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Report: Danny Williams targeted by Swansea, Burnley and Crystal Palace


The number of Americans playing in the English Premier League could grow this January, as Reading’s Danny Williams is reportedly a transfer target for three clubs in England’s top flight.

Reports suggest the defensive midfielder is a subject of interest for Swansea City, Crystal Palace and Burnley.

Williams has entered the final year of his contract with Reading FC, and official conversations have not yet begun to extend his deal. He is reportedly one of the top earners at Reading.

The midfielder has earned 19 caps for the USMNT, although none were under Bob Bradley during his tenure as U.S. head coach. But there’s no doubt that Bradley’s Swansea City, which sits last in the EPL table with just six points, could some help in the defensive midfield role.

The German-American has made 110 appearances for Reading since arriving from Hoffenheim in 2013, and has scored 12 goals in that time.

Reading currently sits third in the English League Championship.


    • Dear Mr. Bradley,
      While you call in Williams for a major contract deal, please call up your sons Bradley, Altidore, Morrow, Morris, Darlington Nagbe, Bedoya, Kljestan, Grella, Dax McCarthy, Matt Hedges, Walker Zimmerman, Steve Birnbaum, Feilhaber, Zusi, Besler, Lletget, Zardes, Robbie Rogers, Juan Agudelo, Kelyn Rowe, Lee Nguyen for a high standard high intensity “off-season fitness training” session…

      humble fan

  1. Okay, let’s get this right…Swansea City, managed now by Bob Bradley, is going to reach into the Championship and promote the career and profile of a guy who could conceivably replace MICHAEL Bradley on the USMNT?

    Let me count the ways this isn’t going to work….

    • What does Michael Bradley’s spot on the national team have to do with his dad looking for a midfielder to reinforce the team he manages?

      • Well, because if Danny Williams becomes a mainstay in the Prem, you can take Michael Bradley’s name on the USMNT team sheet and draw a line through it. And then replace his name with Danny Williams.

        Again, do you suppose Father Bob is going to be gung-ho in any particular about affording Danny Williams that chance? It’s not really even nepotism, just more…human nature.

      • My word you’re precious.

        There is a concept called “intrinsic conflict of interest”. It’s exactly the same reason, say, that the AD’s or coaches on the College Football Playoff Committee who are associated with a specific school recuse themselves when that school is discussed by the Committee. It’s exactly why most companies do not permit managers to hire relatives as employees, or cops to investigate family members, and so on.

        It’s nothing against Bob Bradley personally. It’s just a bad idea.

      • @Quozzel, yeah I have to agree with Panda on this one. It’s really a reach to assume BB would pass on someone he feels could help his club team because of the potential negative effect it would have on MB90’s standing with the USMNT. Bob is in to much if a fight trying to keep Swansea in the Prem, the last thing he’s worried about is signing an midfielder(who happens to be American) with the thought that if the purchase went through his son would be in trouble. You’re giving Bob too much credit bro!

      • Would still make for some awkward Thanksgiving dinners.

        “So, yeah, dad, I hear you got a new #6 there at Swansea.”

        “I did, son. You know him. His name’s Danny. Danny Williams. And yes, I know I’m paying him more than you’re making there at Toronto, and he’s taking your 6-spot with the national team, but understand, son, I’m a Man of Integrity and I had to make my unbiased call on which of you was the better fit for my current Swansea team. I also just simply could not allow whether this decision would effect your place in the pecking order with the National team to affect this decision either.”

        “Yeah, dad, I understand. I love you anyhow.”

        “Love you too snookems. Now keep trucking there in MLS. I’m proud of you…even though I kept pushing on in Europe and you sold out for American Garberbucks.”

        “Thanks, dad. You’re the bestus.

        Sounds plausible. 😉

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