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U.S. U-19s involved in brawl during loss to Bahrain

160728 U19MNT Starting XI

The U.S. Under-19 Men’s National Team’s clash with Bahrain got very, very ugly, as a brawl broke out between the two sides due to a late incident.

On the field, the U.S. fell, 3-1, but it was what happened just before the final whistle that marred Monday’s match. Just moments before the final whistle, a brawl broke out between the two teams, as benches cleared and control was lost.

The melee started in stoppage time, as U.S. U-19 midfielder Pierre Da Silva was tripped by a Bahraini player. A separate player than hoofed the balls traight at Da Silva’s head, prompting the midfielder’s teammates to rush in in his defense.

As for the action on the field, Brad Friedel’s men were eliminated from the 2016 COTIF Tournament with the loss after previously defeating Spain and Mauritania while falling to Venezuela in the three prior group stage matches.

Take a look at a video of the incident below:


  1. I absolutely love how quickly his teammates reacted and had his back. That’s the kind of players you want on your side on a team. Anyone that has a problem with this have been brainwashed by the feminization of society.

    • That’s why one shouldn’t get too excited about youth team performances no matter the country, very up and down.

  2. Typical of cowards like this who take cheap shots. Once it gets ugly, those guys(#3) disappear and don’t do anything else. #2 Bahrain was pretty wild, kicking and scrapping. But #3 should have been pounded into the turf. I am not at all for fighting in sports, but when someone does something like that, you have to set things straight or someone else will get it worse. Red Cards don’t stop that stuff.

    • Yep – except for the initial shove, #3 was not involved in the ruckus at all. US guys forgot the identity of the perp.

  3. In the game, I thought the US could never look dangerous. Other than Nelson who served a great ball into the box, the US looked pretty tame. It is never a good sign when your fullback is your most dangerous attacking option.

    Other than Nelson, it was hard for me to see any US player who did particularly well in this game. The big guys could not hit the target when presented opportunities and the forwards mostly dribbled until any chance they had disappeared.

  4. I have always been pretty composed and cerebral at games, but that play was totally over the top. I probably would have gone after the guy if I had been in the game. It was always clear the Bahrainian player was going to be ejected; the immediate reaction to something that dangerous and violent is hardly surprising.

    Referee could have given more (or fewer) cards. I think he picked 2 each to simply get through the last couple minutes of the match without anything else happening and it is not as if either team would miss any players in coming games since this was the last game for each team.

  5. Call me patriotic, but I can’t see a single wrong doing by an American in this small clip.
    Except for maybe losing your eye on the prize (the culprit responsible). Sure they lost their head but hell, who wouldn’t?!


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