Sigi Schmid to join ESPN as temporary studio analyst

Sigi Schmid to join ESPN as temporary studio analyst

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Sigi Schmid to join ESPN as temporary studio analyst


It was never going to take Sigi Schmid long to find his next job, but the surprise comes from it being in the studio rather than on the sidelines.

The Seattle Times reported that Schmid is set to join ESPN as a studio analyst for this Sunday’s MLS doubleheader and for MLS’ streaming coverage of the final day of the regular season the next weekend.

“We wanted to add someone, and Sigi made the most sense by far,” ESPN soccer producer Chris Alexopolous said. “It made sense because Sigi Schmid is one of the most well-established and respected coaches in American soccer history. To bring that kind of expertise and credentialed to a simple broadcast isn’t going to be replicated by very many people.”

While only temporary as he pursues another coaching job, Schmid is confident that his time as a manager can provide something unique to the media side of matches, which is largely dominated by former players.

“That’s a perspective sometimes soccer fans don’t get,” Schmid said. “Hopefully I can offer some of that, because there’s not a lot of former coaches that commentate.”

Schmid is certainly happy with his decision, stating his feelings that the job benefits him as much as he benefits the coverage.

“It keeps me around the game and keeps me busy,” Schmid said Wednesday. “Those are two good things.”

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