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Keane set to leave LA Galaxy

Photo by Troy Wayrynen/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Troy Wayrynen/USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy will begin a new era in 2017 as one of the club’s top players move on after several spectacular season.

Robbie Keane is set to depart the Galaxy at the end of 2016, ending a six-year stay with the club. The Irishman led the Galaxy to three MLS Cup victories while scoring 92 MLS goals and providing 51 assists. Keane’s contract officially expires in December.

“I can confirm that after five fantastic years I will be leaving the LA Galaxy,” Keane said. “It’s been a privilege to have played my part in the history of such a great club and I leave with memories that will stay with me forever. Winning three MLS Cups, scoring over 100 goals for the club and being named as 2014 MVP are all achievements that I will look back on with pride, it’s been an incredible experience, I’ve truly loved every minute of my time at LA Galaxy.

“However, I believe that now is the right time for a new challenge as I look towards the next chapter of my playing career. I still feel as fit and sharp as ever and I am looking forward to my next adventure. Having now retired from international football I am ready to focus everything I have on one last major challenge in club football and will be taking time out to consider my options before announcing my next move.”

Keane’s announcement follows the previously-announced departure of Steven Gerrard, giving the Galaxy two Designated Player slots heading into 2017.

The Irish striker dealt with injuries throughout 2016, but still managed 17 appearances. The 36-year-old scored 10 goals, marking his fifth-straight double-digit goal season.

“It is hard to put into words what Robbie Keane has meant to the LA Galaxy,” said LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena. “From day one, Keane has given everything to this team both on and off the field and has led our club to some of its greatest accomplishments. His resume and accomplishments speak for themselves; he has been the most successful international signing in this league’s history. We thank Robbie for everything he has given to this club and this city and we wish him the best in whatever comes next in his career.”


  1. I really appreciate the fact that Keane was 100% in and the team wasn’t going to lose because of him.
    He respected the league, worked hard and was rewarded.

    I would have rather he didn’t win the titles, but glad he played in MLS.

  2. This looks like the end of an era for the Galaxy. It really seems like the whole thing is being blown up. The fact that Dave Sarachan is leaving without having a job set up, yet is still very interested in coaching says a lot. Rumors of Bruce leaving (maybe to do US) at the end of his contract, exodus of Keane, Gerrard and probably Donovan (again).

    With LAFC coming into the league with a full head of steam, Galaxy may be relegated to Chivas status in the near future…

    • Easy with the hyperbole. Whenever a new team comes into the area it takes awhile to establish their status in LA. LAFC will take a long time to establish themselves within LA. The Galaxy would have to be run like the Clippers (pre-Ballmer) in order to become Chivas.

    • According to another website:

      Even though he is out of contract, LA still controls Keane’s rights. He’s also does not qualify for free agency as he needs 8 years of MLS service to do so.

  3. This is not a test.

    This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Geriatric Purge sanctioned by the Don Garber and the MLS Headquarters. Commencing at the siren, any and all players over 34, managers over 65 and players nearing AARP status will be legally cut, forced in to retirement, traded or speculated about managing the national team for 12 continuous hours.

    Police, fire, and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning until 7 a.m., when The Geriatric Purge concludes. Blessed be The Don of MLS, Mr. Garber, and America, a league and nation reborn. May God be with you all.

    • He was a tremendous player and maybe when he goes to a good team in a good league and makes an impact people like you will shut up. Seriously, we used to bring in old players that sucked, but for the most part the big name players have been good of late. Nothing wrong with a 34 year old player who is still playing at a high level.

    • Wow! This is how you thank a player like Robbie Keane? Consummate professional on and off the field. Winner,…individually and as a part of a team. Man,…you are like one of these left wing liberal Democrat idealogues,…blindly partisan. As Bruce Arena stated correctly, his accomplishments speak for themselves.

      • Yes, because Democrats are notoriously biased to their party’s decisions and refuse to change their ways. Unlike the open minded conservatives, who always respect opposing views.
        Thanks for bringing politics into the equation, maybe next time just take the joke as a joke.

    • You two need to get your panties out of a bunch and have some coffee before posting next time. I’ve regularly supported Keane’s professionalism, performances and service since he arrived in MLS.

      This was in response to the mass exodus of older players, and potential exit of Arena himself. For the record, we still bring in old people who suck, an anomaly doesn’t negate that fact, and spouting off about political ideologies is more ignorant than taking an obviously sarcastic post seriously.

    • I know you are just trying to be funny.

      I really view this as the obvious, bringing in a guy who isn’t really talented and ready to go doesn’t cut in MLS. At all. I believe that was true when Beckham played too, but Keane and Donovan covered him, so that when he won it all, people wanted him to get a lot of credit too.

      Either way it is more so now than ever. So many big names getting their butts handed to them. The fact that Keane won’t be back, who actually succeeded in a huge way….says it all.

      • Lost in my sarcasm is the opinion that I think it’s a positive thing for LA. They still have the name recognition, on an MLS-level, and should utilize their resources towards rebuilding through youth.

        Supposedly, that’s the initiative NYCFC is taking. Supposedly…

      • Ah, yes. Nothing satisfies the narcissistic appetite like a troll admitting to taking special note and attention to my posts, “Lucas”. I can’t return the favor for obvious reasons. See you never, again.

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