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Report: CONMEBOL interested in playing Copa Libertadores final in Miami


CONMEBOL’s biggest international tournament was recently hosted in the U.S., and it looks like the South American federation’s top club tournament could be set to follow in its own way.

Reports from South America state that CONMEBOL is interested in hosting the Copa Libertadores final in Miami. The proposal comes following interest in hosting the tournament finale at a neutral venue, although this year’s tournament will feature the traditional format of two-legged ties.

In addition to Miami, CONMEBOL is reportedly interested in hosting in Mexico City or at Brazil’s Maracana. However, Miami reportedly remains the top choice as it is seen as the best option for expanding commercial rights and sponsorship opportunities. CONMEBOL recently announced that the tournament would expand from 38 to 44 teams.

The 2016 tournament, which was won by Atletico Nacional of Colombia, ended in late July while this year’s edition is set to begin in late January or early February and end in  late November or early December.

American clubs are not a part of the tournament, although Liga MX is represented with three berths.


  1. How great would it be to get some MLS teams involved in this tourney. If Garber is serious about making MLS a top league, then it simply has to include being competitive against the best club teams in Mexico and South America. MLS badly needs to win the CCL soon if they want to be taken seriously.

    • It would be great. Unfortunately, our structure limits the ability to have the necessary depth to compete in these types of competitions outside a deep run every few years by a random club. To say nothing of the majority of MLS managers not putting any emphasis on progressing in the competitions as evident by their B-squad level of players and below.

      So much has to change and it starts with philosophy. We don’t have the right minds in charge to take these kinds of competitions seriously and allow MLS clubs to do so via cap space and roster size.

  2. In the past, MLS clubs were invited and encouraged to participate by Conmebol, but the league logistics usually prevented them from competing. DC United accepted an invite for the Sudamericana some years back, but lost the play-in two leg series against Chivas (thanks Troy Perkins). I would very much like to see our top clubs make a go of those tournaments, but if we won’t even take our CCL seriously, why bother?

  3. Wasn’t a number of CONMEBOL federations bitching and moaning about the Copa Centenario being played in the United States?

    That sweet, sweet nectar of green currency quells feigned outrage I guess.

  4. Probably a good business decision. I prefer to see clubs play their finals in front of their fans.

    an alternative; reset the CCL to mirror the Copa Libertadores (Jan->Nov) and organize an annual neutral site tournament in December right after the MLS Cup and before the CWC between the 4 finalists. that could sell some tickets and really give some benefit to all involved.

  5. While I’m pleased with this report as an American soccer fan, I’m taken back with how CONMEBOL is so quick to cash in with the US market. The return on Copa Centenario must have been even better than initially stated…

    • From what I’ve heared, the returns to CONEMBOL were 50 percent more than the last few Copas. Hopefully this Copa Libertadores news will spur progress toward a CONCACAF/COMEMBOL merger.

      • no, no, no. However, at the very least Conmebol should extend an invite to next year’s Copa Lib to the winner of the Florida cup, which will be organized between the 3 professional teams. No, I’m not advocating mls in copa lib yet…on account of travel difficulties. However, Florida is close enough. The return to Kaka to the fields of Brazil, presuming Orlando wins the Florida cup, will be tasty.

  6. I know travel is an issue but until we get an American in Copa Lib it wont be that important to the american eye. If south america want to compete with Europe for attention on their football it will need to include the US aka copa america copa lib.


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