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Report: Bob Bradley a candidate for Hull City job


Bob Bradley is currently preparing for his first full season in charge of French side Le Havre, but the former U.S. Men’s National Team coach has been named as an unlikely candidate for a Premier League job.

Following the departure of Steve Bruce, Hull City is in the market for a new manager, and the Hull Daily Mail is reporting that Bradley is one of the candidates for the job. Joining Bradley on the list of candidates are more traditional options in former Everton boss Roberto Martinez and Birmingham City manager Gary Rowett.

The Premier League club has reportedly opened talks with Martinez in recent days with the hope of appointing a manager with time remaining to make moves in the transfer window.

A move for Bradley would be a surprising one given all things involved. The American coach has never managed in England at any level and remains a newcomer within the French second division after joining Le Havre last season. Prior to his move to the French club, Bradley found great success with Norwegian club Stabaek after previously taking charge of the Egyptian national team following his exit from the USMNT program.

Under Bradley, Le Havre narrowly missed out on promotion to Ligue 1, finishing fourth in last season’s Ligue 2 race. The club opens league play on Friday against US Orléans.

What do you think of the report? Any chance Bradley moves to England?

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  1. I am an unabashed fan of Bradley. He has excelled in every coaching position he has had. Of course, he cannot make miracles happen or magically transform players into something more than they are. However, he has always seemed to me to be a guy who pushes things along striving to make his teams and players better within the limits any coach operates.

    Beyond that he is probably the most fair and honest guy around. He still takes time to talk to friends from over 30 years ago and keeps in touch with past players, teammates and coaches.

    Hull is unlikely to spend enough money to give its next coach any real chance to succeed. I think Bob would be better off staying in France unless he gets assurances that Hull will spend.

  2. As a Bradley apologist for many years on this site, I’d like to see him secure promotion of Le Havre in France this year, and then maybe get his shot in England or elsewhere if theres a good offer. He certainly deserves it, guy is a fantastic coach and I admire the heck out of him for taking a non-traditional route to coaching in Europe knowing that until he proved himself outside of the US he’d never be selected as an American without the experience and success he’s gained elsewhere.

    • Perhaps a minor semantic issue, but apologist implies that he has done something wrong and you are trying to cover for him or spin it so it doesn’t seem so bad. Bradley doesn’t need an apologist. Better is if you say you are a fan, supporter, backer, or whatever, but not an apologist.

      • An apologist speaks in defense of someone or something that has been criticized, even if the criticism is unfair or unjust.

  3. Is it far fetched?? The family that currently owns Hull City are Egyptians and Bradley is surely a known figure considering what he did for Egypt’s national team. With that said, rumors have wirled the family is looking to sell hull city to an American ownership group. These two links Bradley has could be the reason the press.has labeled him a.candidate but whatever the case, it certainly makes you wonder.

  4. Why? Because of the obscure and esoteric Black Art that is the EPL, which is a field too far for anybody American?

    This incessant American self-loathing is getting old.

    Bradley’s a heckuva manager, and he’d get Hull set up extremely well, and bring them in prepared and focused every week. Conservative, defensive, and a bit stodgy? Sure. But there’d be total commitment, too, and I think he’d do shockingly well.

    Bradley’s good, and he brings zero ego and absolute focus to everything he does, and his teams usually reflect that. I think Arena would have done just fine in the EPL too.

    • There is too much American self-loathing in the US soccer community but Rob is a Mexico supporter so the basis for his loathing is altogether different.

    • A Bradley related anecdote. Before the 2010 World Cup I was watching a Sky Sports show where they were handicapping the groups and they got to the England group, which all the English considered a walk in the park and pooh poohed the US. Roy Hodgson, not yet the England manager, was their expert guest pundit and he said about the US (and, by extension, Bob Bradley) that one thing you could count on was the the US will be well organized. The implication was that Bradley was a good coach, getting a lot out of what he had.

  5. Bradley is easily the best American coach ever but I’m afraid he’ll find himself out of his dept in the EPL just like most american players do.

    • And yet that same USMNT, with a bunch of talentless no hopers, gets comparable results (if not better) to your heroes, El Tri.

      • LOL
        There you are little buddy!
        I was starting to fear you were not coming back.
        Now, if you could bring that other deranged poster (wham?) back we can get back to Making This Site Great Again.

      • Lolz…instead of accusing me of being a trump supporter why not find something better to do with your life instead of trolling US soccer fans?

      • Or better yet, you could explain why you mock US Soccer nonstop but your team doesn’t do any better despite soccer being by far the #1 sport in Mexico and the country having a fairly large population to draw from.

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