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USMNT dominates Costa Rica to keep Copa America hopes alive

Photo by Mike DiNovo/USA Today Sports
Photo by Mike DiNovo/USA Today Sports

The U.S. Men’s National Team knew what they needed to do Tuesday night against their CONCACAF foes, and Jurgen Klinsmann’s men stepped up big time in the face of adversity.

Following the team’s disappointing loss to Colombia in their Group A opener, the USMNT defeated Costa Rica, 4-0, at Soldier Field behind a goal and two assists from Clint Dempsey.

The Seattle Sounders attacker slotted home his penalty kick finish in the ninth minute giving the U.S. the advantage after DeAndre Yedlin found space down the right wing and delivered in a dangerous cross. Cristian Gamboa barreled into the back of Bobby Wood, setting up the early 1-0 lead for the hosts.

Dempsey continued his strong evening in the 37th minute, when he set up Jermaine Jones on the left side of the box for the USMNT’s second goal.

The Colorado Rapids midfielder opened up his body and curled a perfect shot into the far corner, leaving Costa Rica goalkeeper Patrick Pemberton with no chance.

Los Ticos held their fair share of possession in the opening half, but it was striker Bobby Wood who gave the U.S. a 3-0 lead heading into the halftime break. The Hamburg forward received the ball inside the box from Dempsey, then quickly spun and ripped his shot past a diving Pemberton.

Costa Rica struggled to find chances in front of goal most of the match, leaving Los Ticos frustrated. Arsenal attacker Joel Campbell was removed at halftime as head coach Oscar Ramirez looked for a change of pace, which, unfortunately for them, never came to fruition.

After a flurry of second-half substitutes, Graham Zusi put an exclamation point on a complete performance for the Americans with the team’s fourth goal of the night.

The U.S., now on three points and first in Group A by virtue of tiebreakers, will take on Paraguay on Saturday, while Costa Rica faces Colombia.


  1. A draw will be enough to go through unless CR beat Colombia by 6 goals. Should not be a problem if the performance is anything like today. If he sticks with the 4-3-3 I would rather see Zusi than Zardes but otherwise no great need to make changes. Wood is also not particularly effective wide in a 4-3-3 but he deserves to be in the starting XI somewhere. Could have played Nagbe instead of JJ last night after JJ had a clunker against Colombia but no way he takes JJ out after last night when he was easily MOTM.

    • Slow, I don’t think we see any lineup changes for Paraguay… we still need a result, and Paraguay is tough. They are at least as good as the US team. Not sure how the red card and travel will affect them though.

      • I agree there won’t be many, if any, changes. We are better than Paraguay though. No excuse for not getting a result against them at home.

      • I think we aren’t really much better than them based on comparing our performances against Colombia. We do have the advantage of playing at home and not having flown cross country a couple times… so I think we should win.

  2. The CONCACAF illusion returns. Since 1990, the USA has not lost a meaningful home game to Costa Rica. What we saw last night was business as usual. The USA can play any style it wants in CONCACAF home games and still expect to win, even perhaps games against Mexico.
    The challenge that remains is identifying an approach that will allow the USA to succeed against better teams home and away and against even CONCACAF teams away. So far Klinsmann has made no more progress than his predecessors.
    Paraguay is less formidable than Colombia but perhaps better than Costa Rica. Will Paraguay suffer the same sort of away jitters that seem to afflict CONCACAF teams when they come to the USA? Will the USA get the same sort of friendly officiating it got last night? The USA certainly has a chance to get a result in the next game.

  3. Beckerman gave away a bad pass late on, but recovered enough to foul the Costa Rican and stop the attack. The ref. should have issued at least a yellow for the tactical foul and possibly a red since it was from behind. Of course,it was the right foul for Beckerman to make, so what if he gets thrown out, it is unlikely he will start any games and preventing a goal (maintaining goal difference) was paramount. Later, he did show his courage by clearing a dangerous ball by hitting it over the net.

    Yedlin, I thought, had a terrible game defensively. He shanked a ball early on that gave CR a clear shot at goal (which thankfully was missed), he repeatedly was beaten and Cameron had to help him out a lot. Attacking, he did OK, but a fullback needs to be more reliable in defense. Big Sam, if he saw the game, must have been thinking about how he would have to have a talk with Yedlin.

    I did not see much that Bradley did that was wrong. Ruiz did not score and Bradley consistently steered him into traffic where he was ineffective. There were no bad passes in bad spots and he was always available to help the backs make an easy outlet pass.

    Zardes still needs to have a better first touch. He mostly did not control the ball 10 yards away, but he did consistently let the ball determine what would happen rather than control the ball and dictate on his own terms.

