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No players selected in MLS Waiver Draft

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The MLS Waiver Draft came and went. That’s really all there is to say.

No players were selected in the league’s annual Waiver Draft, as all 22 teams passed on selecting from a list of 43 players currently out of contract. The 43 players available, who are out of contract but didn’t meet the minimum years of service requirement for the Re-Entry Draft or Free Agency, are now free to sign with the team of their choosing.

In 2015, just one player, Michael Azira, was selected in the Waiver Draft. If a player is chosen, they are automatically added to the club’s roster and, if they are out of contract, the club must extend an offer to the player.

The MLS offseason contiues on Friday with the league’s Re-Entry Draft.



  1. It seems like you’re always going to pay a premium for grabbing players from the Waiver Draft. Just wait a day and you can start bargaining.

    • Yeah if one player has been taken in two years it doesn’t seem like a tool anyone really wants to use. I think everyone would prefer open free agency for non-option players so just cut the crap and let the bidding begin.


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