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Video: Christian Pulisic discusses Champions League debut


  1. He created some very good chances yesterday and could have had 3 or assists if those chances had been finished better by his teammates. Its just Legia Warsaw of course but he looked better at creating chances than Schurlle did against newly promoted RB Leipzig this past weekend. Kid is definitely living up to the hype so far it seems. I’ve got my fingers crossed they do limit his minutes some what over next year to avoid any major injuries that would really set him back ala John O’Brien. The US has a real asset here for many years and hope we keep him healthy. That said how much is Nike or Adidas throwing at this kid to get his endorsement. Can’t imagine there won’t be some sort of bidding war over his endorsement deals. If you tell me to take is slow and not hype it more, please you haven’t watched the games.

    • It reminded me of pretty much every interview with 90% of professional athletes ever. We played hard from the start, a dream of mine to play at this level, have room to improve but the guys and I played well. What in those answers was different from any other soccer interview from a winning player. We don’t need to compare him to Landon at every turn.


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