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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary


The English Premier League leader will be trying to inch closer to an improbable title, while Schalke 04-Borussia Dortmund headlines action in Germany.

The title is in sight for Leicester City, and the Foxes will visit the Stadium of Light to play Sunderland on Sunday. A win against the relegation contender would see Leicester move within just a few games of clinching the EPL title.

Tottenham-Manchester United, Valencia-Sevilla and Napoli-Hellas Verona are three other matchups to keep a close eye on across Europe. Three games to watch on this side of the Atlantic this Sunday include Pumas UNAM-Club León, LA Galaxy-Portland Timbers and New York Cosmos-Jacksonville Armada.

If you will be watching today’s soccer, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is below):


4 p.m. — ESPN/ESPN Deportes/WatchESPN — Houston Dynamo vs. Seattle Sounders

7 p.m. — Fox Sports 1/Fox Sports Go/Fox Deportes/Fox Soccer 2Go — New York City FC vs. Chicago Fire

9:30 p.m. — Fox Sports 1/Fox Sports Go/Fox Deportes/Fox Soccer 2Go — LA Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers


4 p.m. — ESPN3/WatchESPN/NASL Live — FC Edmonton vs. Minnesota United

6 p.m. — ESPN3/WatchESPN/NASL Live/One World Sports — New York Cosmos vs. Jacksonville Armada


7 p.m. — ESPN3 — Detroit vs. Bowling Green


8:30 a.m. — NBCSN/NBC Sports Live Extra/NBC Universo — Sunderland vs. Leicester City

11 a.m. — NBCSN/Telemundo/NBC Sports Live Extra — Tottenham vs. Manchester United

11 a.m. — NBC Sports Live Extra — Liverpool vs. Stoke City


6 a.m. — beIN Sports Connect — Sporting Gijón vs. Celta de Vigo

10 a.m. — beIN Sports en Español/beIN Sports Connect — Valencia vs. Sevilla

12:15 p.m. — beIN Sports Connect — Villarreal vs. Getafe

2:30 p.m. — beIN Sports Connect — Athletic Bilbao vs. Rayo Vallecano


9 a.m. — beIN Sports USA/beIN Sports Connect — Napoli vs. Hellas Verona

2:45 p.m. — beIN Sports USA/beIN Sports Connect — Palermo vs. Lazio


9:30 a.m. — Fox Sports 1/Fox Sports Go/Fox Soccer 2Go — Schalke 04 vs. Borussia Dortmund

11:30 a.m. — Fox Sports 2/Fox Sports Go/Fox Deportes/Fox Soccer 2Go — Cologne vs. Bayer Leverkusen


1 p.m. — Univision Deportes/Univision — Pumas UNAM vs. Club León

6 p.m. — Univision Deportes — Puebla vs. Guadalajara


10 a.m. — Fox Soccer Plus — Peterhead vs. Rangers


  1. Yedlin getting positive remarks from fans on their websites. A few said he was the best Sunderland player on the pitch today

    Besides his almost pk call I didn’t see much wrong with today. He does need to learn how to dribble wth the ball closer to his body. He succumbs to the “knock ahead and hope I can catch up” theory of dribbling. Sometimes his touch is worse than zardes’

      • Actually I did. That’s why I was aware of his missed header. What an amazing game of football it was. Will Johnson is so so good.

      • Of course it’s nice to see Jozy play well but his ceiling is ‘ not a lumbering donkey’. So hopefully USMNT can have a good striker they can pencil in as the starter at some point.

      • At 23 he scored the most in a season in Europe. Bobby wood at 23 is at 16 in 2. bunds. Clint was still at NE at 23 I believe. Donovan was doing wellish by 23 but my point is jozy has done the most at his age than any other American. So why hate on him? Shouldn’t he be applauded for his records for club and country ? No one has to say he’s their favorite but I will never understand ridiculing a player on our nations team, especially one that has solid accolades. (Has any other striker won a first division league title? Again, no one HAS to like him but I will continue to belittle those who hate on him undeservedly

        I support our players……

      • I don’t hate him, I just think he is a fraud as a “3rd best scorer” He plays even when he is not in form, it requires to be fed to be productive, his aerial game is dismal, but yeah, he is our their best scorer on paper.

      • Louis- analogy: deadpool the movie is the highest grossing R rated film of all time (fact). So if I say I didn’t like deadpool” there’s nothing wrong with that right? But if I say “deadpool was a bad movie. It only did well because it was in theaters for a long time” (or something equally as silly) then that wouldn’t make sense. If it was really a bad movie would it have the large stats that it has?

        To conclude, you don’t have to like a player but saying hes only good on paper or isn’t good at all is laughable and doesn’t reflect well on your ability to comprehend reality.

        So everytime someone points out ONE bad play, especially in a game where he largely contributed to a positive result in that match, it shows that person grasping for reasons just to hate. That’s not really what I call a fan…………..

      • At Davis..- Why makes you think I’m picking on one play/one aspect of his game? I’m picking on most of his game or lack of. For whatever reason JK thinks he can make him a great or even good forward. As an ex-coach and scout, I can tell right away if a player has it or not and Jozy doesn’t have it to be an elite or very good forward. Jozy will miss lots of opportunities during a game and then score on a sitter and everything is ok, they forget how slow or bad touches he had, they just point at the score sheet that he scored. When I pointed out that Jozy hardly ever scores against tough opposition on games that mattered, people bring up the Spain game of 2009! going that far back just reaffirms my impression in our leading scorer. Come hell or high water he is our CF as long as JK remains our coach, because Jozy will continue to get the lion’s share of playing time no matter his form.

      • Jozy is there to score, the money he gets is to reflect his position on the team. So far, I don’t think TFC has been getting their monies worth. That is my point.

      • Louis- which brings me to my point…. People unfairly judging players just because they don’t personally like them or their style of play is asinine. Case and point, you perhaps think jozy didn’t score enough for what he was paid (6 mil). Well hmmm let’s look at facts: David villa, also paid 6 mil, scored 18 goals. Jozy scored 13 but in less games due to int’l duty and injury. If you project his numbers constistantly then he would have ended with 17/18 goals…..(gasp) the same amount as David villa…. But would you have also said villa did not score enough to warrant his salary? I doubt it…. So the conclusion is that based off similar production and pay you rate one player higher than the other…….

        Makes sense?

        And please try to say “he was injured to much. You don’t pay that much for a player to remain injured!!!”….

        I bet you don’t actually know how many games he missed due to injury and int’l duty….. Hint: it was 8 games missed total…..

      • If you owned a team that had two DPs on it and at the end of the season, one DP had 22 goals and 15 assists and the other DP had 13 goals, are you really going to say “man, one DP did great (MVP) and the other one was not worth it”…..? But once I say that the second DP with 13 goals was Jozy then let the bashing begin right???…..

  2. Pulisic with the start today in a very important rivalry match. That speaks volumes into his ability and Tuchel’s confidence in him.


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