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Bayern Munich considering partnership with MLS team


More and more teams are becoming intrigued with Major League Soccer as the league continues to develop, and one of the world’s biggest clubs could be next on the list to get involved.

In an interview with Sports Business Daily, Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge talked about the prospect of teaming up with an MLS side, stating that European teams have an “obligation” to help grow soccer in the United States.

However, the Bayern chief didn’t reveal any potential MLS teams the club would be interested in doing business with.

“Maybe we have to think about how we can partner with U.S. teams from the MLS, to support them and show them how business is run in Germany and at Bayern,” Rummenigge said.

“We, in Europe, have to be interested in helping U.S. soccer grow up,” he continued. “Maybe sometimes we have to do more in their favor. There could be an exchange of talent or coaches. We have to have an interest in U.S. soccer to help them and not just come here to cash in.”

Bayern is currently in the U.S. training and participating in the International Champions Cup ahead of the new Bundesliga season, which begins August 26 against Werder Bremen.

While Premier League giants Manchester City have created a number of networks globally, which includes MLS side New York City FC, Rummenigge says that Bayern isn’t interesting in running different clubs in various countries.

Instead, Bayern is set on establishing two major markets in the U.S. and China. The reigning Bundesliga champions opened an office in New York City back in 2014, and the club is set to open its second international office in Shanghai this September.

“We are thinking about doing a partnership here in the States with a club and in China as well,” said Rummenigge. “Because what they don’t have so much is the know-how. In this area a club like ours is strong.”


  1. Hard to tell from the quotes what exactly they are talking about, but if its help with youth academy systems I say please come to Columbus!

    • I agree, a little hard to see what they are talking about.

      That is for a reason. They are here for one reason. To take money, to make money. That is all.
      Do we see a side benefit? Maybe.

      Pass. MLS is crushing it in a major league way and others want a piece of soccer in this country rising. Pass.

    • Same story reported differently had this quote:

      “The more reach we have, the more we can earn,” Bayern Exec Board member Jörg Wacker, who is in charge of the club’s internationalization, said. “The most important thing for us is to get a stronger brand all over the world. The stronger the brand is, the more positive the influence is on the revenue streams.”

  2. If by “help” you mean sending your washed out former stars over here then hell yeah! We would love to have your decrepit former footballers.

  3. Thanks, but no thanks, we are doing just fine.

    Good luck in winning your 12 championship this century. Should be exciting.

    • I know it’s hard to see through the tears of your constant whining, but evidently MLS agrees with Rummenigge.

      After all, this a league that plays pre-season friendlies with European counterparts during the actual season. To the point it will suspend players for missing charades like the MLS All-Star game. Of course, we all know MLS regular season doesn’t matter but that’s an entirely different subject.

      Garber isn’t a soccer guy, but he is a businessman. If he thought they league was “just fine” we wouldn’t see so much Mickey Mouse garbage.

      • Waaaaah. I hate the midseason preseason games, but they fund my soccer watching, so…so be it.

        $200 million. That is the value of starting a new franchise now. It was $40 million when my Sounders joined. $200 million 7 years later.


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