    Dempsey got another assist by a bad touch, he was not passing to Jones, he was cutting left and played the ball too far away for which Jones said thank you, much like Altidore did on his last USMNT goal.

    Wood looked uncomfortable when he was out wide, but came to life when he drifted more central.

    Jones had one of the best complete games he has ever had for the USMNT.

    Bedoya got hammered a lot by CR. I hope he can recover from the physical punishment. This is the second game in which the opponents have seemed to single him out for punishing fouls. I can’t tell if that is because they fear him, or if it is because he holds the ball too long and thus invites the fouls.

  4. Bill, Yes, I did wonder if the match was rigged, for the same non-calls you saw. Also think we were awful against the CR press in the early part of the match. Finally, am I the only one that believes that our up front guys had very little movement off the ball when our midfield had possession in the first part of the game?

    • Yes there was very little mcement off the ball thats why the counter attack was so helpful. Guys were running to open spaces creating more open spaces for others. This is normally Wood’s strength. I couldnt see much of his runs last night. Fox did a horrible job.

  5. Good performance by the US when they needed three points. Jones and a few other players were on fire.

    1.) Any thoughts on Yedlin’s performance? In the first half, he had a giveaway and that disastrous attempt at a clearance that Campbell nearly converted. In another match, such mistakes may have proven very costly. I do like his pace and ability to recover defensively.
    2.) Did anyone else feel that this match may have been fixed? It seemed in the first half, the US were the beneficiaries of a number of non-calls (e.g. Yedlin clothes lining the Costa Rican, injuring him), and what might have been a dubious penalty that swung the result of the game. I felt the second half, with the game in hand, the calls were much more event. It seems to me that a number of parties (broadcasters, USSF, and Klinsmann) benefit from the US getting three points over a small country like Costa Rica.
    3.) Why did the Costa Rican manager burn all three subs by the 46th minute?

    • I have to say we got some help by the ref in the first half. I have watch a ton of us soccer playing in concacaf games in the past and I am used to not getting the calls. It did feel strange to get so many in the first half that were called or not called in our favor. I turned to my friend in the bar and said to him that the game felt fixed in a way.

    • I thought the same thing with all the calls the us got in the first half.
      I just chalked it up to sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don’t.
      The handball in the columbia game could easily has been a no-call; So we certainly aren’t getting all the breaks.
      I do think home field does make a difference with calls.

  6. Observations:
    1- The Fox Camera director should be fired with extreme prejudice..
    2 – Deuce as a False 9- It works
    He should have had 4 assists (including the Jones accident)
    The Wood goal wasn’t because we had JUST switched to a 4-4-2, it was b/c of Jones hustle, & when Deuce got the ball back he drew 3 guys because he’d been dangerous all game..leaving Wood alone. I counted 2 bad giveaways killing an attack (not counting the ref knockin him over) and 2 times he put guys thru that shoulda been put on frame..easily.. Easily the most dangerous attacker for us
    3 – Jones – Like I’ve been saying, no way he has 2 bad games in a row..nuff said
    4- Fabian – Like I said, NOBODY “WANTS” him at LB, but he had 12 def stops, most in the game, neutralized Campbell out of the game, got forward, & he’s still the best solution
    5 – The Fox Cameramen should be fired with all the production staff
    6- A for effort for Zardes, dude ran HARD for 90 (If he put the ball on frame we win 6-0)
    7 – The switch to the 4-4-2 was to neutralize a comeback, but we actually had to work harder & had less possession til the 85th minute
    8 – Just watched the 1:30 am Live Copa broadcast..Aly Wagner is terrible
    9 – The entire fox broadcast is horrible.. I dont care if you hate a coach more than Ebola, NO broadcast is good when 75% of your roundtable is about him – CONSTANTLY…. sick of it… and I dont care how much you have to pay to park your car in Paraguay or the number of streets named after some dude in Uruguay, or the amount of laws you break for not covering a violin in public in Derker-Derker-Stan. And we have this same crap all the way thru Russia??
    10 – I would have liked to see Nagbe and/or Pulisic, but I think it was the right move to get some guys off the field & make sure we didnt mess up late & secure the 3 pts.

    • Really good performance. I had to tape the game and (as it often happens) found out the score so I cannot say I watched is as closely as I usually do.
      I do think that formations are still a little overrated because when players decide they want to play, the formation then becomes a little less relevant. Strict formations can also handcuff less confident players and can make a team very robotic at times. US Soccer coaching schools have always put too much emphasis on tactics and formations as opposed to developing players with a soccer IQ. I have to believe that the players make a ton of adjustments on their own.
      Last night the play was sharp, the movement off the ball much improved, winning tackles/50-50 balls was excellent and the team played desperate. I was pleasantly suprised by the score.
      If you were listening to Wynalda’s show on Sirius he alluded to some really important news that he was privy to but could not say on the air. The only thing he said was it would change the future of US Soccer.

