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Mexico pulls away from Uruguay with two late finishes

Photo by Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports
Photo by Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports

It was always going to be difficult getting a result without Luis Suarez, and Uruguay found that to be true on Sunday night in an eventful match against Mexico.

El Tri picked up three points in their 3-1 win over Uruguay at University of Phoenix Stadium behind a pair of late finishes.

Heading into the final quarter hour up 1-0, El Tri faced some adversity when key playmaker Andres Guardado was sent off. Uruguay found an equalizer soon after through defender Diego Godin, but the level scoreline didn’t last long.

Goals from Rafa Marquez and Hector Herrera sealed the victory for Mexico, finishing in the 85th and 92nd minute marks, respectively.

Fiorentina midfielder Matias Vecino had a match he’d surely like to forget on Sunday, conceding an early own goal and later being sent off after picking up two yellow cards in under 20 minutes.

Mexico, currently atop Group C, will meet Jamaica on Thursday, while Uruguay takes on Venezuela that same day.


After last scoring for Mexico two years ago, Rafa Marquez proved to be the difference for El Tri in the second half, scoring the game winner for the CONCACAF nation.


There were several key moments on Sunday, but none bigger than Rafa Marquez’s finish with five minutes remaining in regulation. His powerful effort from close range gave goalkeeper Fernando Muslera no chance and handed Mexico the lead.


An own goal and sending off pretty much summed up the night for both Matias Vecino and Uruguay.


  1. Marcos is actually pretty funny, in a willfully deluded sort of way. Throwing beer onto the pitch is excused as just “antics” and then explained as some uncontrollable phenomenon (“Beer flew because people were overjoyed and because, well, that’s what happens when your hands are full.”). Others might argue that that’s what happens when your hands are full and your head is empty of simple common sense.

    • Not to mention that much beer at the Uruguay players was thrown after the Uruguay goal – precisely when the Mexico fans were NOT overjoyed.

  2. HEB but the last two should not have counted, Marquez had a blatant hand ball, you can see the flight of the ball change and him pull his hand back and bend over, which kept the cross from going out of bounds, the third goal was offside, the player who crossed it received it in an offside position, both calls the same sideline official blew. So no matter how you paint it they were gifted that game, just like they got to the finals with a little help from there friend.

  3. The sad and pathetic lives of some people. They sit and watch the team they hate so they can come up with more reasons to hate them. If you hate them so much just don’t watch the games.

    • all the same, facts are facts so if you can’t deal with them don’t read or respond to them. The truth of the matter is Mexican supporters are terrible people (inside the stadium), it’s not debatable and if you think otherwise try going to a game that you spent your hard earned money to attend and as a result you are showered with piss and beer and got beat up! Does that sound like people being miserable or you overlooking the truth?!?!

      • ….but, what did you think about the game? Is Mexico one of the favorites as some people are saying? Are you even a soccer fan or just somebody with a different agenda?

      • True story… I went to the game in November… I brought family, some girls, we had 10 tickets. The scumbag Mexican fan sitting on the end resulted in me, and another guy not in my party, having to switch places with the girls and almost get into a fight because of the dirty, disgusting shit he was saying to these girls. His own girlfriend tried to get him to leave the game because she was getting pissed at what he was saying to these girls he didn’t know. Middle of the field 50 yard line tix. You want to be animals in the curva… with your own group of fans… fine – still disgusting, but I’ll suffer through it and just think less of the fans. But the middle of the field is for civilized fans.

      • There wasn’t any piss thrown in the stadium. Beer flew because people were overjoyed and, well, that happens when you’ve got your hands full. Poor American fans just like to sit in silence and watch the game. And it’s not like American fans don’t get into fights. People died when the Red Sox won their first World Series back in ’04. Look up fights and NFL fans on youtube and you get your choice of fights. Typical US fan who makes it seem that everyone else is morally corrupt when they’re just as bad. And singling out Mexico because they’re your rivals and so much better than you is just a way to make yourself feel a little better.. until your terrible team plays again.

