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As contract winds down, Timmy Chandler hoping to solidify club future as soon as possible

Timmy Chandler Eintracht Frankfurt 34

Timmy Chandler’s contract with Eintracht Frankfurt is edging towards its end. With just six months left on his current deal, the U.S. Men’s National Team defender faces an uncertain future, one which could lead him to any number of teams.

In Chandler’s eyes, that future will be decided, ideally, as soon as possible.

Chandler says he’s looking to cement his club status as soon as possible as talks are set to begin this winter over a potential stay with his current Bundesliga home. Still, there’s reportedly interest from abroad, as clubs like Roma have reportedly registered their interest in the USMNT fullback. However, Chandler has previously stated his desire to stay with Frankfurt if the situation works out correctly.

“I want to tell my wife as soon as possible,” Chandler said, according to Frankfurter Rundschau, “so I can finally sleep better again.”

“I enjoy every second of the time I’m on the pitch for the team,” he added, “and I’ll give everything to the club. ”

The USMNT fullback is in sterling form, having become an integral part of the Frankfurt defense while shining in Bundesliga play. Chandler says he still has high expectations for the final six months of his deal as, in his eyes, “there is always something to improve, even Messi can be better”.

Chandler, who also revealed that his discussions with USMNT boss Bruce Arena were positive, is suspended for this weekend’s match against Wolfsburg due to a red card.


  1. Chandler is becoming an enigma. When I see him for his club team often he is a leader and playmaker on both ends. For the USMNT his play lacks confidence, cohesion, and always chasing the play on both ends.
    In comparison and contrast to his competition at RB, Yedlin. Chandler is a more complete player. Better with the ball, better crosses, looks to cross, plays combos in small space, can attack one on one, accurate shot, and on defense aggressive, strong on the ball, good leverage, timely tackles, plays offsides trap. Both guys get caught ball watching and Yedlin has a big edge in speed and quicks.

      • Maybe. Some guys just don’t travel well and from what I hear Chandler is one of those guys who’s a wreck after a long plane ride.

        It could be the problem isn’t the team or the coach or the situation but as simple as the fact that he’s a haggard mess for a day or so after getting off the plane. Which might influence how you use him, and how often you call him up. It might be one of those things you just have to manage.

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