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Report: Castillo deal to Trabzonspor “is dead”

Fabian Castillo FC Dallas 98

It seemed as though Fabian Castillo’s deal with Turkish side Trabzonspor was all but complete, but now the FC Dallas attacker appears to be remaining stateside after all.

During halftime of Sunday’s Seattle Sounders 1-1 draw¬†against the LA Galaxy, ESPN’s Taylor Twellman stated, “As of right now the deal for Fabian Castillo to Turkey is dead.” later confirmed through an FC Dallas spokesman that no deal has been reached in regards to Castillo and that the team expects the Colombian to return to training next week.

Castillo, 24, joined FC Dallas back in 2011 from Colombian club Deportivo Cali. In his time with the Western Conference side, Castillo has netted 34 goals and added 30 assists, while proving to be one of the team’s biggest attacking components with his combination of speed and finishing.


  1. That’s too bad, staying in Dallas and playing before 6,000 indifferent ppl will do absolutely nothing about his development as a footballer. He needs to get out of there if he wants to grow as a player, and get out quickly!!

    • Trabzonspor averaged 7,700 a game last year and the league as a whole at 8,400. Dallas last year 16,000 and the league at 21,000, looks like FCD is down a little more this season, but at least paid attendance is well over 6,000.

      Still not sure this is dead, unless Castillo didn’t pass his physical. He was in Turkey last week and usually at that point the deal is basically done. Either MLS or Trabzonspor might of tried to make/keep some cash at the last minute.

      • Thank you johnny. Today’s attendance was 13.8k or something in 100 degree weather. The shaded side was certainly full, as was the beer garden. Should certainly be better, don’t get me wrong. Nice pull on the 7700 for Trabzonspor. I’m also confused what the size of a crowd has to do with a soccer players development.

        RE: This transfer- This is why I commented on the other thread about reporting it being a done deal when it wasn’t actually done. Basically, it sounds like Castillo went out to Turkey before a deal was ever reached. He reached a deal on his contract, but the transfer details were never finalized.

      • I still wouldn’t hold my breath on Castillo staying in Dallas much longer, hard dynamic with a player that wanted to leave and a front office that didn’t make it happen. First Castillo could be disappointed, other players worried they won’t get transfers, and teammates feeling betrayed he was trying to leave them in such a hurry. May work out fine, but it could be a slippery slope.

        CC you are obviously a FCD fan what is the deal with attendance is it weather, location of the stadium or something else.

  2. That’s not good. Wonder what happened? Either he will sulk in the locker room and bring the team down, or he will use this as an opportunity to show what he can do


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