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Ancelotti sees Julian Green’s future at center forward


To date, Julian Green has been seen as a wide option, one who possessed the technique and physical abilities to create down either the right or left wing. However, it now appears that the U.S. Men’s National Team forward will be utilized in a very different way under his new club manager.

Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti says he sees the 21-year-old as a true center forward, a player capable of leading the attack down the middle. On Saturday, Green starred while playing at the position, scoring a 35-minute hat-trick in what turned out to be a rout of Inter Milan.

After the game, Ancelotti said he expects Green to compete for a place in Bayern’s XI this year, and it now appears that competition will come against star forwards like Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller, not wingers like Franck Ribery and Douglas Costa.

“I think he is better in the middle because he is quick, fast and has good timing against the defensive back line, “Ancelotti told the Washington Post. “I think that is his best position. Of course, he can also play out wide but I think he is more efficient when he plays at center forward. I think it is good for him to stay there

“I think he has the instincts in the box. He has the instinct to lose his marker,” Ancelotti added. “His first goal was really good. He attacked the front post and it was a very good finish.”

The hat-trick provided Green with his second, third and fourth goals of the preseason, as the American scored in Ancelotti’s debut match against SV Lippstadt. The forward’s goal-scoring form came after a double-digit scoring season with the Bayern reserves, a group which Ancelotti said Green will not return to this season.

Rather, he will compete with Bayern’s first team, who will face plenty of matches throughout a crowded 2016-17 schedule. With league games, cup matches and a Champions League campaign all on the horizon, Ancelotti expects Green to be a part of his team following an impressive preseason run.

“He will be with us. There is a lot of competition in the squad,” Ancelotti said. “It won’t be easy for him to play but this preseason he is doing well. He’s scored four goals, he is moving well, he is playing well with the team. He has to improve but he is young,”


  1. I also think he’s too small to play out wide–muscled off the ball too easily (smaller wingers have very good centers-of-gravity, but it’s erroneous to say he would play one position. Most elite teams like BM expect their players to rotate in and out of different positions to keep the defense on their heels.

    • holy shit… I know I’ve heard that statement before… I forget who it was, some tall blond german I think… something about the US team… and players in different positions… ahhh, I forget who said it.

  2. Does anyone know where he played for Bayern II? Is this just a case of Jurgen didn’t know where to put him so we all think he’s a wide midfielder or winger?

  3. You think?

    The kid can find the back of the net, obviously. Ancelotti was not blowing hot air when he talked about Green’s instincts in the box, timing, and ability to lose his marker…that was on full display at the World Cup when he scored on his first touch, the fact that he turned around and did it three times the other day against Inter tells us it wasn’t a fluke.

    When you get a guy that can score, the inclination would be to hold onto him, especially if he’s young and cheap.

    • “Obviously” may be a bit of an overstatement or at best a bit premature. Have to be patient and not allow one great game re-create the hysteria and expectations that burdened Green for quite some time after the World Cup 2014.

  4. First, good to see Green is having pre-season success with Bayern Munich. According to Ancelloti, Green will be on the 1st team roster to begin the season. Accepting a place on Bayern Munich II last season has proven to be the right decision for what Green wanted, a place on Bayern Munich’s 1st team.

    Hopefully his continued hard work and development will get him a place in the game day 18 and eventually playing time.

    I get the feeling however, that Bayern Munich is showcasing Green during the pre-season to get legitimate offers for a transfer. In the right place and circumstance, Green would possibly develop at a more rapid pace.

    Either way, Green seems to have revived a career that up to this point was based on hype rather than merit. A job well done.

    • Right on all accounts Soccer Dad. I remember just a few months ago there was serious talk about JG heading to Italy w/ A.C. Milan looking quite interested in the youngster. I wonder if they still may be in the mix… It would be interesting to see him move to Dortmund if the rumors of Aubameyang leaving come to fruition.


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