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Oguchi Onyewu training with Rangers


Oguchi Onyewu’s road back to the field has been a long one, but the former U.S. Men’s National Team defender is back in training with a historic club for the time being.

Onyewu is currently training with Scottish club Rangers throughout the club’s 10-day summer training camp in South Carolina, which includes a match against the USL’s Charleston Battery on July 6. It remains unclear if the Scottish club has any interest in permanently signing the veteran defender.

The 34-year-old centerback most recently featured for Charleton Athletic, but was released by the English club following the conclusion of the 2014-15 season after just three appearances, the last of which came in February 2015. A trial with New York City FC soon followed, but did not receive a contract due to achilles injury.

Onyewu has played for seven clubs since moving to AC Milan in 2009, but has struggled to find consistent gametime at any of them. As a member of the USMNT, Onyewu made 69 appearances from 2004-14 while scoring six international goals.

What do you think of the Onyewu news? Expect him to earn a spot with Rangers? What leagues or teams would make sense for the centerback?

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  1. A few weeks ago I was at Tortilla Republic in West Hollywood with a girl I’m dating. We haven’t had the talk yet but we mentioned we are now exclusive, so that’s nice. Anyways, I’m at Tortilla Republic with this girl and I see Gooch walking past us looking daper as heck. Straight out of GQ with this dope pea coat. It was night time so I get the coat, but it’s LA in the summer so it wasn’t really that cold.

    Anyways, I see him walking and I said to the girl I was with “Hey That’s Oguchi Onyewu! He’s a soccer player and he’s awesome!” She doesn’t watch soccer so she didn’t care.

    Anyways, he walked passed us and then I paid for the bill and we went to get a drink somewhere.

    • (With Cali girl accent)

      “OMG its like totally Oguchi Onyewu. Isn’t like he awesome. Like I loooove his pea coat.”

      Alright bro, if she’s still into you after you went all crazy like a One Direction fan after seein Gooch in a dope pea coat then she’s probably pretty into, you maybe a keeper. Most chicks would question your alpha card after that bit on a date.

      But what do I know. I did my sister in the movie right.

      • Obviously I didn’t discuss his fly swag with her, just pointed out how rad this soccer player was. But yeah she’s still into me so we’re straight bruv. I’ll send you the eventual wedding invite am I right?

    • How about this…

      Galaxy sign Zolton oops i mean Zlatan to a DP contract. Sounders or some other MLS team sign Gooch just to put them on the same field again since Gooch decked that piece of ish at AC Milan. Can I buy tickets yet? Can you say TV ratings? Malace in the Palace but on the pitch.

  2. Probably winds up back in MLS, but it’s not necessarily a terrible thing.

    Onyewu was a Clemson guy back in the day and he’s originally from Maryland, so expect him to stay Southeast if he can…DC United, maybe Atlanta if he sticks that long.

    • pretty sure he has been trying to catch on with an MLS team for awhile now. I’m amazed he is still trying to give it a go.

    • not so sure. he has trained with DC United for awhile now but only when they have injuries and need bodies for training sessions. you’d have to think at this point someone would have jumped if he looked any good.

      even if it is too late now, i hope he finds somewhere to play. Gooch was one of my favorite players. what could have been…

    • No one is attempting to include him in the discussion of the national team picture. Those days are long, long gone.


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