  7. After the Colombia game I was rather contrarian, or at least the first to be, by arguing that we played well and held our own with them and it was kind of bad luck that we lost 2-0. I’m ;going against the grain again here. While the score was excellent, I don’t think our play really was. Too many times we gave away the ball with little to no pressure. CR really moved the ball better and should have had one or two goals. The difference was we finished our chances and they didn’t. Also, they did a poor job of getting back on defense and when we could counter attack they had trouble dealing with it. We really should have had at least one more goal–Zardes’ miss in front of goal and Bedoya’s pass late in the game when he had an open shot. Individually, Yerdlin had a pretty bad first half and Zardes didn’t play nearly as well as vs. Colombia. Brooks and Cameron are really solid in the back.

    The next issue is how we play Paraguay. They will have made 3 cross country trips and played the last 20 to 25 minutes a man down tonight. They could easily run out of gas about the 65th minute. So, do we start fresher players and save some of our starters for the last third when they are going to have tired legs, or start our regular lineup and bring on some speed in the second half? Paraguay looked pretty dangerous vs. Colombia, so I think we go with our usual XI to start the game except maybe take out Dempsey at the start and put in someone else. Then the last third of the game bring on Dempsey and maybe Pulisic and/or Nagbe.

    • This is one of those rare times I agree with Gary, the scoreline really wasn’t indicative of how the game was played. This game didn’t fix our problems, all the underlying issues are still there Costa Rica was just unable to take advantage of them. I believe that the reason we struggle so much against the high press is because Klinsmann refuses to have a real tactical gameplan and prefers that the players figure it out on their own, which means we become reactive to our opponents. We still do not attack or press as a collective unit and players are still played in unfamiliar positions. Any good opponent will have no trouble exposing us

      • Let’s not forget we were playing one of our most familiar opponents — probably right after Mexico — at home. We made them look pedestrian, much like Colombia made us look impotent.

      • I wouldn’t go that far. but yes. If we were playing Colombia again last night… we would have lost again. I just don’t think it is a tactical problem. We just don’t have the chops. Zardes he tries man, and I love him for it. But he just struggles, its like he is always fighting as hard as he can to control the ball. Bradley and JJ are excellent, but not particularly creative… same with Dempsey. Finally, we are lacking a bit of depth. I’m not sure Nagbe and Pulisic are ready to have real impacts in games against top flight folks. There is still some adjustment needed there (and I think both will be fine international players (and perhaps a superstar in Pulisic’s case). Its just a bit early.

        Anyway, its getting better, and the US are finally playing soccer how it is meant to be played.

      • The dealing with the press is not the coach’s fault. Too many poor passes from the midfield and sometimes from the back four, even when they were not closely marked. Also, sometimes poor decision making, trying to force long forward passes that weren’t there when intermediate passes were available. On the other hand, when they did break the press, CR was too slow to get back, providing the US with scoring opportunities.

      • Turk-Agree with essentially everything you said, I would just like to see a clear tactical plan.

        Gary- I respectfully disagree that it’s all on the players to break the press. Teams need to have an idea of how they want to advance the ball and we have never seen that under klinsmann. Are you trying to tell me that our defenders and midfielders, who have or are currently in top leagues, are unable to break the high press of an inferior team? I don’t buy that for one second

    • I could argue the opposite. If Zardes didn’t have lead feet the scoreline could’ve easily been 5-0 heading into the half. His first touch let him down on a through ball from Clint Dempsey that he promptly put in the side netting and had another great opportunity that he blasted and still hasn’t landed.

    • Gary, as much as I want to bask in the wonderful result I agree that game showed a lot of our glaring deficencies. Costa Rica have to be irate at themselves!
      I like to think that, besides CR’s top choice cb’s and gk out, it was the home crowd that pushed a sloppy but effective team to a huge result.

    • Gary man… you read my mind. While I am excited that we won 4-0… that is always fun. If we played Colombia like we played today, we lose 2-0 again. This result is more the difference between playing a really great Colombia team and playing a pedestrian CR team.

      I agree with you that we were still super sloppy. In addition, Dempsey missed the through ball to wood on at least 6 occasions that I counted… I started after the second obvious one, and by the end was wondering whether Dempsey and Wood have a problem with each other. Even when Dempsey did pass to Wood, he had to think about it for a minute.

      Zardes… I don’t know man… he didn’t have a terrible touch EVERY time he touched the ball… though his work rate was good.

      Bradley didn’t give the ball away as much, but again, I don’t know how much of that is Bradley and how much is a CR team that isn’t as fast and doesn’t apply as much pressure as Colombia.

