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Klose remains set on continuing career amid Red Bulls links


Miroslav Klose’s successful career in Europe could have come to a close on Sunday, but the veteran German striker says he’s not done playing just yet.

With the New York Red Bulls reportedly among the contenders to sign the 37-year-old, as well as 2.Bundesliga side Kaiserslautern, Klose hasn’t revealed his future plans although insists he won’t retire.

“I haven’t decided yet,” Klose told Mediaset Premium. “I told my manager that I wanted to end the season well, then we’ll see what’s on the table.

“I am still having fun and feel that I am in good shape, so I want to continue scoring goals.”

Klose closed out his five-year stint with Serie A club Lazio on Sunday, notching a penalty kick goal in the second-half. The former Germany international finished the 2015-16 campaign with seven goals in 24 appearances for the eighth-place team.

Prior to his time at the Stadio Olimpico, Klose began his career at Kaiserslautern, before moving his way up the German ladder with Bundesliga sides Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich.


  1. If I was a Eurosnob, I would say this headline should read “Klose remains set on continuing career despite Red Bulls links.”

  2. Unless Klose can play center back this doesn’t really address RBNY’s most pressing need. Then again, Ali Curits spent all offseason not addressing this need though he knew both of last year’s starters were not going to be around. Why should it be any different now?

    • Collin kind of addressed the CB glut. The position is obviously still a work in progress, but the team is full enough there now to release a prospect (Zach Carroll). Eventually, Red Bulls will have Baah, Zubar, and Perrinelle all looking for starts. Unfortunately, you can’t roll them all up into a ball and combine into one fully-fit, reliable player. But adding a starting-caliber CB at this point creates at least $500k of dead weight salary between those three.

      • That reminds me – remember how RBNY were so proud of signing so many Homegrowns and draft picks? How many were there? And how many are still even with the team?

    • Who cares how old he is? Right now, Wright-Philips is an unbenchable starter at lead forward who can’t score goals. At $600k/yr, none of the kids are going to push him for minutes. Bring in a true former international star at whatever price to legitimately compete. Any salary will be money better spent than the Veron experiment. The absolute worst case scenario is another expensive substitute who is relegated there by the current striker finally scoring some goals. The ceiling is a dangerous, pragmatic finisher and valuable mentor. Red Bulls won’t need to commit past 2018, maybe even 2017 with Klose.

      Lampard isn’t a fiasco because he’s old; the problem is he still wishes he was playing in England.

      • Sorry,…but I disagree. Signing a 37 year old sends the wrong message to the world. I’d rather the club struggle now and work on signing the next Giovinco, Valeri, etc., for the long term.

      • 7g in 28 games isn’t exactly lighting it up with Klose. He’s already on the heavy side of the down slope, no need for him to hit bottom at MLS.

      • Red Bulls did this dance with Kaka a few years ago.

        Maybe as an American fan or a MLS fan, you want pass on old veterans to send the ‘right’ message to the world. No individual club ever operates like this. The Red Bulls will have a better striker unit with Klose, no question. There is no need for the club to sit on its laurels waiting years for a surefire all-star to fall into its lap. Klose is a short-term, affordable (at any DP price) ex-star who seems keen. He is the best option for improvement and only substantial rumor that NYRB are floating this summer. It is literally addition with no subtraction.

        However, I would prefer Zlatan this summer.

      • Buffon,

        First,…perception matters. Second, Klose is 37. How old was Kaka three years ago? 30? 31? Huge difference. Third, BWP is a DP forward. What they really need is a) a number 10 or b) a good center back. All they have right now in central defense is a bunch of stop-gaps.

        All that said,…if Zlatan is attainable,…

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