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Romeo Parkes has contract terminated after attacking Karl Ouimette

Romeo Parkes Riverhounds

Romeo Parkes had been enjoying a dream run before the end of Saturday night’s USL clash between the Pittsburgh Riverhounds and New York Red Bulls II. The Jamaican striker had scored in five straight matches, and was on Jamaica’s preliminary roster for the 2016 Copa America. Everything was seemingly going right for him.

At least until he delivered an ugly and dangerous cheap shot that could cost him his career.

Parkes had his contract with the Riverhounds terminated on Sunday, less than a day after he kicked Karl Ouimette in the back as Oiumette was leaving the field following a late-game red card.

“I want to apologize to the fans and the Red Bulls II organization, as well as Karl Ouimette, for what transpired at the game last night,” Riverhounds owner Tuffy Shallenberger said in a team-issued statement. “Romeo’s actions are not representative of what our organization and its Academy stands for in regards to helping promote and grow this sport in not only the Greater Allegheny area, but also nationwide.”

Riverhounds head coach Mark Steffens echoed Shallenberger’s sentiments.

“As I stated last night, this is an unfortunate situation and one that was embarrassing for not only myself, but also the staff and the organization.” Steffens said. “The discipline being handed out is one that we, as a staff, consider to be fair and completely justified. The actions were not representative of what this team stands for as a whole.”

Ouimette ultimately escaped uninjured following the Parkes’ attack, but the incident sparked outrage throughout the sporting world, leaving the Riverhounds little alternative but to part ways with Parkes.


  1. Good thing his teammate acted immediately. Parkes clearly was seeing red and lost any self control of a reasonable human being. No telling how far he would have gone after his initial kick.

  2. I hope he saved his money up good, or if they allow soccer players to apply for unemployment. I feel as if it will be a minute before he finds another team. No one wants a hot head like that on there team.

      • He’s not that good so I doubt he finds a new team at that level. But obviously you’re joking when comparing what he did to what Pepe, Clark, and Solo have done ON THE FIELD. Even Pepe has missile drop-kicked a player in the back.

    • Relax. His semi pro career just ended because of it. The guy now needs to figure out the rest of his life, I think it can go without being criminally charged man.

      • Ya, just move him along until he becomes upset at his nephew or significant other, etc., and this behavior leaks out again. This guy needs serious help his, this wasn’t a scuffle, self defense situation, or anything that has anything to do with soccer.

        You can assault people on the field of play, and charges have resulted from it.

    • Relax. He did something horrendous and cowardly, but stupid stuff like this happens every season. Roy Keane has done multiple things that far out weigh this one moment. You see cheap shots in hockey, football, etc. A multi-month ban is due. Ending his career because he became too heated is crazy. I think Pittsburgh went too far.

      • Almost all the other examples you listed are things you expect when you sign up to play the sport. Cheap shots in hockey and football, and even fights in hockey, are part of the game. A karate kick to the spine during a stoppage in play when you’re walking away is categorically not a part of the game. My opinion as an attorney is that there are absolutely grounds for assault here. I suspect the only reason it’s not being pursued is because Ouimette doesn’t want the authorities involved, and they’re not going to proceed when the victim doesn’t want that.

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