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Report: Christian Pulisic move away from Dortmund ‘not an option’


Despite recent reports, it doesn’t appears that Christian Pulisic is set to leave Borussia Dortmund any time soon.

Kicker reported on Thursday that Stuttgart approached Dortmund over a potential move for the U.S. Men’s National Team star, but were told that a move is “not an option”. Furthermore, the 17-year-old winger’s father, Mark, rebuffed rumors himself, stating Pulisic “isn’t looking to leave any time soon.”

“There is no interest from Christian to leave the club,” Mark Pulisic said. “He had a good six months last season and will continue to push on. ”

Reports emerged on Tuesday that Pulisic was interested in making a move away from Dortmund after being left off of the gameday roster for the club’s 2-0 Super Cup loss to Bayern Munich. Following the addition of several new wingers to the Dortmund squad, Pulisic was reportedly hoping for a move a way from the club in search for more playing time.

Pulisic made 12 appearances for the Dortmund first team in last season, adding two goals to go with two assists.

What do you think of the latest Pulisic news? Glad he’s staying at Dortmund, or would a move away better serve his development?

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  1. Stuggart, you say? I believe a certain national team coach got his start there and they are a solid Bundesliga team. I’d take it.

    • The awesome part of printing inaccurate, purely speculative news is that it is 2 for 1……. not only do you get the clickbait of the first article, but you get to do the followup retraction.

  2. I can’t believe the player and his father make this kind of decisions without consulting with SBI posters first.I hope they don’t regret it later.

      • just leave this to the experts, then. trust me, rob was dead serious, and this is far from the stupidest thing he’s ever posted.

      • We all know Rob is an El Tri supporter, a troll and a complete moron. But his post was sarcastic in my opinion.

      • i’m sure rob will try to claim that it was “sarcasm” after you guys gave him the idea, but think of what you’re saying here:

        if his original comment was “sarcasm”, then it was a joke on par with those of jack handey, dane cook, or richard pryor.

        i mean, implying that people on the internet talk about things that they may have no intimate knowledge of? that is a caustic and subtle wit. that is comedy gold. that is the type of biting social commentary that would make jon stewart sit up in his grave and applaud.

        and you’re going to give that type of credit to rob? you disappoint me.

  3. What I think of the news is: where did the original “story” come from that Christian wanted to leave? Sounds like there was no basis to it whatsoever. Or was that wishful thinking on the part of the US soccer media?


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