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Ex-president of Traffic Sports to plead guilty in FIFA case


An influential figure in the FIFA bribery case last year is set to plead guilty to his charges.

According to Reuters, Aaron Davidson, the former president of sports marketing firm Traffic Sports, will plead guilty to his charges.

Davidson, who is the former chairman of the board of governors of the NASL, was one of the dozens who were charged in this case. Prosecutors say that the sports marketing executive and his firm were involved in more than $200 million in bribes related to the sale of television and marketing rights.

Traffic was responsible for commercializing soccer events in the CONCACAF region. The firm organized several World Cup qualifiers, Gold Cups, the CONCACAF Champions League and many other competitions across North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean.

Davidson is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.


  1. Don’t be fooled by that picture. I can tell you from personal experience–dude didn’t normally look like that.

    The picture above is one of a man after his “friends” ratted him out and thre him under the bus to help save themselves.

    In person, before the Feds took him down–he was incredibly charming and was able to work a room. Gifted with charisma. Even when I wasn’t buying everything he was selling–the man had charisma and tons of ambition.

    It’s too bad that he and a bunch of others went down the road that they did. They got greedy and it was their undoing.

  2. Trying to figure out how anyone trusted that dude, like ever. There was a period in US history where if you looked like that, some Charles Bronson or Don Johnson-Miami Vice-look-a-like would just show up and cap you on general principles.

    Where have we gone so wrong?


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