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Christian Pulisic starts Champions League clash against Legia Warsaw


Christian Pulisic’s 2016-17 debut for Borussia Dortmund will come in Wednesday’s Champions League action.

The 17-year-old American was selected to the German club’s starting lineup ahead of Wednesday’s visit to Legia Warsaw. Prior to Wednesday’s match, Pulisic was an unused substitute for two Bundesliga matched and a German Cup match.

Pulisic scored two goals with the U.S. Men’s National Team in a recent World Cup qualifier against St. Vincent & The Grenadines before providing an assist in a 4-0 win over Trinidad & Tobago several days later.

What do you expect from Pulisic? How will he fare against Legia Warsaw?

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  1. He was faced with transfer and loan options. Dortmund added big-name signings in his position. He coolly stood his ground and stayed at Dortmund.

    And now he is rewarded with a Champions League start before his 18th birthday.

  2. I remember seeing plenty of Ousmane Dembele via youtube videos and thinking he looks like one of the latest “wonderkids” of the game. When he signed for BVB I was a bit worried for Pulisic considering their positions.

    However, watching them play side-by-side I can’t help but think the contrast is quite evident. One has the flash & pizzazz while the other is deliberate and measured. Every match I see of Pulisic only reinforces my opinion of how well he sees the game well beyond his years.

    With his continued development, we’re in for watching something special for the next 13 (or so) years.

    • Yeah both have there place but I think when you’re on a team of stars already, looking to set up other players is going to get you further then taking a 30 yard shot.

      • You are right for sure. As a short, skinny,college freshman trying to get a run in the gym while all the football players were going 5 on 5, I quickly learned the best way to get picked was to feed those guys the ball when they are open. Everyone likes to score. And they especially like the guys who help them do it.

    • Lets hope that your last statement is the case (knock on wood)!!!

      With some of the talent that is emerging within the 17-21 age bracket…Pulisic (18), Rubin (20), Hyndman (20), Zelalem (19), CCV (18), EPB (19), Weah (16), De La Torre (18), Wright (18), Perez (18), Olosunde (18), Lennon (19), Akale (19), Gooch (20), Miazga (21), Green (21)… we could see a significant talent upgrade over the next 4-6 years “IF” these kids continue their progression. There are some incredibly talented players with ties to the US.

      • Kevin_H – wasn’t knocking Wood, Brooks, or anyone else. Just expanding on a thought/statement made by Old School that there is an incredibly talented group of players (beyond just Pulisic) who are Under 22 yrs of age who are eligible/associated to the US. These young players are now beginning to emerge. While are both Wood & Brooks are Extremely talented they are also both over 22 yrs old now and are fairly well established with the Sr. National Team at this time.

  3. CP will probably see game time in Champions league and Bundesliga games against lower level plus get some solid minutes in the German Cup. No one should worry about his playing time this season.

  4. Should’ve had an assist. Excellent turn, runs at defense and plays a perfect throughball to Auba, who can’t finish the 1v1 with lots of time and space.

    • Could have had a goal but that other BVB player was a step closer for the rebound tap in

      I will say this, if u did not know there was a 17 American starting on Dortmund while watching the game, I doubt you’d be able to tell which player that was from simply watching. THAT is BY FAR his greatest asset; looking the part naturally.

  5. I can only seem to find it on Fox Soccer Plus on replay later tonight. Anyone else know if it’s being televised live on any of the Fox affiliated channels I’m simply not seeing?


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