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Must-See Goal: Joe Cole


    • Avila’s goal was excellent, no doubt…Rowdies mean business, they just signed a 31 year old Danish international midfielder, Vingaard, who has an impressive resume with FC Copenhagen and between 2008 and 2014 has played every season in either Champions League or Europa League…

  1. I’m glad CBS has coverage and I look forward to watching more NASL games on TV. We get the Railhawks here on a local over-the-air HD channel, but that means switching over from our cable feed to watch.
    Now if we can just get some knowledgeable announcers: at least twice last night they referred to PR’s owner as “Anthony Carmelo” and the night they were playing Rayo OKC they were speculating that PR’s orange/white color scheme was b/c of Carmelo’s college colors at Syracuse, apparently ignorant of the fact that the PR Islanders wore orange/white for a decade.

    • Judging by the low-quality production, it looks like CBS basically slapped their graphics on the feed and gave the Rowdies tv crew some CBS logo microphones

  2. Great to see CBS Sports showing Saturday night NASL games…I think they started broadcasting live games 2 weeks ago with the start of the Fall season.

    Between CBS Sports and BeIN, NASL has made some progress in increasing its presence and visibility…

    Rowdies rolled past PR tonight…too bad they keep playing one good game followed by an awful game all year long…Freddie Adu got some minutes as well tonight, that hadn’t happened in awhile…

    • I think Freddy got in about twenty minutes last week too. He was injured for the first half of the season. I think a lot of teams will have good weeks against Puerto Rico this season.


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