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Landon Donovan joins Fox Sports for Copa America coverage

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Fox Soccer’s coverage of the Copa America has been boosted by the presence of former U.S. Men’s National Team stars like Alexi Lalas, Brad Friedel and Herculez Gomez. Now, another USMNT icon is set to lend his analysis for the Copa America.

Fox announced on Thursday that Landon Donovan has joined Fox Sports as a studio and game analyst for the ongoing Copa America. Donovan will contribute to the network’s pregame and postgame studio coverage while also serving as a game analyst for several matches.

Donovan, who previously joined the network for a pre-tournament friendly between Mexico and Paraguay, is set to make his first appearance on Saturday ahead of the USMNT’s vital Group A clash with Paraguay.

“Copa America is really hitting another gear, as we are seeing from the TV ratings to the play on the field,” said David Neal, Executive Producer, FIFA World Cup on FOX. “So to build on that, we are really excited about bringing in someone of Landon’s pedigree, especially after he so greatly impressed us with his work during our coverage of the Copa America tune-up.”

What do you think of the Donovan news? Excited to have him join the Fox team? What will he add to Copa America coverage?

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  1. Fox’s soccer coverage is so below par. For the games the camera cuts away to players on the bench way to often and the play play give you nothing. Studio coverage is worse as they spen half the time yelling and joking with each other rather than analyzing the matches. The whole thing makes me concerned as they have like the next 3 world cups. Nbc>ESPN>>>>>>>fox

  2. I have never been a fan of Landon off the field, ever since he was playing at the youth levels for the us. He has always came off as a cry baby nerd to me. I can see why he doesnt like JK, but the way he handled the situation is embarrassing. Almost every time he speaks on camera he is trying to cut down JK in a very passive, annoying way. When he said the USA should get out of our Copa group, Im almost 100% sure he only said it to put more pressure on JK’s job and not because he thinks we would defiantly get through. I bet he was actually rooting against the USMNT just to spite JK in hopes of him getting fired.

    • I also think Holden and Friedel (and possible Gomez in the future) are way better personalities and announcers than Twellman and Lalas. Lalas and Twellman are so far up their own anus’. Lalas is the worst. Landon should fit right in.

  3. Fernando Fiore is the star in the coverage. He’s like a tame version of Ron Burgandi with brains. He’s getting everyone to feel more relaxed and free to speak more of how they really feel. Landon is perfect for them, it will be like a roast.

  4. LD was absolutely horrible during the WC but I think the events were still stewing in his brain. He wasn’t bad in the run up to the Copa, but it’s always going to be hard for him not to have a negative bias as long as JK is around.

  5. Seems odd that they waited a week into the tournament to add him. Even if this was planned long ago, why not announce that he would be joining the team on X date? Like any newbie, he’s not great, but not horrible, just needs experience to get more comfortable. And a significant step up from that clown Gus Johnson…

    • I wondered that too maybe just were saving it to boost interest or couldn’t get the contract worked out fast enough after his trial during the Bolivia game. Might have been some clearing of sponsors as well since LD works for Heineken and Bud is the sponsor for the tournament who knows.

      Gus Johnson is a great basketball announcer, but he just never translated to soccer. You could tell he was trying to learn the lingo and style, but just could never sound like he knew what he was talking about.

      • Gus Johnson knew absolutely nothing of the game (admitted so publicly) when he started preparing for the World Cup in 2018.

        To his credit though, he worked his rear end off in an effort to immerse himself with the soccer culture by attending matches he wasn’t even commentating, meeting with established announcers of many nationalities and even joining a local rec-league team (I have no idea why I remember that).

        Also to his credit though, he realized he wasn’t cut out to announce the sport and instead of collecting that sweet, sweet paycheck he respectfully stepped aside and went back to what he knew. He was bad, but I still respected the way he went about it from start to finish.

      • Gus was the ish, i don’t know he thought that, it felt very American. It felt right. I hope he reconsiders.

  6. It’s hard to imagine this being enjoyable for LD. Everytime there is a mic in front of his face people are going to want him to trash JK . With the MLS in expansion mode maybe he could join an ownership group somewhere, serving as the public face. That would give him something positive to talk about for a change.

  7. Landon’s voice is so horrible it makes Friedel sound normal.

    All that aside…..

    I’m not going to say that the Fox coverage has been outright bad (it hasn’t), but the production value is not what it should be for a major tournament. Hoping they pump a little more money and resources into the 2018 WC.

    • I think they just get the camera feed during games, I don’t think they actually do any of the production of that portion. Just as fifa controls WC or Uefa does the Champions League. Hence, all the face shots when there is actual action going on.

  8. Overrated JK hater just to talk about how he thinks the team is bad. Bitter man who couldn’t hack it in Europe, glad he is retired

  9. I am good with Stu and Friedel. I like LD, always will… but his voice, monotone delivery and questionable bias against JK won’t come across very well in my opinion. Maybe use him for some specials, not in the booth doing color. Wynalda and Lalas can hit the road, I’d be in favor of swapping them for LD, that’d be fair. In fact I think Lalas may be a commenter on this site, under the alias Rob.

  10. So many of these guys add so little insight during a game, it is surprising, and they work better as a studio guy.

    LD fits that in my opinion.

      • Fiore is awful, every time I see him, or hear him talk, I swear I can feel cancer building up in my ears and eyes…..on the other hand I was pleasantly surprised with Herculez input. Donovan will be a good addition as long as his feedback is tactical in nature.

      • Wow completely disagree. Fernando Fiore is by far the star of the show. You say he is the one that doesn’t offer anything when he is next to Coni Jones and Alexi Lalas and passive voice Herc Gomez? To each their own.

  11. Landon is an all-time great, but he’s really hard to listen too. You can tell it doesn’t come easily for him as it does for guys like Stu Holden or Brad Friedel. I don’t mind him in the studio, but if its a two man game crew, there will be a lot of dead air.

    • I completely disagree with this… I think Landon is very comfortable… He does not have the nice voice that Stu has but he can talk the game on par with him.

    • He went like five minutes in the Bolivia game without saying anything, l don’t usually agree with Lalas, Twellman, or Wynalda, but at least they speak.

      • Not regarding this example, but generally speaking I prefer the “less is more” approach by commentators that you most often find utilized by European announcers.

        I know a lot of people enjoy JP Dellacamera, but he’s too much like a hockey analyst (and sounds like one, too) for my taste for this very reason. Too many American announcers don’t know when to be quiet and just let you enjoy the game.

      • Yes, but there’s quiet and then there’s did Landon go to the bathroom or fall asleep he hasn’t spoken in the last five minutes, JP stop talking and check LD’s pulse.

      • So true that it’s preference. I love Twellmans obvious enthusiasm even if i don’t agree with him. Dellacamara diesnt know the game very well and doesn’t even speak in modern footy speak whatever that is.

  12. What will he add to Copa America coverage?

    In-depth perspective from the greatest American to ever play mixed in with the usual sour grapes nearly every time he grabs the mic.

    • “Sour grapes,” or “legitimate grievances?” To steal from the lacrosse bad boy and world’s most dangerous spy, Sterling Archer, “a little column A, a little column B.”


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