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Report: England hires Sam Allardyce as manager


For weeks, Jurgen Klinsmann has been linked with the England job, but the U.S. Men’s National Team Coach will not be moving on to a new job after all.

Sky Sports reported on Wednesday that England is set to hire Sam Allardyce to manage the national team. An official decision is reportedly expected Thursday, when the FA will ratify Allardyce as Roy Hodgson’s replacement at Thursday’s board meeting.

Sunderland, who employed Allardyce prior to the hire, has reportedly already begun their search for a new manager.

Allardyce’s hire comes after weeks of speculation following Hodgson’s resignation in the aftermath of England’s loss to Iceland at the Euros. Among the names linked to the job was Klinsmann, but the head coach had reportedly not spoken to the English FA as of last Friday. With Allardyce’s hiring, Klinsmann’s status as USMNT head coach remains confirmed as the team moves into World Cup qualifying, which resumes in September.

Also affected by Allardyce’s hire is DeAndre Yedlin, who featured for the manager at Sunderland last season. The USMNT defender has been linked with a potential move back to the Black Cats following last season’s loan from Tottenham, but it remains to be seen how Sunderland will proceed with a new manager in charge.

What do you think of the Allardyce hiring? How will he fare with England?

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    • Except that’s not even slightly true. Pundits un England have been calling for JK to replace Hodgson since Brazil ended 2 years ago. That JK never came out and refuted the reports as he did with Everton and Southampton show there was at least a little truth to the story.

      • Hard to say how considered he was, but that “no one in Europe wants him” is ridiculous. Every UK paper had him listed throughout the process as one of the favorite as did the bookmakers. He’ll have a job in Europe if he wants one when his US job is over.

  1. time to start a new rumor. Here’s my nomination: Sunderland is strongly considering Jurgen Klinsmann to replace Big Sam. Or how about, to replace Big Sam, Sunderland has decided to go after Big Fil, former Brazil coach so they will still have a big coach.

  2. I think this is a pretty solid choice for England. Considering what he just did for Sunderland and has done for other teams, I think he can actually create a more attack minded England team. He also doesn’t seem to be afraid of using younger players, assuming they deserve the playing time.

    Now the question is where does Yedlin go after this? I’m not so sure he signs with Sunderland now that BSA is gone. Even if he did, who is the coach going to be and will he even rate Yedlin. As of now, Tottenham won’t be playing Yedlin, so he needs to go somewhere for playing time, even if it is another loan deal.

    • David Moyes is said to be the favorite for Sunderland, although Big Sam was at Sunderland’s friendly today so maybe all the i’s and t’s haven’t been dotted and crossed after all. Sam’s team have the reputation of playing hopeful long balls out of the back which certainly was the strategy on the road for Sunderland this season, although they were a little more possession and build up at home.

  3. If they needed an Englishman the hire makes some sense, and when you look at the negative style that was so prevalent in Euro 2016 Big Sam can certainly provide that. Not sure he really provides much opportunity to improve play and move them into a Euro favorite or to reach even the semis of the WC. Seems like a place holder, until Wenger is available, Howe has more experience or Klinnsman is available without a buy out after the next World Cup.

    Big Sam will have to record his best winning percentage of his career just to qualify, although to be fair this will be the first time in his almost 25 year managerial career that he will have more talent than most of his opposition.


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