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Vieira refuses to set timetable for Lampard return

Photo by Andy Marlin/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Andy Marlin/USA TODAY Sports

Following New York City FC’s latest setback, Frank Lampard walked through the bowels of Yankee Stadium to greet former teammate and longtime friend Didier Drogba. While Drogba stood decked out in Montreal Impact apparel, Lampard stood in street clothes, a look all too familiar in what has been a nightmare of a season to this point.

The 37-year-old was absent yet again on Wednesday, as NYCFC slumped to yet another draw that should have been a win. With the result, NYCFC now sits 1-3-4, all without Lampard in the team’s squad.

Prior to Wednesday’s clash, Lampard’s health had been said to be improving, but the Englishman’s calf continues to prove problematic. The veteran midfielder’s ongoing injury issues are the cause of the latest in a long line of absences. In total, since signing for NYCFC nearly two years ago, Lampard has made just  10 appearances.

“Lampard, I don’t know,” NYCFC head coachPatrick Vieira said, “because we have to look at his injuries and look at the training he’s doing to see how he improves day after day. He’s on his way back and this is really positive

“We don’t want to put any date because it would not be fair to him. He’s working hard, he’s working well. When he will be fit, he will be in the squad.”

With or without Lampard, NYCFC returns to action on Saturday against the Vancouver Whitecaps.


  1. Reminds me of an old cartoon about a person “trying” to schedule a meeting, who looks at his calendar and says to a co-worker, “How about never? Does never work for you?”

      • It was made public knowledge that every year after his first season is a pay to play contract and he’s only making money when he’s playing. So either you didn’t do enough research before complaining, or you’re just so addicted to being condescending and negative that you didn’t even care

      • @ RB He still takes up cap space and a roster spot even if he doesnt get paid. You cant bring on another good player and pay him good money with the potential of Lampard being healthy enough to play and blowing up your cap.

    • I complained about the Drogba, Pirlo and Lampard signing when they were announced because I thought that they sent the wrong message about MLS. Additionally, the kind of media attention they would bring might not warrant the investment. I am willing to admit that I was kinda wrong about Drogba. unfortunately, I was dead on with Lampard and possibly Pirlo


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