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Bobby Wood scores stellar goal in Bundesliga debut

Bobby Wood Hamburg v Ingolstad 08272016

Bobby Wood made the jump up to the German Bundesliga this summer, and his debut suggests he is ready for the leap.

The U.S. national team striker scored in his first Bundesliga match, netting the opening goal in Hamburg’s 1-1 draw with FC Ingolstad on Saturday.

Wood, who scored 17 goals for Union Berlin in the 2 Bundesliga last season, raced onto a long goal kick and outmuscled his mark before blasting an 18-yard shot inside the near post.

Wood wasn’t the only American in action in the match. Alfredo Morales started for FC Inglostadt, which equalized in the second half to earn the road point.

Here is Wood’s goal:


[protected-iframe id=”b5cbe6d6106dfe240ed98f16fd511e76-93315145-36554976″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”300″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

What did you think of the finish? Excited to see Wood back in action for the USMNT?

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  1. It was a very fine goal, but unfortunately Hamburg looked like a team devoid of any offensive flow, and Wood was starved of service all game. Hardly ever saw the ball.

    • I was thinking the same. He made some strong runs into space throughout the match where his teammates with the ball had the time and angle to serve him, but the pass was never made. I don’t know if this was first match rust or things to come, but frustrating to watch. The manager used all three subs at once around the 65th minute. I wonder if at all based on lack of posession or inability to get the ball in the opponent’s third.

    • All the more impressive if he was starved for service. He took a half chance and made the most of it. The US isn’t known for producing/creating a ton of opportunities so it is important that our strikers convert those that are created.

    • I wouldn’t say our only hope, but after this past summer he has shown that he does have the ability to be one of the players that the US can lean on to help lead the attack. The one thing that concerned me during the Copa was that players could get under his skin and get him to retaliate.
      If he can harness & control his emotions a bit more I think he can take his game up another level.
      Anyway a great way for him to start off the season with a new club in a new league. Looking forward to hearing more positive reviews for his play in the months & years ahead.

      • Generally, I agree with you. With Dempsey questionable at this point though, and wood is like the best forward we have honestly. Besides Jozy, if you even count him

  2. “Guzan kicks the goal kick to half field, Jozy flicks on the ball with the slightest of touches, knowing that bobby wood is making a great secondary run in behind him; wood score!! the US is through to the World Cup final match!!!”

    -2018 WC commentator

    ………. lol 🙂

    • The Bundisliga like their central defenders big and fast ( Hello J Brooks!) So, to put a body on one, and win the possession and take the shot, all the while having him on your shoulder with three others bearing down, is a big portent of things to come!

  3. “A terrific stiker from a terrific striker from the US of A” i can get used to that phrase. And yes, it was a terrific goal. What a solid debut for Bobby..

  4. Dang, Bobby. Nice strike. Love his strength/speed combo. He shows tremendous balance here in holding off the defender while simultaneously getting off his shot. Great debut performance helps solidify his spot at the top of the striker heap at HSV.


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