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Must-See Goal: Joe Cole




  1. Freddy is a luxury player and when you are playing in the lower divisions, they need a two way player in the midfield who can make simple and effective passes; not some stepover machine aiming to make the weekly highlights. He’s a good and entertaining player but not necessary for them to win.

    Is he too good in terms of skill, yes but not effective for them to grind out a result over 90 mins.

  2. How does a shot from two yards beyond the 18 constitute a “long distance” screamer? I mean, it was a perfectly nice shot, but it wasn’t from 35 yards out.

    Also, where’s Freddy…?

    • He doesn’t even make the bench for the Rowdies. If Rongen hadn’t been fired (for better results than current coach I believe) maybe that would be different. Has any coach ever than Rongen and Bradley ever been able to get anything out of Adu? Things that make you go hmmm

    • You might want to go back and study geometry.

      The square root of (20 yards squared + 26 yards squared ) = 33 yard shot.

      That is pretty impressive.

      • Not sure where you get the 26 yards from, but the total width of a standard penalty box is 44 yards, not 52, and he was 4-5 yards closer to the center, so he’s about 20 yards from the center of the box and 20 yards from the goal line. Granted, it’s been 25 years since my last geometry class, but I think you got your math wrong. It’s more like a 28 yard shot. Again, it’s a nice shot, just not worthy of the caption.

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