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Report: Miazga misses Chelsea training ahead of potential loan move


Matt Miazga has been in limbo for the past several weeks, but it now appears a resolution is nearing for the U.S. Men’s National Team centerback

The 21-year-old defender reportedly missed Chelsea training on Wednesday, foreshadowing a potential loan move away from the club. Miazga was also absent from Chelsea’sĀ final pre-season friendly against Werder Bremen.

According to reports out of Germany, Miazga is a target of Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt, the current club of fellow USMNT defender Timmy Chandler.

Recently, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte hinted that a loan move was what was best for Miazga’s future, stressing the importance of playing time for the young defender. Last season, Miazga made just two appearances for Chelsea after joining the club in January.

What do you think of the Miazga report? How would he fare in Germany?

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  1. Most of us fans knew that Miazga was going to be loaned out this year. And frankly as long as he goes to a club in one of the major leagues (EPL, B1, La Liga, League 1) where he’ll be able to achieve first team minutes I’m not all that worried about him.
    The USMNT currently has a very good Center Back pairing of Brooks & Cameron, so the competition is for who will be the back-ups. Besler is leading the way as the backup LCB but even he’s under pressure due to his injuries and lack of playing time w/ Sporting KC. So it looks like it will be a race among the young guys (Birnbaum, Miazga, CCV) to see who will claim the spot(s).

  2. Miazga was (with Perinelle) the force that propelled the RedBull to the Cup last year (sorry Sasha and forwards, but it is true). It is pretty obvious the RB have missed that duo in the back this year. He was good enough that he should have been a lock on MLS all-star status.

    I always thought that Chelsea was probably too big a step for one year, but he was fearless to try. I just hope he is loaned to a club that will play him through what may be a bit of a learning curve early in the season.

  3. Expected and smart move. With how old Chelsea’s CBs are, a good loan spell could put him on the bench next year when they are back in Europe.

  4. According to reports out of Germany, Miazga is a target of Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt, the current club of fellow USMNT defender Timmy Chandler

    “Don’t go, bro! – Omar Gonzalez

  5. I like the move. Look what a relegation battle did for Yedlin’s growth as a defender. Hopefully, Matt can earn the starting spot and gain similar experience. I think Frankfurt stayed up via the relegation/promotion playoff last year, so it is likely they will be near the bottom again. He’ll probably get lots of action too as Timmy “Never Hustles, Traffic Cone” Chandler gets burned time and time again at RB.

    • Yedlin is going nowhere. He should have stayed in Seattle. He was progressing there.

      Hope they are getting paid, because the coaching they are getting and career path are not good.

      • I shouldn’t say THEY until we see if Miazga ends up in the same bad situation.

      • I guess we totally disagree. I thought Yedlin matured quite a bit defensively while at Sunderland. He is still reckless while attacking but hopefully more experience helps him with that. He could also use some practice with his crossing.

      • While i can appreciate your pro US Soccer stance on everything, Yedlin absolutely should have left and its easy for even a blind man to see he has progressed since his time in the Prem. If you think the coaching or lack thereof, in MLS is better for our younger players than that in europe(more specifically germany) you are delusional my friend!

      • Absolutely foolish statement. Yedlin absolutely progressed at Sunderland. While I agree a move is not the best for all players, for Yedlin, so far, it absolutely was.

      • As usual, some of the most asinine comments coming from SBI’s biggest whiner.

        I’ve lost respect for whatever stronghold you’re attempting to make around MLS. At first I respected the pride, but I think we can all clearly see it’s nothing more than trolling at this point. Sincerely: troll level quality.

      • Quit whining loves to whine about leagues other than MLS. Fact is younger US players still benefit from playing abroad and Yedlin improved dramatically last season. I agree that going to Europe and sitting on the bench isn’t helpful but Yedlin was playing every week and presumably Miazga will too if he performs well. Chelsea has tons of guys out on loan like this.

        Plus quit whining consistently overlooks that these guys are going to make much more money than they would in MLS. Players’ careers are short and I will never blame someone for looking to earn as much as possible.

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