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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Brek Shea

BrekSheaOrlandoCity4-TorontoFC2015 (USATodaySports)


  1. Tough going from the wing to LB! Instincts and intuition are so different from playing LM. Knowing you are the last line of defense and being aware of keeping the defensive line is tough to learn over night. Who knows the right goalie and left CB could really help him evolve. Shea has all the tools but just needs the right mindset for success.

  2. That’s the thing about Shea. Every so often he will show moments of brilliance, but then something happens like his injury last year, or his poor behavior in England that got him in trouble and in the dog house, and he falls off the radar for a while. It sure would be nice if he could get through a full season and gain the consistency he needs to reach his potential.

  3. I got to say, if Brek ever becomes consistent and makes that LB spot his own, the US could have very nasty backline for the future:

    LB – Shea
    CB – Brooks
    CB – Miazga
    RB – Yedlin

      • Lol yes and for even longer it has been something like,” If Brek Shea ever makes the game of soccer his own, one love and focus and becomes consistent…”

    • I like him as a USMNT LB too.. but I must mention that he was more or less responsible for Portland’s 1 goal and a PK that was not converted.. blow out win wtvr he has had better games back there despite the dirty GOTW finish.

      right now the LB pool of Castillo and Shea – both good options, hopefully Villafana gets a look real soon and Garza gets back on the field.

    • I have always felt his best spot is for him to come in as a 2nd half sub. He gives you good speed down the wings to put pressure when you either need a goal or want to put a little pressure to keep a team honest. Can play LM or LB, have never liked him as a starter. Give him one job and run by the opposing LB, and he is dangerous. Make him think for 90 min and he is also dangerous.


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