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Report: Beckham Miami project now aiming for 2019 debut

David Beckham Miami

David Beckham’s Miami project has hit its share of roadblocks since its announcement several years ago, and it appears that the team’s official start date has been pushed back once again.

Sports Illustrated reported Tuesday that the club’s leadership believes it would be smarter to begin play in 2019 rather than the original plan of 2018. The potential pushback would leave Los Angeles FC without an expansion partner for the 2018 season, a situation MLS has tried to avoid in past seasons.

According to SI, there is “zero chance” Sacramento could join LAFC as a 2018 expansion market.

Beckham and co. continue to work out several kinks with their Miami project. Reports emerged Monday stating that the club was in pursuit of adding an additional big-money investor and would not finalize any stadium situation until another owner was secured.

In addition, the club may begin play at a temporary venue while the stadium situation gets sorted out, with the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium as a potential option.


  1. Forget Miami. Have Beckham team up with the ownership of the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Let them play next season in the USL, then let them exercise Beckham’s discounted franchise fee option to enter MLS. Avoid the fickle Miami market, add a second team with an established history as a rival for Orlando, sprinkle with a dose of Beckham pizzazz. Problem solved.

  2. I understand the lure… the motivation behind wanting a franchise in Miami. It fill a geographical need for teams in that corner of the country…. brings a natural rival to ATL… perhaps. It has international appeal, a glitzy image that could well attract international talent. It is a cultural gateway into Latin America that could bring more attention/fans to MLS from that demographic/part of the world. At some point however….. the leagues enthusiasm has to be met by that of Miami…. at least somewhere in the middle. The city could not be any more indifferent… apathetic…. ok…comatose. And still very ready waiting is Sacremento… a city that really cares… a fanbase that is passionate. At some point Miami needs to F the H right off. Maybe? Maybe not apparently. Sad Sac indeed.

  3. Total s****show here but how quickly does the attitude about this team change when they sign half the Brazilian or Colombia national team and get big crowds in Dolphins Stadium? Garber, Becks, etc are a bunch of dorks and Miami is a terrible American sports city but connecting MLS to Latin America via Miami could be a huge win.

  4. No! tell D Bag to go back home and own a 4th tier English team or China. One bad franchise could offset all the hard work the other franchises have done in the past.

  5. Guys, this is way too much fun.

    Though I’m sure a reason Donny G does not want Sacramento to join LAFC in 2018 is that it would produce a lopsided conferences with 13 teams in the west.


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