      I will say this in our favor, though. After the US went down early… we responded well and fought hard the rest of the game. CR did not. If we had responded like CR today in our first game, we could have been hit up for 4 goals too.

      Finally, is it just me or is Guzan super pedestrian. I mean, OK, we are definitely spoiled right? I mean name another country that has gone through 6 generations of Keepers with the Quality the US have had… but still… pedestrian, and it sucks.

      All in all, a win we had to have and that we ended up getting… luckily for us we already played Ecuador and Brazil has no striker… so we might be able to beat those teams in the quarters.

      • Pretty much agree with all of this and what Gary said. Good win, not a well played game but pushing through on nights like that is key.

        I think Dempsey is not a playmaker and never has been. He is a poacher who has been asked to play further up the field because of his goal tally. He always takes too long to get the ball out of his feet. Both assists could have just as easily been turn overs. Great game, but still think he would be better as a sub at this point.

        Zardes works really hard and his touch was better, but we need someone who can get down the line and get crosses in or feed the central players, and that is not his game. If we play with Wood and Zardes up top like we did in the second half, then you need a playmaker behind them.

        Bradley has been good, but not one of our best players, and that is frustrating. I do not think he likes playing for JK, that is just my thoughts, no proof. Jones and Bedoya are great high energy players and work hard, hard to fault that.

        I agree that Guzan does not instill the same confidence our keepers have in the past. He seems to bobble everything thrown his way and his distribution has been really poor.

        Very happy for the win, but not so pleased in how it happened. There was little possession, poor link up and 1-2 passing, and too many long balls to no one. I thought Navas would have saved three of the four goals, maybe only two but still, not sure the score reflected our quality of play. I know we get no extra points for style, but I cannot see us winning a knockout game with that performance.

      • Jonathan,

        I will say though… even though there isn’t improvement from Friday to last night… there is definitely improvement over the past 4 years. 4 yrs. ago, we win this game by 1, maybe 2 goals… concede possession to CR the whole game, and rely on Howard to make at least 1 great save.

      • No doubt we are, which is why I am holding them to a higher standard than I did in years past. That was part of JK’s goal with this team: raise the expectations by raising the level of play and the understanding of what it takes to get to the next level. If I thought that was a swell as they could play that would be one thing, but I think we can be a lot better than we were, and I think we will be in the near future.

  8. so what do we want to happen in the Colombia match? A big Colombia victory so that we only need to draw Paraguay? or a Paraguay victory so we still have a shot at finishing first?

  9. Been watching since the Cobi Jones days. This was the most complete attack oriented and close enough to mistake free I’ve even seen us play in a big tournament match. Costa Rica was a quarterfinalist at the last WC afterall and we dominated them.

    The 4-3-3 is no doubt our best formation given current personnel. If we dominate an average Paraguay team next game i thinks its time we start talking about Klinsmann finally turning the corner with this team.

    It took a few years of growing pains learning how to maintain possession, quicker passing, playing out of the back, etc but tonight was the future.

    • Agreed..

      Solid possession-oriented victory in from of a boisterous home crowd..

      Perhaps the signature victory under the current regime..

      Sure, the win came against a pretty familiar foe; but this was good-very good..

      The 2014 World Cup match against Portugal, the 2013 Gold Cup final vs.Panama and the ’07 GC final vs Mexico stand as the only other possession oriented sort of toe-to-toe performance to rival this..

      Solid win in a major tournament for the program..

    • Agreed..

      Solid win in front of a raucous home crowd..

      Perhaps the signature victory under the current regime..

      The 2014 World Cup game vs. Portugal, the 2013 Gold Cup final versus Panama and the ’07 GC final vs Mexico stand as the only possession-oriented sort of toe-to-toe matches that rival this one..

      Good win for the program..

      • How much credit do we get for going “toe to toe” with CR though? We should be, especially at home.

  10. Before the game I thought Jurgen should tweak the starting 11 a little. At the same time, I’ve criticized Jurgen for tinkering with lineups/formations/player positions too much. While I still think certain players would be better utilized in different spots (FabJo left wing and Wood center forward), I’m glad Jurgen doesn’t listen to me and gave the same 11 another shot. While the score line obviously helps that perspective; ultimately, I think if we’re going to make a run in this tournament (and through the remaining qualifiers) continuity is the key. I’m glad we’ve settled on a formation that plays to our strengths and are solidifying a spine.

    Also, what the hell do we do when Dempsey is gone?

    • When dempsey is gone, hopefully we have a player that hits bobby wood on 1-6 of Bobby’s great runs where Dempsey wierdly didn’t pass him the ball. Seriously, he is a threat, and integral to the team… but he has limitations. He played the same today as he did against Colombia… CR is just not as good. You watch… against Paraguay they will foul him the moment he touches the ball, like Colombia. Then everyone will be out complaining about his performance like they were last weekend.

