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Uruguayan FA president says it was ‘wrong’ to play Copa America in U.S.


Uruguyan FA president Wilmar Valdez is far from happy with the Copa America Centenario.

In the aftermath of Uruguay’s 3-1 loss to Mexico, Valdez says that it was a “mistake” to host the Copa America in the U.S. The Uruguayan executive went on to say that the format greatly favors Mexico, while admitting he shoulders some responsibility for allowing the special edition tournament to be played in the U.S.

“CONMEBOL got it wrong,” Valdez said. “It erred in celebrating a tournament like this, the oldest in the world, South American football, here in the United States where yesterday it became very clear that it is arranged for Mexico.

“South American football is passion,” Valdez added. “It’s a different culture, with lots of positive things. But it’s a country where they don’t feel football. They are not like South Americans and that causes problems.”

Valdez and the rest of South America may have to get very used to having the Copa America stateside. Reports emerged on Monday stating that CONMEBOL and CONCACAF were looking to combine the Gold Cup and Copa America for a U.S.-based tournament every four years.

Uruguay returns to action on Thursday against Venezuela, while Mexico takes on Jamaica.

What do you think of Valdez’s comments? Agree or disagree? Has the tournament proven to be a mistake thus far?

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  1. I’m on the same page with SLA here. We need to have a combined Americas Cup if we are ever going to reach the stature of the Euro Cup. The Uruguay President’s remarks were strictly sour grapes. I also think that the same format should be held for the women, but maybe with only a
    12-team field to start with. Euro-17 has become a BIG deal over there for the women. Right now
    other than the Olympics and the WC, there isn’t much to do in the 2 years in-between for the USWNT that counts for much. I mean, how many people can remember the winner of the Algave Cup the last 3 years??

  2. This tournament is a straight up money grab. Of course he is pissed, less corruption and graft (and matchfixing) now that we are in it.

  3. Your right and I do admit that. But as much as I’m enjoying this tournament being played here, I don’t think its for me to selfishly say that this tournament should be played here permanently when I know it means so much more to millions of others who have so much less.

    Being a fan and thinking about the potential impact that such a tourney could have on future generations of US nats players makes me happy, but in the end it isnt worth it really, at least not for me.

  4. I wonder if there wouldn’t be pressure from UEFA on FIFA to not allow it to go forward anyway. I don’t see them really wanting another summer tournament that’s competing for attention and global TV deals.

  5. I don’t think anybody in the Americas, north, central or south, would disagree with him. Some would understand, but not disagree.

  6. Yes it’s sour grapes.

    I do love the tourney but still find the association to the historic Copa America awkward. To his point, I hope they retain the separate confederation tournaments, perhaps they also serve as qualifying, and then host a separate and newly named combined tourney opposite the World Cup.

    • Too many tournaments. I think the best solution is to have the combined tournament but have it different countries rather than always have the US as host. But that probably isn’t the most profitable solution.

      • Yeah I think you have it here a few times, get all the sponsors, TV deals, and marketing in place, then you can move it around again. If you want something that competes on the level of the Euros, that’s the way to go.

      • I think that is the point. If this is going to be a regular event let it go to different countries the Western Hemisphere. Joint hosting might also be a great idea. Why not have a joint hosting by two island nations like Jamaica and T&T. Build soccer infrastructure and everyone gets a good vacation out of it.

      • The truth- Because TnT and Jamaica barely have one good pitch to play soccer on let a lone enough to hold a 16 team international tournament.

  7. Sour grapes. Mexico has an advantage here? Derf, obviously. It’s like complaining that South American countries have an advantage when the World Cup is in Brazil. No matter where you go for a big tournament like this some team is going to have an advantage because you can’t very well play these games on totally neutral ground if you want fans in the stands. His comments should be drown in a cold beer (or a table wine in his case) not in public the day after your team loses.

  8. It is ok to be sympathetic to Latin America in the face of American imperialism. I think that is what this is all about, more than soccer. There is a long and painful history of us intervening in their matters, somewhat deciding the fate of several countries altogether. To delve into that history is unnerving and many many people and governments hate us for it. That this copa takeover is ultimately about money, and the USA being the biggest giver and taker of that money, makes it all very complicated for the poorer countries who will obviously have no say in the matter. If they try to voice their opinion Americans will call them crybabies, as all of you have just done.

    Just saying it is ok to god bless our beloved country and still cry for the

      • We called him a crybaby because he is one. Also, the US isn’t just unilaterally deciding to take this tournament. If winds up being here every four years, it will be with the consent of those CONMEBOL federations (or most of them anyway).

      • @Slow

        You make it sound like their making that decision on behalf of the good of the people instead of the a few slimy pieces of crap like yourself.

        Anti-American ::Scoffs:: , you dont have any idea what so ever what constitutes an American, besides what conservative media propagates into your head you spineless little twerp.

