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Julian Green officially named to Bayern Munich first team


All through preseason, Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti said Julian Green would remain with the first team. On Tuesday, it became official.

Bayern announced the 25 players that will make up the club’s senior roster on Tuesday, including Green, who had spent most of the past several years with the club’s reserves. Green, who was not named to the first team last season after previously earning the distinction in 2014-15, will wear No. 37 with the German club this season.

To date, Green has made just two senior appearances for Bayern, with his most recent action coming in a Champions League clash with Dinamo Zagreb in his first senior team match with Bayern in over two years. Sandwiched between was an unsuccessful loan stint with Hamburg and plenty of matches with the club’s reserves, for whom he scored 10 goals last season.

Throughout Bayern’s preseason, Green has been a regular fixture as a striker rather than a wing option. The move paid dividends, as Green fired a 35-minute hat-trick against Inter Milan after scoring in Ancelotti’s first match against Lippstadt 08.

Bayern begins Bundesliga play on August 26 against Werder Bremen.

What do you expect from Green this season? Expect him to earn legitimate minutes?

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  1. Good for Julian. I think his target should be 10 starts and 10-20 apperances as a sub this season. Their schedule should support him getting that many minutes if he continues to work hard and improve.

    It’s very important for Julian to see this as motivation to do even better and not to settle in and be glad he simply has made the 25-man roster. If he continues to push and he finds some good form in a stretch of starts and finds his way into the regular rotation of 14 or so guys who play the most often.

    • If Ancelloti runs his roster like Pep did last year there is no way he could come close to those numbers. Lewandowski subbed out 6 times in 47 games played, Muller subbed out more, but he was usually subbed for a DM to kill the game. Bayern will be ahead almost every game not likely to sub on a striker. Working hard might get you starts in the Championship or MLS, but those guys didn’t get to Bayern by not working hard too.

      Five starts and 10 subs total across all competitions would seem much more attainable goal and even those numbers would be pretty high. Being in the 18 for most matches seems more realistic than being in the 14 guys who play considering they aren’t going to sub on strikers very often.

  2. I did notice it said he was last listed on the roster in 2014-15, when he was then loaned to Hamburg. So maybe this means they are still just showcasing him.

    • yeah, i wouldn’t call this the “huge accomplishment” (for julian) that others have; the huge accomplishment was the first time he made the first team, and it got him a grand total of like 20 minutes on the field.

      as nate (not me) said below, this season would be a success for him if he actually picks up regular minutes; if not, he’s just treading water and would’ve been better off on loan somewhere.

  3. Glad to see Green taking that next step in his development. Being named to the Bayern first team is a huge accomplishment. He’ll still need to work hard in order to make the game day 18, but with the number of games and competitions that Bayern will be competing in he should get some chances to play.
    With the number of young US players on the brink of breaking into major clubs & leagues things are looking interesting for the USMNT. It is beginning to look as if we may actually be turning a corner where the US may actually have a number of players who can be creative and feed forwards who can finish the chances created. While we are still fairly far away from a finished product, and need enough time to build the chemistry needed I am looking forward to the future when we’re selecting our 23 from the likes of the following:

    Attackers: Jozy, Wood, Pulisic, Zardes, Morris, Rubin, Arriola, Gyau, Menneh, Wright, Perez
    Midfielders: Bradley, Nagbe, Lleget, Hyndman, Zelalem, Kitchen, Canouse, Arce, Senora,
    Defenders: Brooks, Miazga, CCV, EPB, Fabian, Yedlin, Alvarado, Vincent, Olosunde, Payne, Fossey,

    It may take 2-4 more years before some of these players are truly ready to contribute in a significant way, but this group of players look as if they will be able to move the US towards the next level on the world stage.

      • Since the article is about Green his inclusion is kind of implied. But I guess I should have listed him with the rest of the attackers.
        My point was that we are beginning to see multiple players of quality emerge for the US. Having multiple attacking options will hopefully improve our ability to tailor our attack to be better able to exploit match ups and prevent our opponents from keying in on what historically been our 2-3 dangerous options.
        We’re starting to see options for both physical attackers (Jozy, Wood, Morris, Zardes, Wright) and technical tricky options (Pulisic, Green, Rubin, Arriola, Perez). Being able to mix and match these types of players will make it difficult for the opposition to mark out a single player or two.

  4. Awesome…..but like everyone has questioned, does he see many minutes this year?? It’ll be interesting either way!!

  5. As the second true striker and with Bayern playing a lot of games I can see him getting playing time. Unless Bayern makes a move for another forward/striker this will be a great development for the USMNT. A front line rotation of Green, Morris, Pulisic, Wood, Zardes, and Kieswetter could give the US great depth in tournaments plus cause perpetuation headaches for opposing coaches.

  6. huge. even if its garbage minutes it represents a lot of hard work and that he belongs among the greats of Bayern Munich.

    still got to get minutes before he gets into the USMNT. keep fighting JG!

    • Put the drink down Beto. “he belongs among the greats of Bayern Munich” may be a bit of an overstatement.

      Great work by Green. Hopefully he can work himself onto game day rosters and take advantage of any playing time that comes his way.

      A big step in the right direction.

    • We are just over three weeks from St. V&G and TnT qualifiers. Does JG earn a spot from his play in preseason this Summer?

      With Kitchen injured his spot would seem available, but Jozy for Wondo would seem a no brainer with the way Jozy has played since returning so that would make one spot open from the CA roster. I think Beckerman still gets a call because of the competition we are playing (not saying that’s deserved just what I think will happen). With Besler not playing and Castillo injured JK may choose to bring less defenders, since its not an extended tournament, but someone has to be able to play LB if FJ goes down.

      There is also the chance JK brings some less experienced players, but with still a possibility of needing a result against TnT that doesn’t seem like JK’s MO.


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