      • I don’t think Jozy is as bad as the posters on here think he is. I think he has Zardes-like leadfoot problems and I think he is injury-prone, and I think he lacks some positional awareness… but he is still miles better than Hercules Gomes, or some of the others we have trotted out… or Wondo… and BTW, OMG I was sooo worried I would be eating shit when Wondo went out on the field… a game like that actually provided him an opportunity to score! Thank god Zusi was selfish, I would not have enjoyed the shit.

      • Please DLOA, I beg you, can we not be reminded that with a caliber player like Dempsey leaving, a non-creative Altidore will take his place? The 4-3-3 is finally working now (all of a sudden) lets just role with that (Forget Altidore, Forget Altidore, Forget Altidore…..)

  11. Old school, While I get your point, it doesn’t mean it’s the best team we can offer. Who’s to say nagbe couldn’t have played better than jones, or pretty much any soccer player ever would have saved the goal beckerman did.

    Ps about halfway down your statements become exagerations/giving more credit then deserved.

    • I think his point was less that ‘these decisions were the best and only options’ and rather ‘people complain about any and everything, even when the things they complain about end up helping us win’. I didn’t see old as agreeing with every choice, just pointing out the coach was right in those decisions so “FIRE JK” people have nothing to complain about; and if they do they are just to complain for complaining sake

      • fair enough. Maybe I read too much into it. If that is his point, i agree with it. Like today, we are overreacting to the fact that we played really well in this formation against 1 team….

      • fair enough. Maybe I read too much into it. If that is his point, i agree with it. Like today, we are overreacting to the fact that we played really well in this formation against 1 team….

        Correct. I’m a huge believer of “never too high & never too low”. We’re not as bad as we looked against Colombia and we’re not as good as we looked against Costa Rica. Most likely somewhere in the middle. Let’s not forget, Colombia is currently a top 3 team (not that I truly validate FIFA rankings, but it is some perspective).

        However, you’d have to admit there’s something hysterical (hysteria being the operative word) that when we lose it’s doom and gloomWorld is ending hyperbole and when we win it’s mostly silence from the same critics mixed in with “Well, team-X wasn’t any good” or “We got help from the refs”.

        Hyperbole can go both ways and my post was an example of that. However, those were actual quotes of people on this board leading up to the match and during the match. So, take it however you will.

  12. 4-3-3 is the formation for the USMNT NOT 4-4-2
    The USMNT is a more effective attacking team without Altidore
    I said it…Graham Zusi is an impact player (his goal was a solo effort)
    Jermaine Jones was definitely MOTM, an impact player in defense and in attack

    • The only real winger on the roster is pulisic, so if you’re going to play 4-3-3, he should be in. Looked more like 4-3-1-2 tonight in the beginning with Dempsey tucking behind zardes and wood. USA def looked more comftortable in 4-4-2.

      • Dan,
        the formation was a 4-3-3 (despite how it look) and we switch late in the first half to a 4-4-2 and the US looked ordinary until Zusi came in.
        4-3-3 made the USMNT
        look like a different team on the field
        played an even game against Columbia (despite the scoreline)
        totally destroy Costa Rica

        formation we need to stick with through out this tournament? 4-3-3 NOT 4-4-2!!!!
        A 4-4-2 formation reveals the USMNT of old, where we defend and just boot the ball up front

      • Bizzy – I think you are ignoring that us was outplayed until the pk and wood scored playing target forward in the 442. Wood and Dempsey are both out of position when wood plays the wing and Dempsey is in front of everyone. With that said, I could live with the “4-3-3” that was played tonight with Dempsey tucking behind wood zardes, which like I said was more of a 4-3-1-2.

      • Sorry Dan,
        Never heard of a 4-3-1-2….ever
        Secondly the penalty happened in the 9th min…..after that we controlled the game. We went to a 4-4-2 to match Costa Rica man for man, turn down the intensity and secure our lead, even tho Wood got a goal.

      • Never heard of 4-3-1-2? I think you are the same guy who winger and full-back is the same position though so ….

      • Slow, I think you’re confusing Bizzy with me lol. Please don’t do that haha. But I never said they were the same position, only that it can be common for a player to play both and/or translation to one from the other. And that a player that grew up playing winger then transitioned precession ally to fullback wouldn’t be out of position playing winger occasionally while transitioning (e.g. Yedlin)


      • just playing devil’s advocate. your point is well taken, and one i point to when people freak out he plays in the back, but at the same time, he has shown at ‘Gladbach that he knows how to play winger. really well. well enough that in the context of the USMNT, he could be considered in the conversation of “true winger”.