    • I agree completely with everything you said Concorde…

      …but Wilmar Valdez timing is pretty bad. Do these comments come out if Uruguay win? Nope. They will still turn it around and have a good chance at winning the whole thing. We’ll what he is saying when that happens.

    • A) The Uruguayan is a massive cry-baby.
      B) The refs totally blew that match, and it was blown in Mexico’s direction.
      C) I don’t care if we ever host Copa America again (I mean, it would be nice to host from time to time, but)… I just want the two tournaments to be permanently merged… Kill the Gold Cup!

  9. Guaranteed the check to each cambol federation will be larger this copa than all previous. Attendance is already double. Also players should like it because any chance they have to showcase themselves to American fans (the USA is the fastest growing soccer market and the largest individual market in terms of dollars) only helps them. it is true Mexico and is will have home field advantage but oh well.

  10. The only groups bringing this tournament to the states is going to help will be corporations and potentially the future of American soccer. This does absolutely nothing for any Latin American, besides wealthy ones.

    In those countries this is more then a tourney. It’s a spectacle and a festival where culture & good vibes overtake those nations and it becomes a cause bigger then football. This will die in our plastic, primarily capitalist, consumer driven society that knows nothing of these traditions.

  11. lmao Why would we do anything that favors Mexico? They are not our friends. Maybe he should concentrate on winning before he has to go home with tail between his legs or maybe Mexico is just plain better than people think?

    • You don’t think CONCACAF is friends of Mexico? Just look at their sponsorships and the the seedings for our Champions League my friend. CONCACAF is Mexico

  12. Costa Rica has been doing thing right the last few years. They keep developing better and better players all the time.
    Mexico has earned the respect of South American teams with their aggressive and technical style. They definitively belong in this tournament
    And the United States? Everybody knows the Americans are the best at putting sporting events together so we are sure this will be a memorable one also.
    Ricardo Gareca

  13. Why didn’t he make those claims before they played? It’s obvious that they are sour losers. This is pretty sad coming from a club president. I think they’re just scared to face Argentina, assuming they make it that far.

    • i guess him nor yourself watched any of the games last summer in Chile where games were seen as fixed and the officiating was awful! Care to go into detail why the US will kill the Copa, instead of spewing hot garbage?!

      • This clown and Rob, the resident anti-Americans want us to be have as little involvement in world soccer as possible. Problem for them is that isn’t going to happen.

      • It was said best when I heard someone compare our ’94 WC to others. In every other nation, these tourneys are events that sweep the entire country. People party and celebrate in the streets and its on everyone’s minds through its entirety. Here, once people have left their stadiums you wouldn’t even know there was a tournament. And by people I mean Americans.

      • @old man river walk, well you have to at least admit the culture around the sport has grown since 94.

      • @Jack

        Your right and I do admit that. But as much as I’m enjoying this tournament being played here, I don’t think its for me to selfishly say that this tournament should be played here permanently when I know it means so much more to millions of others who have so much less.

        Being a fan and thinking about the potential impact that such a tourney would have on future generations of US nats players makes me happy, but in the end it isnt worth it really, at least not for me.

    • What would I know? Says the racist, nationalist idiot troll that nobody on this site has taken seriously these past three years, nor ever will.

      You know nothing and offer nothing and never will because your beyond incompetent, your retarded, probably like your entire trailer trash, trump voting family from the south. You should be castrated like a dog to keep an idiot like yourself from imbreeding future generations.

      • Also when you are going to call someone stupid you should ensure your post is free of basic grammar mistakes. Thanks.

      • Everything I’ve stated about you has been noted by me and other posters before and nothing has changed. I take great offense in being called Anti-American, especially when I know its coming from such a deplorable person such as yourself with your history of Xenophobia and aggressively stupid remarks. You don’t think of any peoples outside of your own narrow realm of stereotypical nationalistic, American sentiment and its your sort that gives everyone else in this country a bad rap to every other being on this planet.

  14. Wait…… He and every one involved knew what this tournament is about and because you lost now its a mistake? If Uruguay would have taken the 3 points it would be a non issue. Concacaf can and has been keeping up with conmebol and it hurts them to except it. Uruguay was out play and thats ,that. Hilary 2016

  15. …and the World Cup was set up for Costa Rica. Guy just doesn’t like that CONCACAF is handing him his almuearzo. Perhaps we should keep the check the Uruguayan federation will be receiving as a result of this crap cash grab? I don’t think the tournament can be considered a success thus far, but this is sour grapes…

    • Not only does he come off as a crybaby but he also comes off as an idiot. If the president of your FA comes into a stateside tournament playing Mexico right out of the gates and is surprised by A) by how good Mexico is and B) the rabid home support Mexico has in the US, then it’s clear you need a new FA president.

      He gives no insight into the “problems” he claims are caused by having the tournament hosted in the US so everyone is left with making up their own reasons and the most obvious is that his team lost and he’s now just realized that this wasn’t going to be so easy to even qualify out of his group.

      Of course there may be more to the interview but these quotes make Valdez sound like a moron.


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