      • Marcos: Were the Mexico fans “overjoyed” when they threw beer, bottles, etc. onto the pitch after the Uruguay goal? Does joy justify throwing objects at others? Your breezy defense of indefensible behavior is laughable.

    • Since you posted this twice, I’ll respond twice: I watched the game to see good soccer. What I saw was a disgrace… also definitely entertaining, but in a different way… and it brings with it a melancholy sadness for humanity. as for “are mexico favorites?” ABSOLUTELY NOT. Mexico has 0 chance of winning this tournament. They have less of a chance than the US, who also have an infantesimally small chance. Why? Because they couldn’t hold off an Uruguay team sans suarez playing with 10 men for 70 minutes IN THE FIRST GAME. That’s why. Frankly it should be embarrasing for Mexican fans.

      • Turk: WOW – your hate for MNT and Fans is amazing. You’ve responded to almost all the comments with pretty much the same argument (Mex fans are classless, Mex team is no good). Maybe you shouldn’t go or watch Mexican games (just a suggestion) for health sake. It sounds like it gives you high blood pressure.

      • Its not hate. Its disgust. It was bad enough during the gold cup when El Chapo was fixing the Costa Rica game on the lamb. But now two tournaments in a row? I agree though, I definitely need a Lipitor before I watch MX games when the refs are horrendous.

      • I disagree. This was the best game so far this tournament and Mexico has looked like the best team so far. Luis Suarez or not Uruguay still has a bunch of top level international players and Mexico looked way better for the most part. We shall see.

      • how can you look way better when you give up 2 goals to a team with 10 men? What you had more possession? sweet. they had 10 men. what you acted better? only b/c Suarez wasn;t there. What you scored more? no, Uruguay did all the scoring on the day… own-goal, 2 more on the Mexico side… and then a hand ball and an offsides late as Uruguay was playing D with 2 people to try and tie a game that had been stolen from them. No, Mexico did not play well.

      • WTF they should really do a better job of monitoring computer usage at the mental hospital.
        Uruguay only scored one goal and all of Mexico’s goals came with even players. Don’t skip your medication

      • um, there was a header that went in, but was called back because the ref somehow thought Cavani punched the Mexican defender in the head, when it was his own goalie doing the punching, plus the one that was actually counted and the own goal. That is three, but only two goals actually count… sadly one against Uruguay.

      • I think this person is so dumb, he probably watched a replay of some game played years ago where Uruguay had a goal called back against Mexico. What a dolt. There wasn’t a goal called back for Uruguay in the game. Not one. The ball has to go in the goal for it to count. Not over the end line or out for a corner. That is not a goal. Need to teach this person the basics of soccer. And if someone gets red carded, it doesn’t make the game a bad one. But clearly you’ve been watching soccer for all of 24 hours.

  4. Mexico did not score a goal last night that should of counted, Dirty Marquez had an obvious hand ball that kept the cross from going out of bounds before it got played back to him, That is why the Uruguay players were so mad. The last goal, the player who played the ball across for the header was offside. The best part was the announcers were so bad and it really seemed like they were homers for Mexico

    • This Uruguay game reminds me of what happened with the Costa Rica game in the Gold Cup. If it keeps happening, I am really going to start thinking that there is some sort of conspiracy going on beyond just terrible refs. The Ref and the FMF should be sanctioned.

  5. The officiating in this tournament has been well below standards, IMHO, with the officials dictating the outcome of most of the matches, thus far

  6. There is plenty of reasons to critique the Mexican fans but that’s not what should be taken from this match. The growing gap between the US and Mexican programs was glaringly apparent. The technical skills and tactical awareness are light years ahead of the US at this point. That cant be placed on JK but what can be is the increasing gap between the US and Mexico’s confidence and belief in their system. There was never any question Colombia would beat us after their early goal. On the other hand Mexico is easily handling one of the best teams in CONMEBOL. The US under JK looks dispirited, clueless, and boring.

    • 2013 Mexico were awful couldn’t beat anyone and were lucky to qualify for the World Cup. Just shows what a difference firing a manager can make.

