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Video: Hope Solo reacts to USWNT suspension

Photo by Erich Schlegel/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Erich Schlegel/USA TODAY Sports

To say Hope Solo was unhappy about her suspension and contract termination would be an understatement.

The U.S. Women’s National Team goalkeeper’s reaction to her suspension and termination by U.S. Soccer was caught on camera, and she was clearly distraught about her punishment.

Solo, 35, was reprimanded by the federation after calling Sweden “cowards” after the USWNT’s quarterfinal loss at the Olympics. Solo will not eligible to return to the national team until February.

The camera crew was filming Solo as part of a documentary called “Keeping Score” and will air the full video when the project is finished.


Was Solo’s reaction to the news warranted? Will she make an eventual return to the USWNT in the future?

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  1. If the contract termination is going to cost her a lot of salary from whomever, I would suggest she appeal it. That fact of what she said was simply an opinion of the other teams strategy and how she felt about it. Had she said they played “choked with caution”, instead of playings like Cowards, she would have essentially said the same thing. While what she said was dumb and made her look foolish, I don’t believe any appeal court would sustain the U S Soccer on this one. Anyone on this board could take this matter all the way to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, on her behalf, and win it. If she wants to continue to play soccer, then she should SERIOUSLY consider this approach.

    • This might well all be true and good advice if the situation was just about what she said. Since USSF has made clear that it isn’t just about what she said but about a history of demonstrable issues, I wouldn’t guess she’d get very far with such an appeal at all.

  2. How about a story that’s positive instead of this doorknob? Give me some Bob Bradley/Le Havre news please. Not one thing on him yet and already what three on this nincompoop.

  3. Every other player in the USWNT has an off-field identity not solely-related to being a soccer player…except this one it appears.

  4. It’s my understanding she’s still able to play for her NWSL club, Seattle Reign, so her “termination” is really just a suspension, which is really just a 2-match ban considering the USSF pays for her club salary, too, correct?

    Unfortunately for Hope, there appears to have been a lot going on behind the scenes regarding her character and conduct. I fail to see why certain individual fans believe we should have been made aware of this prior as I assume the thought was keeping it fairly confidential/behind the scenes and out of the public eye – a level of respect she didn’t afford the USSF or her teammates.

    On a related note, SBI isn’t reporting but it’s around plenty of other news publications that Hope Solo took a “leave of absence” from her club responsibilities, too, and it was granted by the Seattle Reign. That looks to be a highly emotional response to her suspension with the USWNT, the video appears to confirm the mindset (understandably so). Once again, Hope showing questionable decision making by indirectly punishing teammates for her own actions – club teammates that have nothing to do with the situation.

    She could be better served utilizing the time away by finding some answers to why she seems genuinely puzzled the USSF is distancing themselves from her. Perhaps she can reflect on life decisions that led her to this point and take some responsibility for it.

    As a fan of the USWNT, I think it’s a good opportunity to hit the reset button and move on from this person by stopping the cycle of rewarding her toxic behavior. The double-standard needs to stop & this “termination” was a step in the right direction.

    On a positive note, this is a good opportunity for Solo to apply more focus on her two counts of domestic violence charges and begin getting her life in order

    • Yeah she was granted a leave of absence from the Reign so she could deal with her USSF issues and it’s probably best for all parties involved. She has seemed a bit volatile over the years and the last thing you want is a ticking time bomb or someone who is not totally in the right frame of mind in net or more importantly around the team. I’d almost bank on Solo never playing for the USWNT again, and if she does there will more than likely be some stipulations in place regarding character and image control. I feel bad for her in a sense but she can only blame herself for this outcome.

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    • Embarrassingly low on the news scale, here. Was anyone expecting her to be positive or nonchalant upon first receiving word of the decision? What’s the point?


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