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Iker Casillas hoping to remain at Porto despite MLS links


He has been linked with a potential move to the States for weeks now, but Iker Casillas shot down a reported move away from FC Porto on Thursday.

The Spanish goalkeeper, who has made 31 league appearances for Porto during the 2015-16 campaign, said he is happy with the Portuguese club and is looking forward to the next season.

“I’m not going to Miami,” Casillas said after a recent report linked him with a possible move to a David Beckham-backed team. “Obviously I would have liked to have played in all competitions (including cup competitions), but rotation is important for everyone. The team has changed several players.

“It is clear that we wanted to do the right thing, but next season we will try to do our best, consolidate and not just promise, but to win titles.”

In mid-April, MLS Vice President of Player Operations Lino DiCuollo reportedly admitted to several teams engaging in talks with the 34-year-old netminder, but did not specify which teams were interested in him.

What do you think of Casillas’ latest comments? Would you like to see him in MLS?

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  1. “Go to NYCFC? No way I’d touch that train wreck, unless I can get the Lampard special and get paid to be retired.”

  2. No reason to bring aging foreign keepers into MLS. If there is one thing that the US can produce it’s goal keepers. Why any club would want to use one of their foreign roster spots on an aging keeper is beyond me.

  3. When is Beckham United even starting in MLS? Not next season right? So how could he make a move to Miami any time soon?

    • Agreed, at least start floating rumors that make sense. Miami isn’t a sure bet for MLS yet. No doubt they will eventually get a team, my money’s on 2019-2020 at the earliest. At that point Iker will be what? 38-39-40? That’s a diff convo if any MLS would even take him at that point let alone a Miami team who has been linked with every one from Ronaldo to Zlatan…


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