    • I think you are over reacting. First, remember that Uruguay did not have Suarez. In the World Cup they lost to CR because they didn’t have him, then were able to go through when they had him for the next 2 games. Second, if you saw the Mexico vs. Chile friendly, Chile out played Mexico. The US pretty much outplayed Ecuador in our friendly and there really wasn’t that much of a gap between the US and Colombia. Our back line as as good as any in the Americas, IMO and only Cameron is older, with Miazga and CCV waiting in the wings. With Nagbe and Pulisic in the midfield and if Wood continues to develop up front, we should be closing the gap with Mexico within a couple of years.

      • Those were friendlies. Lots of subs. And Mexico didn’t have its starters against chile. And still won. USA lost its game when it counted. Mexico didn’t. Nough said.

      • @gary page That Mexico game vs Chile was a friendly. Chich and Guardado didn’t start that game, which tells you all you need to know. I want to see the US start without their best striker and mid and still come out with a W against the last Copa America champs. Don’t discredit Mexico so easily by saying “we should be closing the gap with Mexico within a couple of years,” there is a lot of things the MX federation is doing the USMNT isn’t.

      • You can pick and choose certain facts to make a point but there’s no denying that Mexico is in a much higher plane right now. First place in qualifying, first place in Copa America, 20+ games unbeaten streak. Meanwhile we are just one more CONCACAF team. Making up facts doesn’t change that.

      • Maztzer, Mexico is playing well right now but before you go kissing their arse how about letting things play out. WCQ just started and has a long ways to go and so does this tournament, let’s pipe down on anointing them the end all be all please.

      • Silver Surfer and Matzer… I just want to point out, before you go kissing MX ass so you don’t get beer thrown on you next time you are in the stadium, that Mexico almost lost (frankly they should have lost that game and the ref totally blew it by disallowing the second Uruguay goal) to a team that had been playing with 10 men for 70 minutes! And the 3rd goal was an offsides that was blown. The ONLY reason mexico won that game was the disastrous officiating of the ref.

      • Hey Marcos, remember when you needed the US to win or draw just to play in a qualifier against New Zealand to GO to the World Cup when the US had long since tied up 1st place? You’re welcome. Just remember, these things are cyclical.

      • A slump and poor run of form, as well as bad officiating, led to Mexico struggling in the last WCQ. But cycles don’t explain limited talent. Who did JK have to throw on the field in the last game to pull something back? Wondo. Are you kidding me? If that is the type of player who will raise the US’s quality in this tournament, then the US is in dire straits. And before you start rattling off names like Morris, Miazga, Zelalem, and Pulisic, let me remind you that Mexico has plenty of young talent waiting in the wings. Lozano (20) and Damm (23) are two who will be leaving to Europe this summer, not to mention the likes of Pizarro, Cesar Montes, Erick Gutierrez, Govea, and Javier Lopez. Looks like this cycle will be lasting quite a while.

  7. How did Mexico basically get a home game in a dome with real grass out of the Arizona heat and the USA and other teams get screwed. Maybe the people running it know that they will have more supporters. (Conspiracy theory)

  8. The Mexican fans were just animals. totally disgusting the whole game. And still with the Puto chant… They should totally get sanctioned by FIFA. I would love to see an empty azteca for the US game down there!

    Secondly, that ref was atrocious.
    1. The Uruguay scored and it was taken away.
    2. In the 24th minute it was a yellow, not a red.
    3. The game totally got away from him and he lashed out… it is totally unprofessional to get into a screaming match with diego godin (especially after you just blew a call on the other side of the field, and gave him a yellow when you meant to give it to someone else.
    4. Mexico’s 3rd goal was offsides.

    What a disgrace of a game… and I really hate cheering for Uruguay because they keep the biter on their team… but listen, if Mexico were to lose every game for the rest of eternity, I would be really happy. I think I would cheer for 1934 Germany to beat Mexico.

