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Reports: Liverpool, RB Leipzig make bids for Pulisic


After a week of rumors and uncertainty over Christian Pulisic’s future with Borussia Dortmund took another turn on Friday afternoon with fresh reports linking two new clubs to big bids for the young American.

Sports Illustrated reported on Friday that German club RB Leipzig had tabled a $16.8 million offer for Pulisic, while reports emerged on Friday claiming Liverpool has made a $14.45 million bid for the U.S. national team midfielder.

According to Sports Illustrated, a source from Stoke City denied a reported €20 million offer for the 17-year-old, but the report places Red Bull Leipzig on the line of teams bidding for him.

Pulisic broke into the Dortmund first team last season, making nine Bundesliga appearances and scoring two league goals.

Dortmund hit the transfer market hard this summer, adding four new attacking midfielders, from World Cup winners Andre Schurrle and Mario Gotze to young phenoms Ousmane Dembele and Emre Mor.

With such a supply of attacking options, rumors about Pulisic’s place with the club began to swirl during preseason, but his father recently denied any possible move.

Dortmund opens the Bundesliga season on Saturday against Mainz and Wahl said Pulisic is expected to be on the gameday roster.


  1. don’t see a running commentary for today:

    carter-vickers was on the bench for spurs; cameron, gooch, morales, wood starting; pulisic on the bench.

  2. Hoping BVB is not desperate enough to cash in with all the spending they’ve done. If he stays CP22 is going to get lots of sub minutes, and a few starts over the course of the season. I hope he can stay.

  3. Dortmund is in a tough spot, That is a lot of money and a nice profit on an unproven academy product. That said the first true world class American talent is going to be worth hundreds of millions in terms of access to the American market. If they think they might have that in this kid it would be hard to sell rather than loan.

    • Maybe I’m guilty of wearing rose-tinted glasses on the subject but I firmly believe Landon was world class at his peak. We can always reference he chose comfort over competition for club soccer, but he made some supposed “world class” players look amateur at times.

      • OK, I just wanted to know what people thought was world class. In my opinion Donovan was not and can’t think of anybody other than fanboys that thought he was. People say he didn’t like it in Germany or he wanted to play in the mls, fact is he wasn’t good enough and it showed. Sorry feelings got hurt when I asked a question.

      • Top 8 to 10 at your position or top 50 overall during your height of career. Not sure Landon would have ever have made that list. Without ever playing a full season in a top league makes it tough to evaluate. His WC play certainly puts him in position as does being one of the top 2 or 3 in CONCACAF for a decade.

      • Sorry feelings got hurt when I asked a question.

        No one is displaying hurt feelings. My sarcastic response was due to the question. The only answer to that is…”yes”…because opinions are relative on the subject.

      • Probably good enough to be a consistent starter in a top league but not a difference maker. Does that make him world class? I would say no.

      • When was his peak? Evidence CL match between Leverkusen and Liverpool – he was out of his league vs one of the best midfielders in the world at the time, actually-world class Steven Gerrard. He played in central midfield and was pulled just after halftime (“put out of his misery”).

        Here’s and excerpt from the guardian’s commentary – 34th min. –

        “Leverkusen’s defence is in total disarray at the moment, while our American friends will be thrilled to hear that poor Landon Donovan is putting in the most inept performance of any professional footballer I’ve ever seen. His confidence is so shot to pieces that every time the ball comes anywhere near him he looks scared.”

      • 2005. Not sure if that was his peak but it should have been roughly around then. He was 23.
        Great player but completely out of his element in certain contexts. Lacked the mental fortitude to be considered among the best in the world, in my opinion.

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