different and not the reason the video is used after games to review.

    no offense intended. I am a Galaxy fan but not of plays like this, or Grabavoy’s. Has Grabavoy been suspended too? That’s my gripe with the video review thing…not sure it’s evenly applied

    MLS an evolving league with a long way still to go. ecstatic to have it but there it is

  2. So, MLS effectively overturned the ref’s decision. The ref saw the incident and awarded a yellow. The standard for this sort of thing is that if the ref sees the incident, his decision stands. After all, it is an “in the opinion of the referee” game. I don’t really think that this sort of situation merits a post hoc contradiction of the ref’s opinion.

  3. I think three was a minimum penalty and I HOPE it was made clear to him that if anything like this happens again… it will be far worse. He has already broken two players legs and then this. None of this accident crap. He’s a hack and this is his game. It has to stop with this one

  4. I definitely agree with the 3 games, but something inside just bugs me about players getting suspended after the game. My (most likely unpopular) opinion is that it’s the referee’s job to catch these things on the field. I’m not a fan of how we just correct a certain few things after each game and leave other things unresolved. Why are we able to suspend him 3 games and then not fix the offside call in the Orlando City game? I’m also a Chicago Fire fan I don’t really have any favouritism toward the Galaxy or Orlando City.

    • I think DisCo is one of the best things that MLS has done. I don’t think it affects the ref’s judgement what so ever, they are still graded on every match and if they don’t perform they don’t get called up. If they continuously make rulings on the field that the DisCo has to correct (whether it is banning someone for additional games or retracting a red card) that plays heavily into whether they have a job or not.

      On top of that, they push the league away from exactly the type of play that ruins careers and makes the game ugly. I want to see hard play on the field, I have no problem with guys making tackles. What I don’t like watching is skilled players being speared and studded.

  5. That sounds about right. I expected a hefty fine, retroactive straight Red, and a 3-4 game suspension at a minimum. At a minimum!
    He deserves every bit. He has earned it.
    Se la gano. Cara dura, sin verguenza. Hijo de la Guayaba. Ya era hora.

  6. The Dutch midfielder was also fined an undisclosed fee for the tackle on Sunday.

    MLS is a minnow compared to other sports in this country and journalists for those respective sports are able to uncover and reveal “undisclosed” vital details to transactions, fees and deals.

    We have some solid journalists that cover the sport of soccer in this country, yet, allow MLS to get away with this bullshit far too often.

      • Worse dude? Seriously? It was a crappy tackle, yes, but nowhere near the speed, force or severity of DeJong’s, not to mention the obvious intent on NDJ’s tackle. To add to that, speaking of severity, the Dallas player rolled around, got treated after walking off under his own power, and was back on the pitch within a minute with no ill affects. Grabavoy’s tackle was stupid in my opnion worthy of a red for sheer height of his studs, (but obviously not deserving of a Red seeing as it wasn’t upgraded by the DC) and not even close to NDJ’s “tackle”/stomp.

    • What about him? What does it have to do with Nigel DeJong or Nigel Dejong’s actions that have earned him the nickname “the lawnmower”?

      I am not on the disciplinary committee, I am sorry to disappoint you.

  7. long overdue in his career, shame his previous leagues and FA’s haven’t tried to correct the behavior, hopefully an old dog can learn new tricks


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