      • slow,
        How can you contribute something productive when you can’t even get your facts straight? confusing me and DLOA??? You are clueless (slowthoughtprocess maybe).

        What world class team uses the 4-3-1-2? Please enlighten me?

        Our formation is not a 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-2-1 or whatever…its a 4-3-3
        “In that game against Bolivia, fans saw US head coach Jurgen Klinsmann put his team out in a 4-3-3 formation, featuring three central midfielders, with Michael Bradley sitting deeper as a No. 6, and two wingers supporting a lone center forward”.
        “With a 4-3-3 and based on the players that we have, this is definitely interesting to see because when we have wingers that maybe a couple of years ago we didn’t have, we can try to bring their strengths out in that formation,” Klinsmann said.
        “The advantage of 4-3-3 in that way is that it turns into a 4-5-1 defensively – that makes us a little more compact and [it’s] easier then to press the ball.”

        get your facts straight before you engage slow….

    • “4-3-3 is the formation for the USMNT NOT 4-4-2”
      Finally you can say that with a straight face. First years of the JK era, we looked pretty hapless in the 4-3-3 and worse yet, got eaten up on defense. With many more options out wide, most of whom have few problems tucking in to out to in, tracking back, FBs who have tools to run forward…. it’s….. seeming to work. That said- it is good to be adaptable to changing conditions. Eh… I have little worries about U.S. players reverting to a 4-4-2 when needed as it is burned into their DNA.

  13. Mexico is better than us but good job tonight I guess. CR did not come to play and just want to leave the tournament

  14. It’s a great feeling tonight. Congratulations USMNT, although we needed a little push from the ref we made it stick.

  15. “Jones is too old!” – Man of the Match
    “Bradley should be benched!” – Solid play for 90 minutes
    “Dempsey shouldn’t be playing!” – Involved in two goals
    “Why is Beckerman being subbed in?” – Saves a goal
    “Why is Zusi being subbed in?” – Scores goal
    “Same starting XI? Klinsmann is an idiot!” – USA destroys Costa Rica 4-0
    “Fans are idiots.” – Proven time and time again
    “L…O…L” – Davis, Lennon, Observer & Associates

    • Since I am not one of the ones that made any of those declarations I can confidently comment to say that you are exactly the same Old School and are one of those idiot fans you are mocking.

      Easy example: before the tournament I said Klinsmann should start Bradley as the DM and have Jones and Nagbe in front of him. And then you went on a rant saying that you don’t agree and that Bradley and Jones have shown that they can’t play together and that we are all “disillusioned” thinking that Bradley and Jones could be given instructions to fulfill a role and play well together and whatever other incorrect garbage you spilled. Then low and behold Klinsmann actually finally did put Bradley as the DM and it worked and you suddenly acted like you loved the idea all along. Typical Old School. Go ahead and pretend like you don’t know what I am talking about.

      • Since I am not one of the ones that made any of those declarations I can confidently comment to say that you are exactly the same Old School and are one of those idiot fans you are mocking.

        Well, I am a fan after all. So, yes, that would make me a fellow idiot. However, unlike you and the rest of the chorus/hive-mind/echo-chamber, I’m fully self-aware of my standing.

        As for the rest of your diatribe, Jones and Bradley have proven to be a bad pairing for years. If you need a neutral perspective to reinforce this, pay close attention to the broadcast and listen to Stuart Holden utter this exact sentiment.

        While we’re idiots, Holden is not. I’ll side with Holden on this one and view you as you are.

      • I would’t exactly say that Bradley as a DM has worked. He was utterly dominated by Bryan Ruiz tonight and we all know he sucked versus Colombia. He deserves to be put on the bench.

      • Sidenote: If I recall the conversation you’re referring to UCLA – my comment was in direct response to a suggestion of a two-midfield system with Jones and Bradley playing side-by-side which they have been for the majority of their time on the pitch wearing USA kits.

        It looked like our attack shined tonight when we played three midfielders and Jones and not the broken two-midfield system I was referring to where Jones and Bradley cancel each other out.

        Unfortunately for you, I’m not pretending to forget. Unfortunately for me, you reference a conversation from weeks ago without providing context (luckily I found it). Be a champ and link it next time and stop being lazy.

      • Old School if you found it then re-read it because you are remembering it incorrectly. I am the one that reminded you that yes Bradley and Jones have not worked well together but only when paired in the double pivot/pulley two man midfield. That was my point not yours.

    • “Same starting XI? Klinsmann is an idiot!”

      I’m not sure any real USMNT fan has ever said this. Ever thought this. Ever dreamt it. Ever posted it. Did I mention the word ever? Well, except for you.

