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Report: Olympiakos place bid for Sporting KC’s Dom Dwyer

Photo by Gary Rohman/USA Today Sports
Photo by Gary Rohman/USA Today Sports

Sporting KC has become one of MLS’ top clubs over recent years, and a large part of the team’s success can be attributed to the rise of forward Dom Dwyer.

The 25-year old Englishman has shined in the U.S. since joining the country’s top division¬†back in 2012, but now he’s beginning to see significant interest from overseas.

Goal USA is reporting that Greek side Olympiakos has placed a rough offer of $3 million to Sporting KC for Dwyer, who has notched 10 goals and two assists during the 2016 season.

Olympiakos has won a record 43 Greek SuperLeague titles, including its most recent championship during the 2015/16 season. The club currently features Mexican international Alan Pulido, as well as Argentine veteran Esteban Cambiasso.

Overall, Dwyer has scored 46 goals and added seven assists during his time in MLS, while playing a key role in the team’s 2013 MLS Cup title and two U.S. Open Cup crowns (2012, 2015).

Dwyer is set to make $618,750 this season, according to salary information released by the MLS Players Union.


    • No international experience (ie no caps), and he got his green card in 2012. He should be eligible for full naturalization (citizenship) by now, but I don’t think he’s finished the process yet.

  1. Just because someone offers doesn’t mean it will happen. With a baby on the way might not be a time for the Dwyer/LeRoux family to move and I’m not really sure Greece has a women’s league.

    • The ignorance of your comment is shocking… Turkish and Greek leagues are levels above MLS, Olympiacos plays in the Champions League every year, and is a top team in Greece.

      What planet do you live on? The Don Garber planet of delusion of MLS being a top 10 league?

      This gives the player a chance to play before 40-50K passionate fans on a weekly basis in a top 10 European league and also play in the Champions League. It doesn’t get any better than that!

      “Man, when I grow up I want to play for Kansas City and live in Kansas”…said no one ever, in this life or next…

      Interest in MLS players from Olympiacos and Trabzonspor is a compliment to MLS, not a knock on the league…

      • Just want to point out
        olympiacos average attendance is 23,000 and the highest attendance was 31,000 against Bayern Munich.

      • Whatever man. If you want to feel good about European outposts like Turkey and Greece being able to poach players from MLS thats your prerogative. This is the United States of America. The fact we can cultivate a soccer culture that can keep talented players here is pathetic.

    • Man, it is a whiners paradise.

      Can’t see KC letting this happen. They will be in big trouble with Dwyer. Like Oba leaving Seattle, only maybe worse long term as the team is aging/fading a bit anyway.


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