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Joe Gyau says he has passed fitness test

Joe Gyau Borussia Dortmund 4

Joe Gyau’s long-awaited comeback continued with another bit of positive news on Wednesday.

Gyau took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that he has passed a fitness test. The 23-year-old Borussia Dortmund winger has been hampered by a knee injury that has kept him out of action for the entire 2015-16 season. Gyau initially stated in early April that he was “pain free” and hoping to return to the field soon.


In 2014, the 23-year-old winger earned two caps for the U.S. Men’s National Team in friendlies against the Czech Republic and Ecuador. In the second game, Gyau was forced out of action early into the match with what was eventually revealed to be a torn lateral meniscus. Since, Gyau has suffered numerous setbacks that have kept him out of action.

Prior to his knee issues, the America winger played in 11 games for Borussia Dortmund’s second team during the 2014-15 season while scoring a pair of goals. In addition, Gyau made a substitute appearance for the senior team in September 2014.

What do you think of Gyau’s announcement? Excited to see him returning to health? What do you expect from him in the coming months?

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  1. Please get a loan this summer and get some first team mins. With him and CP22 the USMNT have two true wingers

  2. Nice that he is at a big enough club that they can be patient in bringing him back. A club with less attacking options might have been tempted to rush him.

  3. Kid has definite talent but one of the best abilities is availability. Until he can put together half a calendar without the wheels falling off it’s out of sight, out of mind.

  4. Very excited to hear this news. Since I first saw Gyau when he was with St. Pauli, I thought he could be a special player. I think his athleticism is great, but more importantly he has a high soccer IQ, most likely from a combination of his father and his time at BVB. His movement on and off the ball is something the US sorely lacks in many of its prospects. I wouldn’t be too worried regarding new signings at BVB, as there will be a bit of movement in the off season, and BVB stuck with him through the injury. I think there is also a feeling with the club that they see US players as viable assets, with the likes of Joe, Pulisic, Pulisic’s cousin Will, and Junior Flores.

    • Yea I agree pertaining to the idea of clubs valuing US players as market assets. A few years ago EPL teams were scampering to make club partnerships with a bunch of MLS teams; I believe with the intent of looki to the future and trying to tap into a large US market that could be buying jerseys etc

  5. Glad to hear he is pain free and has passed his fitness tests, allowing him to return to full training activities. He now has the summer and pre-season to work on his fitness level, touch, and hopefully will be able to work his way back playing competitive matches.
    If he can return return to full fitness and abilities he could work his way back into consideration for the USMNT as either a winger or a wide forward. Giving us another fast, technical player to help bolster our attack…
    With the likes of Fabian, Wood, Pulisic, Jozy, Morris, Rubin, Finlay, Arriola, Lleget, Green, Gyau, Johannsson, Kiessewetter, and Menneh our attacking options look to be improving. Hopefully they all can stay healthy and reach their full potential.

  6. Do these guys who wear their pants half way off their ass know the origins of it? Prison. Means they DTF with other guys. LOL

  7. Great news, tempered a little by BvB supposedly set to sign 18 year old Rennes winger Ousmane Dembele who has 12 goals in 24 appearances in Ligue 1.

    • Even if BvB does sign Ousmane Dembele, there could still be room for Gyau (if he returns to full health/ability) as I expect that there will be a number of BvB players sold over the summer.

      His priority needs to regain full fitness and show well in preseason. If he gets time with BvB II he needs to make the most of it in order to challenge for a spot in the 1st team, or secure a loan during the winter break.

      • The two seem to have similar styles and the expected transfer fee for Dembele is pretty high so just another hurdle for Joe to jump.

    • Yeah I have to agree with JohnnyRazor here that if Joe remains with the team after this year there probably won’t be a spot for him in the first team. Joe Gyau is a fantastic player and certainly has the skill set and talent to be a tremendous player for the Nats, but idk that after all he’s been through at the age of 23, and where his game stood last, if he has the necessary package to hold down a spot for a team like Dortmund.

      He can be a real player for another team in the Bundesliga, but for a guy who never really broke into the first team to begin with at Dortmund, again idk if it’s possible.

      • He had become a regular on the bench in the fall of 2014, and had shown well in the preseason that year. It was thought he would be moving into the rotation before the injury. Of course its a new regime than what he played for.

        Still good to see he is on the way back as is Gatt. Now we just need to here good news about Terrance Boyd.

      • I remember seeing him on the team sheet that year a few times but I didn’t know he was thought of so highly, which is actually really good to know. I had seen him play for St Pauli a few times, usually on the right wing a couple of times on the left coming off their bench as a sort of super sub, but he never seemed to make too strong of an impact. Of course that was before the preseason you referenced with Dortmund, so honestly I’m just very curious to see what his game is like now.

        Josh Gatt would be another amazing story if he could return to a similar form as before. God knows that us fans have had to see way too many early retirees because of injury

      • Old Man River Walk- That is of course coming from American soccer fans, so who knows exactly how high they had him rated. Also it was during the Klopp regime so Tuchel may have different feelings.

    • If that’s the kid I’m thinking of, he’s a legit star in the making. By the time Gyau puts together a full season Dembele will be moving on to a top club.

      • Ha. Perhaps then there will still be a spot for him if everything falls into place. It helps that there’s another American prospect that the organization cares greatly about on their team. Often teams will purchase or sign another compatriot of a talented player for the sake of easing them into the scenario so I guess we’ll see how this all plays out. If he makes any appearances in Borussia’s three remaining games maybe that will be an indication of their intentions.

      • Dembele can also play the central striker role, so perhaps his being brought in to replace Aubameyang should he be sold.

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