      • Old School loves creating straw men in an effort to show how intelligent and knowledgeable he is.

      • i can copy/paste multiple reports, comments, etc. yesterday saying this exact thing. EVERYONE wanted Nagbe to start of Jones or Bedoya. every show on SiriusXM FC said that yesterday; Grumpy Pundits, USS, Counter Attack, and WTF. every single one of them! Including the guests they had on the show and countless callers.

        so yes, MANY fans said JK should not start the same XI against Costa Rica.

      • i can copy/paste multiple reports, comments, etc. yesterday saying this exact thing.

        Careful with this style of discussion. You know, the style of discussion that’s factual and provides evidence to support your argument by copying and pasting links or quotes that actually took place.

        Slowleftbrain is, quite literally, traumatized by the concept that what we say on the internet is actually recorded and doesn’t disappear. He’ll attempt to refute it despite it being visible to all.

        Yes, he has proven time and time again he’d prefer to make things up out of thin air or create false positions to help his trolling statements. Which is ironic considering he just tried (and failed) to insert the “straw man” fallacy into his post.

      • Bryan I think, I could be wrong, but I think you failed to see Keith’s point. I think he is referencing Klinsmann’s negative reputation as a tinkerer and constant lineup changes so he is sarcastically saying that no USMNT fan has ever said Klinsmann is an id1ot for using the same starting lineup in back to back games. Sarcasm is hard to read in text so I could be wrong.

        Anyways. The larger point is that some fans said they wanted the same lineup, some fans wanted a different lineup, some fans wanted the same lineup except for nagbe for bedoya and Pulisic for Zardes, there will never be complete agreement by all fans. So then it’s silly to make a comment like Old Schools putting all the fans in the same boat and making it seem like all those fans are always contradicting themselves.

      • guess that’s possible. i certainly read it in the context of the time between Colombia and Costa Rica. in which case, it was wrong and what triggered my response.

    • So UCB- now you’re admitting that you and old school had discussed and agreed about jones/Bradley in a two mid set didn’t work? So then why bring up the point on this thread?…. Just because you had “discovery rights” to that point doesn’t mean old school didn’t agree and this you bringing it up as a counter point knowing he had already agreed with that point seems pretty….um….well, you can insert an adjective that fits; there are many options.

      • DLOA, you shouldn’t have made this comment without knowing the situation. You are completely wrong.

        “now you’re admitting that you and old school had discussed and agreed about jones/Bradley in a two mid set didn’t work?”

        No I never said that. I never said there was an agreement. There was me and someone else telling Old School that the two-man midfield has been problematic because Jones tends to not be disciplined, but a 3 man midfield with Bradley being told to sit would be much better. And THEN there was Old School telling us in his “I’m smarter than you way” that a Bradley and Jones midfield would never work in any shape or form. Then Klinsmann actually uses the 3 man against Ecuador or Bolivia (I forget which game) and Old School acts like he was with it all along.

        “um….well, you can insert an adjective that fits; there are many options.”

        Um well how bout you jump in only if you know what you are talking about? But I’m sure Old School appreciates you jumping in for his defense though.

        Let me tell you a secret about Old School that you probably don’t know about. He is fully aware that people read all conversations even if they aren’t involved in them and is very mindful of that. He is also the type that develops hilarious SBI feuds/rivalries and is obsessed with trying to “best” his rivals. So it is not beneath him to straight up lie or misrepresent what he says. He knows that he is lying and he knows I or whoever else he is lying to directly will know he is lying, but he doesn’t care about that because he is doing it to try and look “like a winner of the argument” for the other people that are just reading the conversation. Congratulations you were one of those people this time. Old School is not like us, we can go at it in one thread then give each other credit in the next thread. Not him. This whole SBI rival thing is too serious and too big of a deal for him.

      • Stop attacking DLOA. I’ve never exuded the need for anyone to support my statements and I also don’t cherry-pick other statement towards you by posters when they disagree with you. I say things that often provoke a reaction, positive or negative, and I stand by those statements.

        I’m sure SBI has a nice collection of posters and people who view but don’t post except for the occasional sentiment once in a blue moon. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone to support this notion that “I lie.” or try to misrepresent something.

        Liars don’t provide links to what the conversation is referencing for independent eyes to view or as a reminder to the poster I’m directing the conversation towards to recall. That’s such a lazy defense, UCLA.

        He is also the type that develops hilarious SBI feuds/rivalries and is obsessed with trying to “best” his rivals.

        I genuinely say the only person who posts on SBI that I have disdain for is slowleftarm. Mainly because I think he actually believes the nonsensical and offensive things he relays on citizenship.