    • what I meant was, in the 24th minute, already with a yellow in hand… you give the dude a warning and tell him to calm down… you don’t send him off. Ref changed the game all night with capricious calls.

    • The Mexican fans remain the trashiest collection of individuals in any sport, and somehow the FMF continue to avoid any kind of punishment or responsibility.

      The beer bottles being thrown at Uruguay after they scored was appalling. Above, I sarcastically said Mexico is a de facto home team but they essentially are. They should conduct themselves accordingly because it actually reflects poorly on the US as a host venue.

      • I spoke too soon. I just finished watching the match on DVR and realized Mexican fans also threw waterfalls of beer (caught on TV) at the Uruguayan fans after each goal, too.

      • There’s a bunch of videos of Mexican fans beating up Uruguay fans in the stands. People getting knocked out perhaps even kicked. Shocking disgusting stuff.

      • Grasping at straws. But what to expect from sore losers watching the Mexico team they criticized and derided just a couple of years ago. And now that same team is head and shoulders above the Yanks. Must be a difficult thing to swallow. We fans enjoy what’s on the field. You go ahead and focus on the off the field antics – because clearly you have nothing to show by way of soccer.

      • Acid burn, so people that are paying their hard earned money to come and cheer their team on should expect beer and piss thrown on them and finally and more egregiously, to get beat up?? I’m sorry but that’s a terrible mentality to have. It’s bad enough that Mexico gets away with murder for Concerts sanctioned events but to let this crap carry on for a global tournament of this magnitude says alot about our regions inability to rein in the buffoonery of mexican support. I agree that sanctions must be had considering what I saw on and off the field last night but we know FIFA doesn’t have the stones for that, after all Mexico supporters bring in the most money in this region and are the biggest fan base too boot

      • Yeah, I am shocked that the FMF hasn’t had any sanction prior to this… but Copa America is a much bigger stage than some piddly Gold Cup or some game in Azteca… and how on earth does the stadium security allow this? at football games they would be tossed and put on a black-list never to be allowed back in… hell, first they would be arrested… then never allowed back in.

      • Seriously, I almost don’t want Mexico to play Azteca games in the dark… I want them to play behind closed doors in this tournament, or at the gold cup. Let them behave like animals in Mexico and just keep them out of our stadiums… And look, I am Italian… I get it… we have been known to throw vespas from time to time… but only in league games we are well behaved in major tournaments… and we don’t throw beer, feces, and piss… that is zoo behaviour.

      • who played superbly? Mexico? If this were big brother they would have played superbly with the whingeing and acting. but soccer? you can’t practically lose a game to a team playing with 10 men and expect me to say they played superbly.

      • What a sore loser. But if it makes you feel better, go ahead. The rest of the world loved the game and is putting Mexico as a title contender. Not to mention the best team in the region by a mile.

      • U r comparing the best Copa America match so far to big brother??? U Can’t be more clueless. Find another sport until you understand this more

    • LOL
      People that watch games just to find something to complain about. If you hate Mexico so much why watch their games? Such a a pathetic life.

      • I watched the game to see good soccer. What I saw was a disgrace… also definitely entertaining, but in a different way… and it brings with it a melancholy sadness for humanity.

  9. That game was nutso…and I suspect we’ll see a lot more of that as Copa gets into the knockout rounds.

    Some of the Group games and matchups are kinda…meh, but as this thing progresses it’s going to be crazy intense. We saw how wound up some of those matches got at the end of Gold Cup last year…now throw Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile into the mix.

    Hopefully we can win out and get back into this thing, because it’ll do Team USA a world of good to get into the mix there in the knockouts and experience games of that competitiveness and intensity.

  10. That report before the game was very interesting, I wonder if FIFA has the guts to carry it out. If the Mexican fans continue to say the homophobic slur, the federation will be forced to play all home games before empty stadiums. They have already done it to Croatia twice. In doing some research the Federation has already had to pay fines for the chant. By tonight’s standard it looks like nobody in the crowd cared much. Can you imagine the USMNT playing before an empty Azteca. Somehow they will still probably have bags of urine thrown on them.


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