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Video: Bradley discusses ‘special’ final Le Havre match ahead of Swansea move


  1. Brutal listening to Bob in english, let alone french. I don’t believe the french media in particular will miss him.

    As for the team and the fans (to answer Futbol_head), I watched this match on tv and then post-game as well – they stayed with the fans and then the locker room (I think canal+ chose this game because it was BB’s last) – and everyone seemed very happy and they were singing loud like they had won something. Players and coaches were all giving Bob hugs, he was interviewed immediately; like the most decorated coach in ligue 2 that he was, if that means anything.

    It was said on the broadcast that 5th place, where Le Havre are right now, is the highest they’ve been for years at this point in the year. I’m not sure that means anything either and I’m not sure the fans really care in the end who their coach is, as long as they win. That is why they were singing, not because Bob was leaving.. But what does matter is that the assistant coach, who is now head – and who is a local and popular – was also interviewed and said he was very grateful to have worked with Bradley and admirative of what he’d done.

    • Weren’t they in 4th place in November when Bob took over last year? I guess that doesn’t mean they weren’t below 5th in October, still kind of a weird thing for the broadcast to point out.

      Seems kind of strange on Saturday the Sporting Director at Le Havre said neither Swansea had contacted them or Bob had said anything to them about Swansea.

      • Well you made me look it up ;)… but after 10 games played last year Le Havre were 15th. Agree totally that is a fairly irrelevant stat, but interesting that the top three at that point were also the clubs promoted..

        I don’t believe Le Havre are too upset about this, and all’s well that ends well, which it did, but it is also clear Bob used them as a stepladder and was always looking to greener pastures.

  2. I’m curious how the Le Havre fans feel about this. Betrayed? Or do the understand the allure and opportunity of managing in the Premiership?

    • I think he always saw it as a stepping stone, but if they had been promoted I think he would have been happy coaching there.

      I also think he may have been given more opportunities to leave as well though.


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