        You? The only time I notice you is when you routinely respond to me. I rarely, if ever, seek you out. Don’t try to recreate facts, pumpkin. Sincerely, nines times out of ten that we even interact is because you respond to me. Don’t take my word on that, though. SBI’s archives validate that.

        Hell, even in this very post you’re providing an example of what you routinely do: responding to me (unsolicited) and whining because I return the favor.

      • DLOA, I noticed you didn’t respond, only liked Old Schools comment. I’ll take that as admittance that you put your foot in your mouth and commented sarcastically without knowing what you are talking about. Not as bad as your USC number 1 research institution comment though, now that one was funny.

        Old School. Your above post is an example of you lying and misrepresenting things. 1. You never jump in on my comments? Hah yea ok. For a while there you were obsessed with me. 2. I’d be hard pressed to find someone that agrees with what I said about you above? Hah again. We both know that’s not true. 3. Your whole post a link thing is hilarious to me, you take it as some sort of badge of honor. News flash buddy, anybody else could do the same thing to you all the times you flip flop, make a bad prediction, or straight up lietbut; but you are the only one that cares enough to go back SBI page after SBI page scanning through all the stories to look for a story that contains said conversation. At least i sure dont. By the way, I noticed that you didn’t post the link this time. Hmm I wonder why? Oh yea, cause the link would prove everything I said.

        By the way Old School, did you used to be GW or CO? The only people that have gotten a grudge with me in the past have been DLOA, GW, CO, Gary Page, and now you. Geez Jurgen Klinsmann fans are way over sensitive to criticism of Klinsmann because that’s the one thing you 5 have in common, even though you all try and downplay it at times.

      • First and foremost, if there’s any confusion as to what you’re referencing by other people viewing the post that’s on you & not them. Expect third-party posters to remember some random conversation from weeks ago is arrogant and laughable. Hell, I barely remembered it too until I went to find it.

        Hence, why I provide links when I reference something or dispute a statement. Also another reason why calling me a “liar” or “misrepresenting things” is a pitiful tactic. I provide facts with my commentary and don’t make baseless accusations befitting of a child.

        By the way Old School, did you used to be GW or CO? The only people that have gotten a grudge with me in the past have been DLOA, GW, CO, Gary Page, and now you.

        GW was far more intelligent than me so I’ll take that as a compliment.

        I don’t know why you believe otherwise, but I rarely respond to your posts. I don’t mean that in an offensive way, but I’m just not interested in your opinion or tempted by their content. Now, you responding to me is completely different.

        I’m also a bit confused as to why you continue to characterize any back and forth with our interaction as a “grudge” or using the term “rivals”. I think you place more value on them or perhaps care more because they’re usually pretty insignificant and petty.

        I’m not on here to agree with people and make friends. (Weird your so fixated on DLOA or bryan agreeing with someone). This is a quasi-barbershop atmosphere where banter and disagreements run wild.

        I’ve had some really thought-provoking debates, but they’ve never been with you. You’re not a “rival”. Sorry to disappoint.

      • Oh believe me I already knew you are no rival of mine, no matter how hard you try.

        Bryan? Why do you bring him up? I said nothing about him.

        My point I made to DLOA when referencing you is that when someone is debating a topic and it’s not personal they are able to give others credit and concede certain things if warranted, but you can never do that because you get so worked up and everything is personal to you. Am I wrong? Before you say I am wrong go back and notice how often your arguments contain personal attacks about the person you are debating whenever you are discussing something. That says it all right there. You also just admitted above that you “hate” certain SBI posters. Wow that’s alot of emotion for a stranger that’s basically just a screen-name on the internet discussing who he thinks should play on the USMNT.

      • Old School, this is rich coming from UBG who couldn’t remember whether he was slow or UBG at one point. Or even in your conversation with him he hijacks the issues and makes it about himself.

      • CO you’re back! Now I definitely think you and Old School are the same person. I haven’t seen you post on this website in a long while and suddenly you are here to respond to this thread. What a coincidence.

        “who couldn’t remember whether he was slow or UBG at one point”

        What are you talking about? How would I not know if I am Slow or myself? I have no clue what you are referencing or trying to say.

      • I am usually on the youth stories (where you don’t usually go). People also have lives. I assume that’s where GW is. I saw you mention me (I mostly lurk when I do come on this site so bogged down by ads and don’t like the new format for comments), and realized you still haven’t grown up in that you now accuse people of being someone else. Guess you’ve run out of arguments if you are now paranoid.
        And it was a year or so ago when slow and/or you responded as the other.

      • I am positive that whatever you are referencing wasn’t me. I will admit though that I forgot you did comment recently, you popped up out of nowhere to take a shot at me responding to a post I wrote telling me that it must be easy playing soccer against little kids. Good ol CO. Maybe one day we will both grow up.

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