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Brazil fires Dunga after underwhelming Copa America finish


Following Brazil’s controversial exit from the Copa America Centenario on Sunday night, head coach Dunga remained confident that he would retain his job.

Unfortunately for the former national team midfielder, that hope wasn’t the reality that lied before him.

On Tuesday, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) revealed that the 52-year-old coach has been fired from his managing position.

While Brazil’s ill-fated 1-0 loss against Peru in their Group B finale sparked heated discussion over the officiating in the match, the team’s group-stage was enough to sway the federation’s decision after less than two years in charge.

Dunga previously served as the Selecao‘s coach from 2006-2010, before coaching Brazilian club side Internacional for a season. The veteran manager returned to the Canarinho in 2014, posting a record of 18-5-3 in his most recent stint as head coach.

What do you think of the decision? Did Dunga deserve to be fired? Where does Brazil go from here?

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  1. Other countries do not mess around with failure. Being an elite team has to deal a lot with your player pool but also deals with the mindset of the organization. “There is no tomorrow”…. you have to produce and do so within a reasonable amount of time especially when its needed or you are out. You don’t have 4-5 years to prove yourself or mindlessly tinker with players and formations. When everyone is held accountable everyone has to give at least 100% (minimum) so you can’t spend that much time on mediocrity.

    • Brazil has actually spent considerable time messing around with mediocrity over the course of the last few years. Heck, this wasn’t even Dunga’s first time delivering mediocrity to this side, which now seems quite aware that they don’t deserve to be mentioned among the world elite and are instead apparently focusing on joining the likes of Nigeria as “Olympic games specialists”.

      • Ouch… wow. Not sure I would go that far. They are in a dry spell. There is some quality talent coming up the ranks, they just need to flower properly. Interestingly, lavajato may improve the BFF since it may get them to be more accountable. They have been having problems with bribery and have been ignoring some talent because of bribes (according to my Brazilian sources) so this may be a much needed moment of clarity.

  2. When the Brazilian football federation bows to the almighty Barcelona and denies you your most important player, you’re hosed.

    The other problem I had was his blame on the MLS for Kaka’s injury. The MLS gave him a healthy Kaka, he gave back a broken one, and then blamed the MLS. phew…

    • They didn’t bow to Barça, they just made a deal and switched tournaments to get him in the one they wanted. Clubs are not required to release for the Olympics (not a FIFA competition), and Barça didn’t want him to do both, but the Olympics tournament is the only one Brazil is concerned about that they’ve never won. So they just swapped tournaments.

      Dunga appears to have hosed himself. Like Steve Nicol said the other day, he consistently avoided selecting some of the best players in his pool for unclear reasons (Thiago Silva being the shining example of that), and then made similarly weird choices when it came time to play (how about that Hulk substitution the other day?), all while unceremoniously jettisoning the country’s beloved joga bonito. That would all be possible only with results, which obviously haven’t been going their way when it counted, so…

    • we are talking about Brazil right? they ought to have ranks of forwards that can put multiple goals in verses the likes of Peru and Ecuador.. sure Neymar would have been a game changer for them but I am shocked at how much they think he can carry that nation.

      something is really wrong with the CBF these days and rehiring Dunga was evident that he was one of a very small list that was willing to work/able to be trusted by them. hopefully this is one of many changes for them bc everyone besides Argentina fans want to see the return of Joga Bonito

  3. Dang looks like he is banned for life lol. He should have just game Neymar a hefty bonus to be in the squad, and finesse Barcelona better to release him.


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