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Sources: Cosmos not pursuing Francesco Totti


Francesco Totti continues to be linked with a move to the New York Cosmos, but it doesn’t appear the AS Roma legend will be joining the NASL club any time soon.

Sources tell SBI the Cosmos are not actively pursuing the 39-year-old Italian star. The Cosmos were previously linked with Totti earlier this year, but denied a move was imminent. Sources say that stance has not changed despite recent links.

According to reports from Sky Sports Italia, Totti is favoring a move to the U.S. In addition, Italian compatriot Claudio Ranieri has reportedly offered the playmaker a one-year deal to join Leicester City.

Totti has spent his entire career with Roma, which he joined as a youth player in 1989. The¬†39-year-old has made 596 appearances for the Italian club while registering 245 goals. Roma has reportedly shown no indications the club will keep him past his contract’s expiration this summer.

What do you think of the Totti news? How would he have fit with the Cosmos? Expect any other clubs in the U.S. to make a move?

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  1. Totti can still play, but he’s 39. While Cosmos supporters mock MLS as a retirement league, it appears the Cosmos have cornered the market on signing former world class players who are approaching their fifth decade of life.

  2. “Cosmos are paying for this coverage…” you mean the cosmos pays SBI in some form? If that’s the case, then SBI should disclose this as a “sponsored story”. Otherwise it’s a serious blow to the site’s journalistic integrity if that matters to SBI at all.

    • pretty strong accusations….what makes you think this is the case? is the fact that they are stone’s throw away from SBI operations and therefore easy to develop personal contacts at the club too hard to fathom?

      • Adam,

        I believe you intended to respond to TheFrenchOne or completely glossed over a post, literally, inches above your reply.

  3. It’s beyond me why Cosmos gets so much coverage on this site, and Bob Bradley’s efforts to get Le Havre promoted barely get a mention. I realize Cosmos are paying for this coverage, but no one actually cares about them, very few people comment on their stories. [end of rant]

    • I always assumed it was a regional thing since Ives/staff are primarily in the New Jersey area.

      I wasn’t aware they were paying for coverage, although, I’m not surprised given the volume of stories by SBI. However, if they aren’t getting paid for them it’d be a huge waste of time given the lack of interest, posts and general discussion (absent of ridicule) the Cosmo posts garner.

    • What do you mean, “paying for this coverage”, and what evidence do you have to support this realization of yours?

      Cosmos may be manufacturing the hype, and most people here probably care more about Bradley at Le Havre, but I don’t think we have to jump right to SBI being a part of a conspiracy. Just don’t click these articles if you aren’t interested and instead use that time to google “bob bradley le havre” or better yet, “le havre board game”.

      • You know what, I don’t have any sources to back up that statement. It was made out of frustration, more than anything, not as a statement of fact. And to those who say “if you don’t like those stories, just don’t read them,” that could be said to every SBI reader/commenter who complains about something. The overarching point of my comment was simply that (a) I don’t think that many SBI readers care about the Cosmos, based on the lack of comments on those stories and (b) I’d rather see SBI’s resources be spent on different stories, such as Bob Bradley’s efforts in France.

  4. Totti is still class, would fit in at most clubs in the world, maybe except the very best ones. Would love to se him play in the USA.


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